Dr. Ben Carson launches an Exploratory Committee

Did a nasty campaign strategy drive Tom Schweich to suicide?

Politics is a dirty game but is it deadly? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


What do we expect from the police?

We hire the police to serve and protect. What do want them to do? The latest police shooting in LA puts the police front and center in the midst of controversy. The police say the man “African” was reaching for one of the policeman’s weapon, and the police killed him. Who is at fault here? We also have to ask when did it become acceptable to fight with the police? Policeman want to go home at the end of the day and they will subdue any threat to that outcome Does this mean every time a policeman shoots he is justified? No, but we have to look at the facts of each case before we indict either party.

Martin O’Malley passes on running for Senate seat, but should he?

Barbara Milkulski announced that she is retiring. that means there is an open Senate seat in Maryland. Martin O’Malley former governor has announced he is not interested. He wants to be president, but this might be a better fit. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Curt Schilling’s Brilliant Takedown of Twitter Trolls

Read linked story and share your thoughts.


Isis is No Joke

Last night Saturday Night Live decided to take a poke at Isis. Yes, Isis that hilarious group of beheaders. Who can forget that funny moment they brought to us when they set the Jordanian soldier on fire while he was encaged. Yes, they have given us some truly thigh slapping moments. Not! They are not funny on any level. They are frightening and they show no mercy. Have we become de-sensitized to human suffering? Is everything fodder for humor? How do you think the family of James Foley took the joke? Do you think they were doubled over with laughter? Who is in the room when these ideas are pitched? Does anyone ever say no? Well maybe it’s time to hire that guy-Mr. No.

SNL Isis Skit…funny or depraved?

Last night SNL took a “funny” look at Isis recruitment. Did they go too far? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Anthony Mason dead at 48

New York Knicks v Golden State Warriors
I remember the great games of the ’90s between the Knicks and my Chicago Bulls. Anthony Mason was a force on the court. Sad to hear of his death at 48.


Kelly Osbourne quits Fashion Police days after Giuliana Rancic controversial Zendaya comments


Did Laura Ingraham go too far in her criticism of Jeb Bush?

Too far? Share your thoughts.


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