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Will 2016 be remembered as the year of the Angry Electorate?

We are coming to the end of the age of Obama.  His presidency galvanized an electorate in two very different ways. For many Americans it was the culmination of a dream. It was a historical era that few believed that they would ever see, but for others it further solidified that the country had changed in a way that left them feeling uncomfortable and disconnected.

A palpable sense of anger gripped them, and 2016 is the time that many think they can change the trajectory of the nation.

In some ways this election season has been defined by anger. One presidential candidate wants to make America Great Again, one touts economic inequality, and one stands on the precipice of history by possibly becoming the first woman to hold the highest office in the land, but are they truly discussing issues or are they exploiting anger?

Is anger fueling this election season? Yes, but is that a problem? No. Anger can be a motivator. What makes anger dangerous is when it is coupled with fear. Fear mongering and anger are two very different things. Some of the candidates have leveraged the fear and are using it to gain voters.

Candidates are not necessarily giving detailed plans for change, but they are affirming the fear and promising answers will be revealed, but only after the election.

What has stoked this visceral anger? Some point to the 2008 election of President Obama and the creation of the Tea Party. The Tea Party was initially the radical wing of the Republican Party, but over the years they have evolved into their own entity with the goal being to change the system. The Democrats have seen the rise of a previously unknown senator who has attracted young people, and the far left wing of the party, and in doing so he has managed to bolt to the top of the polls in some key states.

The irony is Barack Obama’s candidacy was predicated on Change, but 2016 is about radical change that seeks not to just alter, but in some cases destroy.

The real question is:  Is anger the best way to elect a president? Each voter has to answer that question individually and determine where they want to see the country go, and who they want to lead it there.




















Is Monica Lewinsky fair game or is it time to let her alone?

Most Americans have the opportunity to make mistakes and move on. The exploits of youth are allowed to be a part of the past, but if you are Monica Lewinsky you are not given that privilege. She will forever be associated with President Bill Clinton. She is the one he declared to the world that he had never had sex with that woman. She was victimized by the press in the “90s and now she is quickly become the political football of the 2016 campaign, but is this fair? Should the sins of Bill Clinton be used against Hillary Clinton? Lewinsky was a young woman when she had an affair with Clinton. He has been able to move forward and be regarded as an elder statesman. He has had the opportunity for his life to move forward, but she is forever trapped in the role of a young vixen. Donald Trump and his spokespeople have openly discussed bringing up Lewinsky. Will Lewinsky ever be released from her past or will this affair haunt her to the grave? Share your thoughts.

Ted Cruz just gave Carly Fiorina her ticket on the Titanic

Is Ted Cruz living in a parallel universe? He has to be and in that world he is inches away from winning the GOP nomination for the presidency, but here in the real world he is losing, losing badly. So to see him anointing a running mate today is bizarre. Maybe he is not the only one that resides in this other world. Carly Fiorina is a card carrying citizen of that world. If she was not she would not be jumping on board the Cruz train. At what point does a candidate accept the real world reality that this is not his season. Obviously, Cruz is not there yet he still sees a path but it is over. He is a passenger on the Titanic and today he invited a buddy to join him.

The term Democratic whore never leads to a good place

“Speaking to a crowd estimated around 27,000 people, health care activist and physician Paul Song ripped into those who, like Clinton, insist on a more incremental approach to reforming the health-care system. “Medicare-for-all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate Democratic whores who are beholden to big pharma and the private insurance industry instead of us,” Song said, according to reports.”

Keep in mind President Bill Clinton was instrumental in securing the release of Dr. Song’s sister-in-law from North Korea. Song is the husband of journalist Lisa Ling a Clinton supporter. Song is not obligated to support Hillary Clinton but he should respect her. So to lump her in with what he calls Democratic whores is truly a ridge too far.


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Hillary Clinton’s Subway ride is just another example of a political pandering

Who likes riding the Subway? Nobody. People on public transportation do it because they have to do it. It is not a joyride. So to see Hillary Clinton touting the the virtues of the ride is ridiculous. For her this was just a media opportunity, and a photo op, but we all know that Clinton and people like her do not frequent the subways, and why should they? They don’t have to do it and they don’t need to do it. We know politicians are most comfortable in motorcades so be real don’t hop on the B train because we all know that is not how you travel so stop faking it. Politicians are not like the people they serve. Politicians stop stuffing yourselves with subs, pizza and matzo ball soup in your attempts to connect. Just lay out your policies minus the pandering. We the people can see through it.

Hillary Clinton needs to take off the “lace gloves”, and start fighting Bernie Sanders like a Boss

Yesterday Hillary Clinton was asked if she thought Bernie Sanders was qualified to be president. She danced around the question and said she would let the voters decide. Bernie Sanders had no problem calling her unqualified last night. As a matter of fact he called her that several times. Sanders is trying to get the nomination and he will say whatever is necessary to make it happen. Clinton needs to take a page from his playbook and do the same. Sanders wants to break up the banks, but when asked how he did not have the answers. He proposes free college for everyone, but where is the money coming from? In 2012 he wanted to challenge President Obama now he wants the Obama backers to jump on his bandwagon. Sanders is no saint, but neither is Clinton. She needs to fight the fight Sanders is fighting. Call him what he is. He has no problem defining her, and she better start defining him. Clinton needs to ditch the gloves and start fighting like a BOSS.

Do you think Michelle Obama would have been first lady if she had naked pictures in her portfolio?

Donald Trump’s wife Melania was a model and she took nude photos for GQ magazine. Those photos have showed up in a Ted Cruz ad. Right now Trump and Cruz are trading insults, but I am amazed at the reaction of the public to the photo. The photo was almost greeted with a yawn. Imagine if this was 2008 and a nude photo of Michelle Obama showed up do you think the response would be so muted? Do you think President Obama would have won the election? Mrs. Obama would have been crucified and branded unfit to be the First Lady, but this election season the controversy is not the picture but who released the picture. My how things have changed.

NYT David Brooks tells us why Donald Trump should not be president

Interesting read.

George Wallace was a racist, but Donald Trump is an opportunist

George Wallace* was a true believer. He was a true segregationist who had the nerve to defy the Federal government. He once said “segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”. He was a son of the South and he was born and bred on segregation. Donald Trump was born in the East with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was until 2011 a businessman turned entertainer. He was the star of NBC Apprentice. I used to watch his show and marvel at his no nonsense style. I watched it until he took up the birther cause and started questioning the legitimacy of President Obama. He received a lot of press for his efforts and evidently that was his entrance into politics. many of his rivals have kissed his ring as they secured funds for their campaigns. He was an equal opportunity giver, but as Dr. Ben Carson said on Friday there are two Donald Trumps and I agree but not how the good doctor defined it. Trump can be rational and thoughtful, but his ruthlessness is ever present. He wants to win and he will use whatever is in his tool box to make it happen. So if he has to make it an us against them campaign so be it. I don’t think Trump is a racist but I believe it does not mind talking like one if it gets him a vote. Wallace was a true believer in the inferiority of the black race, but Trump is only a true believer in winning, and if racist language wins then that is Trump talk.

*Prior to his death George Wallace denounced segregation and racism.

What do you call a Reagan Democrat?

Ronald Reagan has been out of office for over 30 years. When he ran for office the term “Reagan Democrat” was coined. He was able to get disenchanted Democrats to cross over and vote for him. They existed than but they no longer exist now they are simply Republicans. The media keep referring to them as Reagan Democrats but this group abandoned the Democratic party and they are not looking back. So please let’s stop the nonsense and call them what they really are: Republicans.


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