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Jon Stewart’s Brilliant Take on Donald Trump and the RNC

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump is the Law and Order candidate…what does that really mean?

Franklin Roosevelt is credited for saying “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”. Last night Donald Trump basically said we need to fear everything and he is the only one who can save us. He told us last night that he is the “law and order candidate”. He received rave reviews which included one from white supremacist David Duke (via twitter). Last night Trump danced with the people who brought him to the dance. Sure he did some lame shout outs to gays and blacks, but he saved his red meat for the already converted. He gave a sincere nod to the law enforcement community and rightfully so, but he did not mention the victims of police misconduct. He expressed his rudimentary understanding of foreign policy by slamming NATO. His remarks in a New York Times article have already set off the nerves meter in Europe. The main message of his speech last night was fear me. He said I have the ability to give you your country back and take you back to the days when you were running things. He played to his base and they salivated as he walked them back to pre-2009. He like all candidates criticized the incumbent, but this campaign started 5 years ago when he questioned the legitimacy of President Obama’s presidency. Trump is a birther and in 2011 he appeared a number of times on the NBC Today show floating his theories. So the campaign started then and is probably one of the things his base loves about him. Listening to Trump last night lets us know who he is and what he stands for and it is more than obvious to me that with him as the leader of the Republican party the tent is closed. Zipped tight and there is truly no room for me.

Hands Up, Hands down, Hands Less…Charles Kinsey is Still Black

Charles Kinsey is a behavioral specialist and he was attempting to coax an autistic young man back into the group home, but the police were called to the scene. Kinsey decided to lay down on the ground and put his hands up. This was a position that he believed would keep him safe. Wrong. He was shot anyway. He had his hands up and he was on the ground and he was shot in the leg. When asked the policeman why did he shoot him he was told I don’t know, but later in the day the police claimed they were trying to shoot the other young man and Kinsey was shot accidently, but one has to wonder why were guns drawn on two men who had no weapons. There is no question here. So often you hear conservative talking heads say there would have been no problem if the black man had just complied. It would seem a black man laying on the ground with his hands up would be complying but he was still shot. So please share the secret for not getting shot?

Rep. Steve King’s distorted view of history says a lot about him and his party

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump declines invitation to NAACP convention

John McCain did it. Mitt Romney did it too, but The Donald won’t be speaking at the NAACP convention. He won’t be bringing that tough talk to the convention. He’ll save his harsh words on race for the people who already cheer him. He is not trying to expand the base. He claims to be so tough but not tough enough to talk to African Americans who are not singing the praises of The Donald.


Politicians need to think before they speak…Your Words Matter

The campaign trail has to be one of the most uncivil places on earth. Politicians question each other’s patriotism, faith, business acumen and overall competence. All this is done loudly and on camera. No insult is too low and no innuendo is too desperate. One is left to wonder how did we get here?
Politicians are not the only ones guilty of uncivil conversation. Is their conversation outrageous or does it actually reflect how we talk to each other. Check out social media and you will see people are not governed by conventional rules of good taste everything posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram is subject to comment from readers and the comments tend to be brutal. When did we decide that manners was no longer relevant in our society?
We have become accustomed to course dialogue in every facet of life. Look at reality television. Women are pitted against each other. There is nothing to vile to articulate. The worse the behavior the better the ratings. Fighting is encouraged on the airwaves, and that same bold behavior is being seen on the streets and in our schools. Teachers were once respected by parents now face aggressive parents who come to the school prepared to verbally and sometimes physically assault the teachers. We see people more likely to record a fight than stop a fight, and when that fight gets uploaded to YouTube thousands and sometime millions happily watch the replay. What does that say about us? We decry violence but we watch it for entertainment. Are we a nation of hypocrites? Have we simply lost our way? Have we become tolerant of the language? Is this our new normal? Is the low road now the road to victory or are we ready to start speaking to each other in a respectful manner.

Police Lives Matter Period

This morning we woke up to the news that 5 police officers were killed last night in Dallas, Texas. Our hearts are broken. Police put their lives on the line on a daily basis. Their families are grieving this morning and we should grieve with them. Already people are taking sides. The facts are unclear but on CNN this morning Ben Ferguson was already attempting to put the blame on Black Lives Matters. No facts to back up his claim but he was quick to share a story he heard about BLM youth cheering when they heard policeman had died. His little hearsay story will be passed on as gospel today. So it begans no time for collective sadness time to take your place and start pointing the finger of blame.

What do we tell our black children?

Two black men shot by police in 2 days. There is something wrong. I was talking to a friend of mine and she asked “what do we tell our children?” We don’t tell them anything we have not already told them. We have told them to be polite, be compliant, say yes sir, keep your hands visible, but they can do all these things and still not survive an encounter with a bad cop.  We have no magic words that will ensure their safety. We have no words that will offer a cloak of protection to our husbands and our fathers. When we search for them we are in fact claiming some of the blame for the evil acts sanctioned by the state. When we look at the cases of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile we are stunned by the actions of the police. The force used to confront non lethal situations is appalling. In the Castile case we saw a policeman unload into a car that had a 4 year old occupant in the back seat. Where is the outrage? We see it in pockets of the global community, but remember the case of the gorilla who was killed when the zookeepers feared he would harm a toddler who had wondered into his enclave. When he was killed the response was fast and furious. Petitions went up calling for the arrest of the mother, one called for her children being removed from her home. The world was mad. Well world get mad again! This is not right and this is not a black problem. Sure our victims are demonized. All their past bad acts are publicized as if that is justification for now. He was a shoplifter as a teen so now that he is 30 and shot by the cops it is ok. No it is not. Even if he were a choirboy that would not matter either. None of this matters. What matters if a policeman shoots a person retrieving identification, selling cds, selling loosies, walking, running, driving or whatever he needs to be responsible for his action. Fearing for his life is not enough it is almost a punchline. So where do we go from here? Really, you tell me.

Why is Donald Trump praising Sadaam Hussein?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump praised brutal dictator Sadaam Hussein last night. Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump, Mr. 2 Corinthians, has the audacity to question Hillary Clinton’s faith

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


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