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Google Maps directions to Nigger House

Type Nigger House into Google maps and it will take you to the White House. So who did it? Why would they do it? I wish I was shocked but since 2007 we have seen overt racism aimed at the President and his family. It is not going to stop and they are vilified if they choose to share the indignities they have endured.This is just another incident. Not the first and it will not be the last.

49 People shot in Chicago over the weekend…can we talk?

Where are the cameras? Where is the outrage? How long will this be considered normal? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Politicians Lie, Journalists Lie so why is it news when they are caught lying?

George Stephanopoulos is in hot water for not disclosing that he has contributed $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. he is guilty of the sin of omission. So members of the GOP say Stephanopoulos is not fit for the presidential debates but is a donation a disqualifier? If he had made the disclosure on his own would it have made a difference?
Share your thoughts.


Michelle Obama is no Angry Black Woman…she is simply telling the truth

We are all a product of our experiences and we often share it with the people in our circle. When you are the First Lady your circle is much bigger. Mrs. Obama is coming under fire from the right for sharing her experiences with racism. She was speaking to a majority black audience who identified with her narrative. She was passionate as she shared her life story, but that passion is being misidentified as anger. This is so familiar to so many of us. too often when a black woman shows passion she is called angry or intimidating, but when her white counterpart reacts the same way she is showing passion and confidence. The Obamas are nearing the end of their tenure in the White House and they are feeling a new sense of freedom. They are now speaking frankly about race the third rail. The movie A Few Good Men had a line I am going to paraphrase some on the right simply can’t handle the truth.


Mark Halperin’s interview with Ted Cruz…awkward or racist?

Mark Halperin was suspended from MSNBC a couple of years ago when he said the President was acting like a “dick”. At the time he also worked for Time magazine and they took no disciplinary actions. Cut to 2015 and this interview with presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz. Conservatives are calling his questions racist and Halperin has since apologized if he offended anyone. Share your thoughts.

Michelle Obama tells Tuskegee Grads she has been called “baby mama”, but she called the president her “baby daddy”…which one of these is an insult?

Today First Lady Obama delivered the commencement address at Tuskegee and she shared with the grads some of the racial animous she has experienced. She shared how one cable network labeled her “baby mama” which is a perceived insult, but the first lady has referred to the president as her “baby daddy”. So which one of these references is an insult? Share your thoughts.

What will happen to Baltimore when the lights go out?

It is bound to happen the Freddy Gray story will become old news, and all the media along with their camera crews will move on to the next hot story. All week Baltimore has been the epicenter of the news. The conversation has not just been about Gray, but it has been about education, poverty, the breakdown of the family and how can these problems be addressed. Seems like I heard this same conversation when Ferguson was the hot spot. Sadly, the neighborhood Gray lived in is not on the tourist attraction list for Charm City. These neighborhoods are invincible to everyone except those who live there. There are invisible communities in every major city. The death of Freddie Gray has demanded the public’s attention, but we have a short attention span. So this week all pundits everywhere will ask what can we do, but they are really not going to be interested in this neighborhood and others like it long enough to do anything, but talk about it.

President Obama says violence in Baltimore is “counter-productive”

Share your thoughts.

Baltimore Rioter in Action-This has nothing to do with Freddie Gray

AFP 540116264 A CLJ USA MD
A picture is truly worth a 1000 words.

CNN covered the Nerd Prom and forgot about Baltimore

Last night the local television stations covered some or all of the unrest in Baltimore. Several people were destroying property and creating an overall unsafe environment. Over the past week CNN has been the man on the street. They have been here talking to everybody. Friday they even interviewed a local actress who used to be on the HBO series The Wire. They were seemingly waiting for the other shoe to drop and that shoe actually did drop last night but the CNN cameras had shut down and gone home or did they go home? No they went to the prom? The Nerd Prom or the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. They went home got into their formals and tuxes and headed to DC. The unrest all of sudden became a subplot. Tomorrow Freddie Gray will be buried. Wonder if CNN will be back or maybe tomorrow they might be detained by something a little more important…prom pictures.


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