What do the Colorado movie shooter, the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter and the South Carolina church shooter all have in common?

All three of these killers came into peaceful environments and killed innocent people, but they were all arrested. They were not gunned down by law enforcement. They lived to tell their stories and in the case of the Carolina coward they lived to have a Burger King meal. So let’s look at the Laquan McDonald case. He did not kill anyone. He was a teenager who brandished a small knife. He was shot sixteen times and died that night. Was it impossible to grant him the courtesy granted to the three killers listed above. Why was he treated so differently? Share your thoughts.

Are 100 Black Ministers going to announce their support of Donald Trump on MOnday?

Read the linked story. I’ll just say 30 pieces of silver must go a long way in 2015.

Did Donald Trump mock a handicapped reporter…and if he did will it hurt him?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

thanksgiving pic
Enjoy the day!

Donald Trump’s Greatest Hits

Do you want him in the White House? Share your thoughts.

Did a NY cabbie skip Al Roker to pick up a white guy?

Read the linked story and you decide is Al Roker justified or is he overreacting?

The Scandal Abortion Was a Surprise but why?

Thursday night Scandal’s main character Olivia Pope had an abortion. Silent Night was the song that played during the procedure. It was sad but not surprising. Pope is the most loved side chick in the galaxy. We have watched her antics and often celebrated them so why are we surprised when the storyline went left? I have posted a blog post from author Sophia A. Nelson. Read it and share your thoughts.


The Rise of the Millennial Militant

It’s 2015 and we are seeing black students across the country express their anger and frustration at college campuses across the country. They are taking their demands to the office of the university president. While I am sure some of their demands are valid, and should be heard and possibly implemented, but one has to also ask if the millennials will ever be satisfied? The university campus will never be Utopia. There will always be jerks saying vile racist things but isn’t that what happens in the real world? Share your thoughts.

Marketing Fear: Isis and the Media

Isis has the whole world on alert. They are killers that show no mercy. What they do is news and worthy of reporting, but has the media gone too far? Over the past few days have they moved from reporting the events to marketing fear? The networks show the huge graphics Terror in Paris. They play videos showing the violence and the carnage over and over again. What is the point and what is this doing to the public? Share your thoughts.

Would you let someone operate on you who is not a surgeon?

My husband made this point this morning. While watching a Ben Carson my husband said that Carson studied long and hard to become a surgeon. He went on to ask the simple question, “would you let someone operate on you who was not a surgeon?” The answer is no. You want someone with experience and they know what they are doing. So why would we elect a person to lead this country with no experience in politics? Share your thoughts.


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