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Donald Trump is just profane and the media loves it

It is interesting listening to the media talk about Donald Trump spewing profanities at his ┬árally last night. Some are saying he has changed the dialogue but he has actually gone beyond the pale. It is one thing to say you are not politically correct, but it is another thing to be profane. If President Obama had dropped this word while campaigning in 2008 or 2012 he would have been toast but the press want to wink and smile and just say that is Donald being Donald, but is this the kind of language that is now deemed acceptable on the trail. Will other candidates adopt this jargon and do like Donald and say I didn’t say it I’m just repeating it. We can’t stop Trump from saying whatever but the media need to stop trying to make what he says acceptable or try to categorize it as normal political talk.

Did the NFL really listen to Beyonce’s song Formation?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Have we become a nation of sore losers?

Last week I watched an episode of Bring It on Lifetime. It is a show highlighting cheer/dance competition. The competition is fierce and every episode features a competition and a 1st and 2nd place team is crowned. The other week a team won the 2nd place trophy but the leader could not accept it. She told her girls they were winners and she would not accept the second place trophy. She hurled the trophy across the room and it shattered. I remember saying out loud “what are we teaching our children?” Ted Cruz won Monday night and seemingly that was accepted as fact that night, but today 2 days later he is accused of cheating by Mr. Second Place, Donald Trump. Sure Dr. Ben Carson has accused the Cruz campaign of playing a little fast and loose with the truth, and they have apologized for that, but Carson is not questioning the legitimacy of the process. There are winners and losers in any competition and people need to not only learn to be a good winner but also a good loser.

Donald Trump comes in 2nd in Iowa or as he would say the 1st Loser

Morning Joe should be officially renamed the Donald Trump fan club. Over the past few months they have given Trump unfettered access to their audience. He rarely appeared in their space but he was a frequent telephone guest. When he was not there they lathered him with verbal praise, but despite their best efforts he came in 2nd in Iowa last night, but the praise just keeps on coming. Ted Cruz’ victory is not their big story no Trump’s strong showing and his gracious concession speech is their hot news. Cruz has never been a favorite of mine but it was good to see him knock the crown off the head of the media-anointed king. Trump had the swagger of a winner and all the verbosity to go with it. He was so confident that he was destined to win he felt skipping a debate was a good idea. He was playing by his own rules. He called out Sarah Palin and he knew her presence on the stage would make a difference. He went to Liberty University to tell the one about the 2 Corinthians. As he often said the Evangelicals loved him. It was interesting seeing him last night when he appeared on stage he looked like a mere mortal. Maybe Trump might need to look at Proverbs 16:18-“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Why does Carly Fiorina feel the need to go in on Hillary Clinton like this?

Politics is not for the fainthearted, but do personal attacks win elections. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

I’m sick of political correctness too, but I am not ready for full out rudeness

Donald Trump says he is not politically correct and I get that but too simply be rude and outlandish is not the answer. He has said a lot of things over the past six months that have been applauded, but that does not make it right. Trump who is willing to say anything is refusing to speak at tomorrow night’s debate. He is used to getting his way and Fox News is not letting him get his way. Megyn Kelly is going to be sitting at the moderator’s table. Trump might decide at the last minute that he is going to come but then he would have to cancel the event he says he is planning for the soldiers, but who knows what Trump will do.

When did politics become a celebration of hopelessness?

Times are bad and if you listen to the politicians and the pundits you will be convince they will never get better. There is little talk of brighter days ahead and more talk about gloom and doom. So one has to wonder do politicians believe our best days are behind us? Are we simply part of a sad dirge marching toward destruction? No they don’t believe that. They want to keep the electorate fearful as we move toward selecting a new leader, but fear never wins. We are a hopeful nation and next year we need to vote from that point of view.

Workplace Rage? No, this was Terrorism, but what are we going to do about it?

We are vulnerable. We live in a free society and with that comes peril. Yesterday, we saw a man and his wife kill 14 people and wound 21. The killers were killed in a shootout with the police. People you know it and I know it this was terrorism. So what do we do about it? We’ve got to go to work, school, church, but how do we stay safe. Some newspapers are saying prayer is not the answer but as believers we can not abandon prayer. We have to do more. Any ideas?

Would you let someone operate on you who is not a surgeon?

My husband made this point this morning. While watching a Ben Carson my husband said that Carson studied long and hard to become a surgeon. He went on to ask the simple question, “would you let someone operate on you who was not a surgeon?” The answer is no. You want someone with experience and they know what they are doing. So why would we elect a person to lead this country with no experience in politics? Share your thoughts.

Why do they hate us?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


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