President Trump is a new kind of president, the rude kind

Jeb Bush said it best when he called Donald Trump a chaos candidate and he said if he was elected he would be a chaos president. No truer words have been said. We have a president without self control who has weaponized Twitter. He has used his 140 characters to insult US citizens, foreign leaders, members of the Democratic party and members of his own party, but no one can stop him. He has reduced his staff to trying to explain the unexplainable. We have seen his spokespeople try in vain to justify whatever lunacy he chooses to type. Trump is the emperor with no clothes. His staff continues to marvel at his attire but the rest of us see a “naked” president who is exposes himself to the world, and the world is not afraid to say what they really see.

Kathy Griffin was wrong, and she apologized when will he?

In this country we respect the office of the president even if we did not vote for the current occupant. When Kathy Griffin posted a picture on Twitter of her holding the severed, “bloody head” of Donald Trump. She was condemned on the right and the left. She lost her New Year’s Eve gig on CNN. The Trump family voiced their disapproval via Twitter. She has apologized to a man who never apologizes. He has insulted John McCain, Ted Cruz’ wife and father, Carly Fiorina’s looks, President Barack Obama’s citizenship and let s not forget the Access Hollywood tape. Griffin owed him an apology but America is still waiting for one from him.

Ben Carson says Poverty is a State of Mind?

People say dumb things, and Ben Carson says dumb things often. The other day he said poverty is a state of mind. So this means that with the right mind set people can pull themselves out of poverty. Sadly this is simply not true, Contrary to Carson’s point of view most people living in poverty would prefer not to be. There are millions of Americans working everyday for minimum wages and simply unable to get out of poverty. They are not driving luxury cars to the local grocery store picking up ribeye steaks and large costal shrimp. Carson grew up in poverty but over the years he has romanticized the story and his mother is the hero. Sure she might have been phenomenal but to say if everyone had a mother like his there would be no poverty is ridiculous. There are millions of encouraging, inspiring mothers living in poverty who might not ever get out of it but they are doing the best they can and they should be celebrated not accused of having the right mindset.

Richard Collins III honored at graduation with empty chair

Sadly, we see horrible stories everyday but sometimes a story stops you and for me the Richard Collins III story is one of them. This wonderful young man should have graduated today from Bowie State University instead his family is planning his funeral. He planned a military career and Saturday night he was visiting friends on the campus of the University of Maryland. He was stabbed to death on Saturday night. He was simply waiting for his ride back to his campus. This was a young man who did everything right and the actions of a thug denied him his promising future. This hurts. We pray and grieve for the family and we hope to see justice served.

Chaos Candidate is a Chaos President

Jeb Bush called Donald Trump a chaos candidate and now that candidate is leader of the free world. Every day is a new crisis. How long can we go on like this? We are hearing words like obstruction of justice, cover up and even impeachment. Is this simply Wishful thinking from the Democrats or are we really seeing the beginning of the end. Share your thoughts.

Is it time for Monique to move on?

Monique won an Oscar in 2010. Her career never took off and she continues to call out Lee Daniels. Last Saturday night she also called out Oprah and Tyler Perry. All three of them are Hollywood heavyweights and they do not spend a lot of time thinking about Monique wonder when will she stop thinking and talking about them? Share your thoughts.

Happy Mother’s Day to a Diverse Group of Women

Happy Mother’s Day to Moms, Grandmoms, Big mamas, Godmothers, Moms to be, women who yearn to be,and especially to Moms who have lost their moms. This is a diverse group of women and Mother’s Day affects them all very differently. During this time we are inundated with commercials featuring mom’s receiving breakfast in bed, twirling around in new dresses, receiving diamonds from their mates or simply frolicking in flower filled valleys. Life is beautiful for moms on Mother’s Day, and for many that will be the narrative of the day, but there will also be pain on that day and it is unfair to ignore that group of women. Many will grieve the loss of their mothers. Sure, they will have happy memories that will offer comfort, but their hearts still yearn for the physical smile of the mother that taught them so much. The other day I read this quote “my mother taught me everything except how to live without her”. So, if you know someone who has lost their mom give them a hug and they will appreciate it. Another group of women that are all but ignored are the women in your life who you know have been trying to become a mother and it has simply not happened. They deserve a hug and you can let them know they are in your prayers they need encouragement. Celebrate with the new moms by offering them some help long after the Mother’s Day holiday they will need it, and finally take the day to do whatever you want to do this day is yours enjoy and know that you are part of a group of women that have raised and are continuing to raise people who will rule the world. Happy Mother’s Day from Ebony Mom!

Donald Trump adds insult to injury by calling James Comey names

Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday. Comey found out via television, and he initially thought it was joke, but aides pulled him to the side and let him know it was true. People at McDonald’s are afforded a more dignified exit, but this is President Trump, a new kind of president. Today, in typical bully fashion he called Comey a showboater and grandstander. Comey has stayed silent and showed the country what dignified public servant looks like.

Betty DeVos booed at Bethune-Cookman graduation…was this a surprise?

What was the expectation when Betty DeVos was invited to speak at this graduation? Bethune-Cookman is an HBCU and some of the statements DeVos has made have been offensive to the community. Please tell me why would she be invited and is the reaction to her presence surprising. Share your thoughts.

Was the firing of FBI Director Comey an abuse of power?

Interesting perspective: