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Black Lives Matter and America’s Long History of Resisting Civil Rights

Interesting article from Washington Post. Please read and share your thoughts.

Armstrong Williams sound off on the Clintons…is he right?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Interesting how Megyn Kelly can get all up in Rev. Al’s face, but where is this Kelly when she meets with Donald Trump?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Bill Clinton spars with Black Lives Matter Protesters in Philly…is anybody listening?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski charged with battery

From The Donald-“Wow, Corey Lewandowski, my campaign manager and a very decent man, was just charged with assaulting a reporter. Look at tapes-nothing there!” This is his response to the arrest of his campaign manager. In a traditional campaign Lewandowki would be gone by the end of the day but who knows what Trump will do. Is this just another example of how Trump treats women? Share your thoughts.

Bill Clinton talks about the “awful legacy”…who is he talking about? President Obama or the Republicans

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump is not a racist he is an opportunist

Donald Trump peddles what sells. In this political season tough talk sprinkled with a couple of racial dog whistles is in vogue. Trump has learned you’ve got to give the people what they want. When he appeared ascending down the escalator at Trump Tower greeted by paid actors he probably did not know he would be on the cusp of the nomination. He was not the initial front runner but as a salesperson he was able to discern the appetite of the audience. His competitors dismissed him but they did not read the temperament of the people until it was too late. They were trying to sell derbies when the electorate yearned for an ill fitted hat cheaply embroidered with the words “make America great again.” His competitors bored the audience with facts when all they wanted to hear was “I will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it”. His competitors quoted Ronald Reagan and Trump saddled them with cruel nicknames and his followers loved it. Trump packaged anger early and spread it liberally throughout his campaign. Trump identified what worked and he worked it and continues to work it. If love had worked he would be spreading that but that’s not the secret sauce this season. Mass merchant Trump saw it early and he will keep using it. In 2008 President Obama sold hope, and we bought it, and 2016 Trump is selling the polar opposite and we will see if this will take him to the White House.

Donald Trump’s favorite consultant is Donald Trump

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump mocks Chris Christie to make a point…with friends like this you know the rest

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Can anything stop Donald Trump?

Can The Donald be stopped? Last night we saw protesters and Trump supporters come to blows. Is Donald Trump responsible for the violence? No he is not directly responsible but his irresponsible rhetoric helped to create a hostile environment. Trump was peddling birther conspiracy theories in 2011 and many networks most notable NBC gave him the microphone and the podium. The Republicans turned their heads. Last night Trump took he circus to Chicago. He is taking his message to an urban area and he found out it is different in the city. Holding rallies at airplane hangers is a safe space for his toxic message, but when you take your message to a place that has a bus route you run the risk of running into some of the people you routinely vilify and that is what happened last night. Trump took his message to the street and the street responded. It was not pretty and Trump is not the only one with dirty hands. Too many people have been silent for too long. Last night was sad but what will be sadder is if Trump actually becomes the nominee.


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