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If Hillary Clinton is playing the woman card than what card is The Donald playing?

Tuesday Night Donald Trump won 5 primaries, but he decided to take some shots at Hillary Clinton. They will be facing each other in the general election. Its politics so shots will be taken but to reduce Clinton’s record to the “woman’s card” is ridiculous even coming from Trump. She is a lawyer, she had been a US senator and the Secretary of State. It is dismissive and sexist to discount her achievements. Yes he has a right to critique her performance, but to reduce them to nothing and to say if he were a man she would only have 5% of the vote is pure Trump nonsense. One is left to wonder what card is Trump playing? The I’m rich and I am used to getting what I want card, the my daddy gave me a million dollars to start my company card, the I don’t mind race baiting card or the I love to insult women and minority cards. He has so many cards in his deck we are in for a brutal election season as he deals from the bottom of his deck.

Why did Roland Martin offer to shine Bill O’Reilly’s shoes?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Why can’t Ivanka and Eric Trump vote for their dad…they are not registered

Donald Trump and family are learning the devil is in the details.

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.http://townhall.com/tipsheet/christinerousselle/2016/04/10/whoops-ivanka-and-eric-trump-cant-vote-for-their-dad-n2145927



Hillary Clinton’s Subway ride is just another example of a political pandering

Who likes riding the Subway? Nobody. People on public transportation do it because they have to do it. It is not a joyride. So to see Hillary Clinton touting the the virtues of the ride is ridiculous. For her this was just a media opportunity, and a photo op, but we all know that Clinton and people like her do not frequent the subways, and why should they? They don’t have to do it and they don’t need to do it. We know politicians are most comfortable in motorcades so be real don’t hop on the B train because we all know that is not how you travel so stop faking it. Politicians are not like the people they serve. Politicians stop stuffing yourselves with subs, pizza and matzo ball soup in your attempts to connect. Just lay out your policies minus the pandering. We the people can see through it.

Hillary Clinton needs to take off the “lace gloves”, and start fighting Bernie Sanders like a Boss

Yesterday Hillary Clinton was asked if she thought Bernie Sanders was qualified to be president. She danced around the question and said she would let the voters decide. Bernie Sanders had no problem calling her unqualified last night. As a matter of fact he called her that several times. Sanders is trying to get the nomination and he will say whatever is necessary to make it happen. Clinton needs to take a page from his playbook and do the same. Sanders wants to break up the banks, but when asked how he did not have the answers. He proposes free college for everyone, but where is the money coming from? In 2012 he wanted to challenge President Obama now he wants the Obama backers to jump on his bandwagon. Sanders is no saint, but neither is Clinton. She needs to fight the fight Sanders is fighting. Call him what he is. He has no problem defining her, and she better start defining him. Clinton needs to ditch the gloves and start fighting like a BOSS.

You are never too old to be president, but try finding a regular job at 74 is another story

Hillary Clinton is 68. Donald Trump is 69. Bernie Sander is 74. If these people lived in the real world and were trying to get a job they would be dismissed without a phone call or a conversation. They would be viewed as old, and by being labeled old they could not possibly do the job, but these people are running for president so the rules applied to mere mortals don’t exist to them. If anybody dares to bring up their age that person would be crucified by the media. In the real world you have to put your birthday/birthdate on the online application or give the year of your graduation. Each of these dates allow the potential employer to know the age of the applicant. So why do we readily accept the fact that a 74 year old is fit to lead the free world, but if you are over 50 you don’t possess the stamina to work in other segments of society. You don’t have to just look at the presidential race look at the Senate: John McCain 79, Mitch McConnell 74, and Harry Reid, 78. So maybe if you’re too old to work in the real world maybe there is a life for you in politics. Share your thoughts.

Gov. Rick Scott gets disrespectful ear full, should he have responded?

We live in a society where free speech is one of our hallmarks, but is this woman out of order? Sure she has a right to disagree with the Florida governor, but does that give her the right to hurl profanities? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

What did Ad Week do to Kerry Washington’s photo, and why it matters

kerry washington-adweek
Kerry Washington said she did not recognize herself when she saw the Ad Week cover, but doesn’t a publication have a right to photoshop a photo? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Morning Joe Crew compares Ted Cruz’ voice to “chalk on a blackboard”…purely political or purely petty?

Does this kind of talk have anything to do with politics or are they just being petty. Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump’s favorite consultant is Donald Trump

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


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