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Will the Clintons ever learn you can’t bully people into voting for you?

In the 2008 campaign Bill Clinton insulted black people when he said in South Carolina that the Barack Obama campaign was a fairy tale. He was angry because black people were jumping on the Obama bandwagon. Fast forward to 2016 and this year Hillary Clinton is running as a woman candidate. See in 2008 she was all about the experience, but this time she is all about the females and she wants all the women to jump on her bandwagon and the young women are simply not doing it. Getting your surrogates to tell women there is a “special place in hell” for women who do not support other women or saying they are following the boys because the boys are supporting Bernie is not the road to victory. The Clintons have been in politics for years and they should have learned a long time ago that insulting voters is not endearing. Bernie Sanders is not the real problem. The fact is he should not be true competition but he is and it is up to the Clintons to figure out a pathway to victory and insults is not the way.

Trayvon Martin would have been 21 today and people are still taking shots at him

From Twitter-Ben ShapiroVerified account ‏@benshapiro
Trayvon Martin would have turned 21 today if he hadn’t taken a man’s head and beaten it on the pavement before being shot.

Earlier this morning I saw that Trayvon Martin was trending on Twitter. Today would have been his 21st birthday. Later I saw the tweet above and I wondered why would someone feel the need to take a shot at a dead man. Was his intent to be cute, snarky or witty. Would his followers be amused or repulsed. I fall into the latter. At some point the battle should end and I would venture to say death should be the end, but in the land of Twitter there are no rules and evidently there is no compassion.

Do Blacks have a “slavish” devotion to the Democratic party?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Trump has already won the debate even if he is not on the stage

Today the lead off story on every network has been the Trump story, and why should this be any different than any other day. King Trump rules the airwaves. They bow and defer to his demands and when they dare to not he threatens to withdraw his presence. How did this happen? The media elite are all acting surprised but how can they be when they helped create this situation. They invited the King to be on their shows. They did not even demand his presence. His voice was enough to make them swoon. When have you seen any other presidential candidate call in to so many shows. They let him control the conversation. He would talk over the questioners and refuse to answer any questions that might really demand a reasoned, thoughtful response. He has run the show because he is true entertainment, and the ratings numbers bear him out. It’s been coming for a long time. 2016 might be remembered as the last election cycle to even bother with debates. The original premise was for voters to learn more about the candidates as they weighed their decisions, but over the years candidates seem to spend more time with their spin doctors than their policy experts. The audience now seem more interested in learning who landed the zinger or who fell prey to the “gotcha” question. Yes, I believe we are witnessing the end of an era. We live in a Snapchat world and very few people are interested in much more. We live in a world that simply wants to be entertained and Trump is entertaining. So if he is not on that stage tomorrow night there will be no show, and he candidates might be forced to actually have a debate.

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, the Dynamic Duo, what’s not to like?

We have John McCain to thank for bringing Sarah Palin to the national stage. The same McCain that Donald Trump said is not a war hero. So now McCain’s protege has come out and literally given Donald Trump a grizzly bear hug. Palin is the godmother of the anger movement and Trump is the beneficiary of her prep efforts. They have tapped into the anger and they plan on riding this current of discontentment to the GOP convention. It’s a celebration of negativity. Let the games begin.

Donald Trump quotes from Two Corinthians or as the church says 2nd Corinthians…big deal or no deal?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Do you think Dr. King could be heard in our society?

MLK Memorial 006
Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived this quote. He was fearless in the face of an ever present danger. He railed against the system, but never showed rancor. Yes, he showed anger, but he never disrespected people. He did not demonize his opposition, but he tried to bring those who opposed him to his way of thinking. It is amazing to see what he achieved and in inspired in his short lifetime. He had a dream but he can not simply be relegated to the role of a dreamer. He was a man of faith who knew faith without works is dead faith. He fulfilled his purpose, but we are left here with work to do. We can not wax poetic about his works that would be a disservice to the legacy. We to stop merely observing life’s ills, but seeing how we can change the people in our world. We probably will not stand on the big stage like Dr. King, but if we stand on our personal podiums and do the work we all can help change the world.

#OscarsSoWhite….should black people boycott the Oscar Awards?

Last week the Oscar nominees were announced. The acting nominees are all white. This is the second year in a row that this has happened. Is this racism or did the committee look at it in a color blind way and simply nominate the people they think stood out this year? Jada Pinkett-Smith thinks something is wrong and she is completely unbiased. Well maybe not since many had said that her husband Will Smith was a shoo-in for a nod for his acting in the movie Concussion. Read the linked story and tell me what do you think.


Detroit Kids Forced to wear coats in classrooms, and why this should matter to us

Last night I watched the CBS Evening News and saw a story on Detroit Public Schools. The school was so cold that the children had to wear coats. The school had a whole in the roof and water had damaged the gym so the children had to exercise in the corridors of the school. Detroit schools are controlled by the state so the city’s hands are tied. They interviewed a state employee assigned to oversee the debacle and he appeared dressed to the nines and sitting in a office that I’m sure was heated. He said they were aware of the situation, but awareness does not mean the situation will be immediately addressed. So what is going to be done and when? Will the kids be in their coats until spring? Will they ever be able to play in the gym again? We have 3rd world countries with better schools than this. Read the linked article and share your thoughts. How can we help Detroit schools?


Mike Huckabee accused of condoning child abuse by angry voter…should he have shut her down sooner?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


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