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What do you think about Tylenol’s #HowWeFamily campaign?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Should parents publicly shame their children online?

We are seeing ore and more videos of parents shaming their children as a form of punishment. They seemingly want the world to see it and affirm it, but is this good parenting? don’t answer util you read the linked story.


Hillary Clinton tells supporter to “go to the end of the line”…big deal or no deal

Hillary Clinton made an offhanded remark that is sparking controversy. Big deal or no deal? You tell me.

If you are not celebrating Caitlyn Jenner you better be quiet

caitlyn jenner
We met Caitlyn Jenner yesterday. Her introduction was met with celebration. Even the president tweeted his support. She is finally living in her own truth, but what happens to the people who were a part of Bruce Jenner’s life? How do his ex-wives feel about his truth? How do his children feel about his truth? Some will say this is none of our business, but Jenner is a part of reality television. He lived his life on camera and in the summer she will be taking us along on her transition journey. So she is living her truth, but another truth is there are people in his past life who are also forced to live it with her.

Have you seen Alexis Jones-Rhodes?


Alexis Jones-Rhodes missed graduation on May 15th. Her friends and relatives are looking for her. Read the linked sory.


In Defense of Uppityism

Interesting article.

Black Girls and Women talk Depression

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Why did Australian food blogger, Belle Gibson lie about having cancer?

Why did Belle Gibson lie about having cancer? One word FAME.  Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Sherri Shepherd “You are the Mother” and now you will have to pay Lamar Sally

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Target’s latest stunt: Lily Pulitzer for Target (limited collection…severely limited)

I fell for the okie doke this morning. I arrived at my local Target at 8AM only to see a line of people on the side of the building waiting to get inside and get their hands on the Lily Pulitzer goodies. They touted fashion and home items. By the time I entered the racks were virtually empty and by the time I left they were. The website crashed and this afternoon Target announced there will be no more Pulitzer for sale this season. So who won? Target did. Sold everything before 9AM. Who lost anyone looking for merchandise this PM. Who won’t be fooled again? Me. Next time they offer designer fashion I will sleep in because I will not fall the the Target okie doke again.


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