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President Obama says violence in Baltimore is “counter-productive”

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Baltimore Parents: Do you know where your children are?

Yesterday we saw young people go wild. They called it a “purge”, and unbridled lawlessness is what we witnessed. It was hard to watch but impossible to stop watching. As I watched children, yes children hurl rocks at the police I wondered did they have malice in their hearts or were they part of what they saw as some kind of sick game. The rock throwing was bad enough but the looting took it to another level. Freddie Gray has nothing to do with a young person wearing a new pair of stolen Jordans today. Over the past 24 hours I have heard pundits, community leaders and ministers try to explain the frustration of the young people, and while that exists it is no excuse for arson, but my real question is where were their parents? Some parents might have been at work, but I’m sure some of them were at their homes and if you lived in the city or the suburbs of Baltimore you knew what was going down at Mondawmin Mall. Parents are responsible for their minor children and it will be interesting when the police start looking at pictures and tapes and identify the children will they also arrest the parent.

Baltimore Mom Whips son for taking part in the riot

Mother whips son for participating in the riots. Share your thoughts.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake gave protesters a space to destroy, and yesterday they did just that

The mayor is getting blasted for these words. She did not literally mean this but national media is jumping all over this. Share your thoughts.

Baltimore Rioter in Action-This has nothing to do with Freddie Gray

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A picture is truly worth a 1000 words.

Baltimore In A State of Emergency, but how did we get here?

Freddie Gray died under mysterious circumstances while in the custody of the police. Yesterday was his funeral and yesterday was the day Baltimore descended into chaos. My heart broke as I watched young people hurl rocks and stones at police. Some young people middle school age. Seeing people break into a malls and walking out with hand fulls of stolen goods. What happened to the people? How is this senseless violence justified? No one is going to communicate when portions of the city are still smoldering. One of the problems is there is a lack of respect. When you watch young people throw rocks at police you are struck by the lack of respect for law enforcement, but who do these young people respect? They don’t respect the teachers. Respect is first taught at home and unfortunately most of the young folks we saw have not been taught respect. This was not about Freddie Gray this was sadly criminals with a chance to do harm. The mayor is in the hot seat. Many saying the city responded too late, but that might be true but this level of anger started along time ago. Long before Gray took his last breath. This is a tinderbox just looking for a reason to explode.

Whoever said a victim had to be an angel?

Today, Freddie Gray will be buried. He died from injuries sustained while in custody of the Baltimore Police. Gray had a police record, but over the last few days we have heard him described as a jokester and an all around good guy. Both of these things could be true. You can have a police record and you can also be a good guy around your family and friends. You can also be a victim without being an angel. You might have done all kinds of criminal things or simply unkind things, but if you are killed at the hands of the police you are the victim. We don’t need anyone to try to redesign or refine your real narrative in an effort for the victim to receive justice.

Gangs Unite in Threats on the lives of Baltimore police?

The Baltimore Police are reporting there has been a credible threat made against them. Supposedly some gangs have united to “take out cops.” This threat comes on the day that Freddie Gray is being buried. If this is truth it is a frightening twist in this tragedy. It might be hard to prosecute a policeman when he kills a man it will not be hard to prosecute a gangbanger if he dares to shoot a cop.


CNN covered the Nerd Prom and forgot about Baltimore

Last night the local television stations covered some or all of the unrest in Baltimore. Several people were destroying property and creating an overall unsafe environment. Over the past week CNN has been the man on the street. They have been here talking to everybody. Friday they even interviewed a local actress who used to be on the HBO series The Wire. They were seemingly waiting for the other shoe to drop and that shoe actually did drop last night but the CNN cameras had shut down and gone home or did they go home? No they went to the prom? The Nerd Prom or the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. They went home got into their formals and tuxes and headed to DC. The unrest all of sudden became a subplot. Tomorrow Freddie Gray will be buried. Wonder if CNN will be back or maybe tomorrow they might be detained by something a little more important…prom pictures.

No Excuses for the Violence in Baltimore

Last night we watched people commit criminal acts on the streets of Baltimore. The people who committed these acts were not protesting the death of Freddie Gray. No they were out on the street “wilding”. So what do you call people who perpetrate these kinds of acts? Do you call them thugs or do you call them animals? Are they simply beyond redemption? When and if they are found should we lock them up and throw away the key? Or do we simply call them criminal? These people are not savages or animals they are simply people who made unwise choices. We have to watch the labels we attach to people. We need to address the behavior but we can’t afford to throw people away. People commit all kinds of crimes and they are punished for them but they are able to make a comeback and we need to look at the people from last night as people who have the ability to make a comeback. They have to acknowledge their deeds and in some cases accept the punishment for their deeds, but we can’t afford to throw them away.


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