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Does the word sassy bother you?

Last night while watching Being Mary Jane I was struck by a single word used repeatedly. That word was “sassy”. Mary Jane’s boss was expressing his disappointment at her behavior and he said that she had been sassy two different times during that week. Why did they use that word in the script? it just seems that particular word is used more often to describe the behavior of black women. Share your thoughts.

Bloomingdale what were you thinking?

spike your friends eggnog
Bloomingdale is in hot water over this ad. Does this encourage date rape? Share your thoughts.

The View mocks Carly Fiorina’s looks…fair game or just mean?

The women at The View were indignant when Donald Trump took a swipe at Carly Fiorina’s looks, but why do they reserve the right to mock her? Look at the clip and share your thoughts.

Is Katina Powell proof positive that shame has died?

I watched this clip and I was astounded to hear Katina Powell speak so casually about pimping her daughters out. She has written a book about her relationship to the Louisville Cardinals. She supplied the women who were used to help close the deal with the college recruits. This is not shocking. It probably happens on more campuses then we will ever know, but to see a woman speak like this is the shocker. What happened to shame? When did it die? She and her daughters will be appearing on The View tomorrow to share their story. Over the years we have seen the media take a quick descent to the bottom, and bottom feeders are now welcome to share their tales withe the world. We saw this with the Tiger Wood debacle. We saw women line up for their opportunity at the microphone. They all told of their antics with Woods. The media elevated them. They were no longer women who knowingly slept with a married man. They were victims. They bore no shame, but Woods was the villian. Shame no longer exists. Do as you please and if you can sell your story fame although it might be temporary awaits you.

Will Hillary Clinton Nae Nae her way into the White House?

Politicians pandering. They all do it but it is uncomfortable for them and for us.

Take Your Dream out of Layaway (Westbow Press, Barnes and Noble and Amazon)

take your dream out of layaway
My first book has been released, Take Your Dream out of Layaway is available online through Westbow Press, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You have held on to your dream for far too long. Now is the times to make steps toward completion. It’s a step by step Christian perspective designed for anyone with a dream. I encourage you to get your copy today.

Cara Delevinge a Portrait of Celebrity Privilege

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Bill Cosby has gone from Number One Dad to Public Enemy Number One

Did Bill Cosby rape over 30 women? He has been accused of this and he has been found guilty by the court of public opinion. Those who still want proof have been effectively stoned to death by that court. Whoopi Goldberg had her doubts, but she was subject to death threats for not getting on the same page with the masses. She got her”mind right” and now she can go and sin no more. There is no room for doubt he is guilty by public decree, but is it wrong to question the women or their motives? Is it wrong to think perhaps some of these women willingly engaged in sex with Cosby? Is it wrong to ask how did this black man rape so many white women and none of these women went to the police? I am not a Cosby apologist I just believe there are a lot of questions that need to be asked and not just to Cosby.

Actress Chastity Dotson turns activist

Chastity Dotson
Contact: zafaprotection@gmail.com
Young Starlet Turn Tech Activist
Shocked by the rising number of police brutality cases, Single Ladies star Chastity Dotson created ZAFA Protection System. ZPS is a free mobile application that sends out an alert to members of a community when there is a crime. This global neighborhood watch app allows citizens to come together, community build, and protect one another against incidents of violence.
Dotson is a multi-faceted artist and activist based in Los Angeles. She got her start in entertainment after studying at University of Southern California’s BFA acting program. Not long after graduating, she landed a role in the World Premiere of Charlayne Woodard’s “Flight” at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, which drew rave reviews from the Daily Variety who called her “an arresting blend of vulnerability and steel will.” She then starred in Oliver Mayer’s “Young Valiant” where she played the title role of a fourteen-year old boy, and was celebrated as a “small miracle” by the LA Weekly.
Chastity has written and performed seven one-woman shows internationally and is now set to star in Marivaux’s The False Servant at the Odyssey in Culver City, CA in July.
Dotson’s growing list of screen performances includes: Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, N3mbers, CSI NY, Grey’s Anatomy, Raising the Bar, Without a Trace, Veronica Mars, Bones, The Mentalist, BET’s Single Ladies and most recently as a guest star on Major Crimes for TNT.
But, like so many others, Dotson was shaken by the violence of police officers against civilians. So, she sought out funding on Go Fund Me to create a neighborhood watch app—and reached her goal in three short weeks. With that funding Dotson created ZAFA Protection System or ZPS.
Benefits of ZPS are:
• ZAFA empowers communities to call upon each other to witness and protect against violent offenders
• ZAFA ensures that there is always a witness or a helper at the crime scene
• ZAFA allows for the immediate upload of footage to remote servers securing it in case of confiscations
• ZAFA has an alert system that covers up to 20 miles, with real time GPS coordinates and directions to the incident
• When a ZAFA alert is sent it not only gives the person in trouble the location of the nearest user but it also allows the user to communicate with the victim letting them know help is on the way
• ZAFA offers alert buttons that cover multiple violent offenses not just police brutality

This is just the beginning for the young tech entrepreneur, “Once the app is released, I plan to create ZAFA trackers. GPS buttons that will communicate remotely with the app. ZAFA will then be able to be used in the case of child abductions. Everyone deserves to be protected.”
The app will be available for free download on iPhone and Android. For more info, please visit zafaprotection.com.

What do you think about Tylenol’s #HowWeFamily campaign?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


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