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Ted Cruz pulls ad that featured former porn actress, but what is the bigger message?

Today Ted Cruz pulled one of his political ads. The ad featured a former porn star. The key word is former, but what this proves is your past can come back and sabotage your future. In this age of social media it is actually a cautionary tale. We see so many people who are selfie obsessed. They are determined to document every thing. We see people post on Instagram wearing little or nothing. It’s all in fun until you lose a major opportunity. Just ask the actress in the Cruz commercial.


If John Lewis did not see Bernie Sanders during the Civil rights Movement was he really there?

Was John Lewis throwing a little shade Bernie Sander’s way? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

How to get the black vote? Go to the barber shop, the beauty shop and the church…is it that easy?

President Obama had support from the black community after he won the Iowa caucus. It was then that black people started believing that this man with the funny name might have a chance. So now as we come to the end of his second term we are asked to choose a candidate. On the Republican side we hear candidates spew profanity, demonize immigrants and peddle messages of gloom and doom. So let’s look at Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton thinks she’s got us and Sanders wants us. The Congressional Black Caucus gave their support to Clinton this morning. They say she has always fought for the rights of minorities, but what is her plan for the future? Harry Belefante gave his support to Bernie Sanders, but who under the age of 60 is taking his advice when deciding who to vote for in November. I keep hearing people say the candidates will be visiting beauty shops, barber shops and churches in pursuit of the black vote. Is it that simple? Candidates are crisscrossing the state speaking at all types of venues. Speaking to voters about their issues. They are not simply going to the church leaders when they go in the majority communities. Their strategy is multi-pronged not simplistic. When President Obama secured the gay vote he made them promises. In his first campaign he believed marriage was between a man and a woman by his second term gay marriage was the law of the land. He owed them and he paid, but Clinton and Sanders want to stop by the barber shop, beauty shop and church and get us to give them our support. No we need to get some questions answered and see just what is the difference between the two of them and what is their plan for us.

Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz a “Pussy”…is this man fit to be the president?

Is this guy worthy of the Oval Office? Is this kind of vulgarity appropriate for the campaign trail? Share your thoughts.

Will the Clintons ever learn you can’t bully people into voting for you?

In the 2008 campaign Bill Clinton insulted black people when he said in South Carolina that the Barack Obama campaign was a fairy tale. He was angry because black people were jumping on the Obama bandwagon. Fast forward to 2016 and this year Hillary Clinton is running as a woman candidate. See in 2008 she was all about the experience, but this time she is all about the females and she wants all the women to jump on her bandwagon and the young women are simply not doing it. Getting your surrogates to tell women there is a “special place in hell” for women who do not support other women or saying they are following the boys because the boys are supporting Bernie is not the road to victory. The Clintons have been in politics for years and they should have learned a long time ago that insulting voters is not endearing. Bernie Sanders is not the real problem. The fact is he should not be true competition but he is and it is up to the Clintons to figure out a pathway to victory and insults is not the way.

Is Cam Newton the new face of the NFL?

Super Bowl week we saw Cam Newton flash his million dollar smile. He was voted the NFL MVP Saturday night, and his Carolina Panthers had a brilliant season. He was sitting on top of the world but after being defeated in the Super Bowl his world crumbled. He did his post game press conference with a chip on his shoulder. Defeat is never easy or welcome, but there are winners and losers, and people have got to learn how to accept defeat. Some NFL commentators tried to excuse his behavior. They said he left before he said the wrong thing, but Newton is a grown man and he is capable of not spewing out anything that might torpedo his career. If Newton wants to be the face of the NFL he is going to have to develop a thicker skin. Peyton Manning has won the Super Bowl, and he has also experienced the agony of defeat, but he stood at the podium and answered the hard questions. If Newton is going to be the face he is going to have to learn how to do that too.

Bill Romanowski calls Cam Newton a boy…was it racist?

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.
Retired NFL player Bill Romanowski calls Cam Newton 'boy' in tweet following Super Bowl

Trayvon Martin would have been 21 today and people are still taking shots at him

From Twitter-Ben ShapiroVerified account ‏@benshapiro
Trayvon Martin would have turned 21 today if he hadn’t taken a man’s head and beaten it on the pavement before being shot.

Earlier this morning I saw that Trayvon Martin was trending on Twitter. Today would have been his 21st birthday. Later I saw the tweet above and I wondered why would someone feel the need to take a shot at a dead man. Was his intent to be cute, snarky or witty. Would his followers be amused or repulsed. I fall into the latter. At some point the battle should end and I would venture to say death should be the end, but in the land of Twitter there are no rules and evidently there is no compassion.

What happened to Gynnya McMillen?

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump comes in 2nd in Iowa or as he would say the 1st Loser

Morning Joe should be officially renamed the Donald Trump fan club. Over the past few months they have given Trump unfettered access to their audience. He rarely appeared in their space but he was a frequent telephone guest. When he was not there they lathered him with verbal praise, but despite their best efforts he came in 2nd in Iowa last night, but the praise just keeps on coming. Ted Cruz’ victory is not their big story no Trump’s strong showing and his gracious concession speech is their hot news. Cruz has never been a favorite of mine but it was good to see him knock the crown off the head of the media-anointed king. Trump had the swagger of a winner and all the verbosity to go with it. He was so confident that he was destined to win he felt skipping a debate was a good idea. He was playing by his own rules. He called out Sarah Palin and he knew her presence on the stage would make a difference. He went to Liberty University to tell the one about the 2 Corinthians. As he often said the Evangelicals loved him. It was interesting seeing him last night when he appeared on stage he looked like a mere mortal. Maybe Trump might need to look at Proverbs 16:18-“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”


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