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Billy Bush and Fox Analyst Judge Napolitano paid dearly for their Trump association

Billy Bush lost his NBC Today Show job after the Access Hollywood tape emerged showing him play the straight man to Donald Trump’s lewd conversation. Trump went on to be president. A few days ago Trump claimed the British were in on the “wiretapping” of Trump Tower. When pressed Trump said he heard it form a judge on Fox News. Judge Napolitano has been suspended from the network and Trump is still president. Association with POTUS can cost you your job.


Dana Schultz disturbing interpretation of Emmitt Till in an open casket is offensive

If you have read any black history you have heard the story of Emmitt Till. Till was a 14 year old boy who took a trip down south in the 1950’s. He was from Chicago and he made the mistake of whistling at a white woman. Later that day he was dragged from a relative’s home and he was brutally murdered. His body was so bruised and battered his mother Mary Mobley made the decision to have an open casket so the world could see the vicious brutality. Now 50 years later Dana Schulz a foreigner makes the decision to do an abstract of the mangled corpse. Is there nothing sacred? This is offensive. Share your thoughts.

NBC Carmichael Show to use the n-word, but they will not be saying the n-word

In 1995 the n-word was popularized during the OJ Simpson trial. The euphemism was used so the jury would not be offended by the amount of times the word was used throughout the trial. Since that time it has been adopted as a way of saying the word while not saying the word. Now the NBC Carmichael will air in episode this spring the n-word will be flying. This all black cast feel they have right to use the word, but do they? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

‘The Carmichael Show’ Will Air Unedited ‘N-Word’ on NBC

Sean Spicer defines the difference between Trump golfing and Obama golfing, and it is ridiculous

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Chuck Berry’s music still sounds good today

Chuck Berry died yesterday but he has left a musical legacy that will last forever. We were just listening to a tribute on Meet the Press and his music was playing, and it still makes you want to move. I said to my husband what current music will actually stand the test of time? Share your thoughts.

Why would Donna Brazile ruin her reputation for Hillary Clinton?

Donna Brazile finally admitted that she forwarded debate questions to Hillary Clinton. She had been accused of this during the summer but she made her admission yesterday. The question is why? Why would you give up your good reputation by doing something this stupid. Hillary Clinton has moved on but Brazile’s reputation is damaged. America believes in comebacks and hopefully brazile will get one.


Is Burning Sands About Brotherhood?

The other night we watched Burning Sands. This movie chronicles Hell Week at a fictional black college. I am married to a Greek and his lips are sealed when it comes to his fraternity life. So as we watched the abuse that the brothers endured in the name of brotherhood we were left with the question why? Why would any reasonable person willingly surrender themselves to this kind of sadistic ritual? It is all done in the name of brotherhood? So who decided that beating men with paddles until they bled, or dunking young men into a swimming pool while blindfolded was the path to brotherhood. When were these rules established? Did the first brothers who were former slaves or one generation from slavery establish the rules? Did they still have the marks of slavery on their backs when they were beating the future generation of brothers? Universities brag about the abolishment of hazing, but most people know it did not die it simply went underground. This kind of behavior exists and each year a fresh group of young people surrender to the harsh tactics in search of acceptance by an exalted peer group. They justify the sadistic treatment because they see what they interpret to be the greater good. The question is how do you really stop hazing? If you are a member of a fraternity and you were hazed then you actually think it is your right to haze future members, but at what point is enough enough? In the movie a concerned professor tried to offer help to one of the young men pledging but he never admitted to the abuse because he still wanted the honor of being a brother. The dean was a fraternity member and he know what was going on, but he turned a blind eye to the truth. When we hear of gang member being jumped by other gang members we think that this behavior if abhorrent, but we accept the ritualistic beating required to be called brother? Please explain the difference. My spouse who will not admit to be hazed says the difference is there is a choice. You choose to join a fraternity, but in the gang analogy often gang members don’t have a choice. Yes, choice is important. Fraternities do not scoop up young men and make them become members. They choose to become members and with that choice comes consequences. Rarely does a pledge not know what will happen and they still join undeterred. Burning Sands is a work of fiction and we do not believe that all fraternities engage in this kind of illicit activity but sadly some do. Rarely are lives lost but one life lost is one too many. We believe in brotherhood and we are proud to see young men cross over but we weep for the things they had to endure to make the crossover journey and we yearn for the day that hazing will truly be a thing of the pass and not simply something we refuse to talk about.

NBC Today Show helps legitimize Breitbart

To my surprise I saw the editor of Breitbart being interviewed on the Today Show this morning. Just because this is Trump’s media favorite does not mean it also has to be legitimized by the mainstream, but that is what the interview did. it made the inflammatory rhetoric seem sane and it simply is not.


Snoop Dog shoots Trump “clown” and real President Trump claps back

Snoop Dog released a video that features him shooting a Trump “clown”. His video is disrespectful but as an artist he can do it. President Trump clapped back. Do you think he was justified.

Andre Iguodala says “he does what the master says”…why do millionaire athletes compare themselves to slaves?

Professional athletes are paid well for their talents. They live lives that many envy but when they do not get their ways so often they compare their status to that of a slave. Share your thoughts.