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Jon Stewart’s Brilliant Take on Donald Trump and the RNC

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump is the Law and Order candidate…what does that really mean?

Franklin Roosevelt is credited for saying “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”. Last night Donald Trump basically said we need to fear everything and he is the only one who can save us. He told us last night that he is the “law and order candidate”. He received rave reviews which included one from white supremacist David Duke (via twitter). Last night Trump danced with the people who brought him to the dance. Sure he did some lame shout outs to gays and blacks, but he saved his red meat for the already converted. He gave a sincere nod to the law enforcement community and rightfully so, but he did not mention the victims of police misconduct. He expressed his rudimentary understanding of foreign policy by slamming NATO. His remarks in a New York Times article have already set off the nerves meter in Europe. The main message of his speech last night was fear me. He said I have the ability to give you your country back and take you back to the days when you were running things. He played to his base and they salivated as he walked them back to pre-2009. He like all candidates criticized the incumbent, but this campaign started 5 years ago when he questioned the legitimacy of President Obama’s presidency. Trump is a birther and in 2011 he appeared a number of times on the NBC Today show floating his theories. So the campaign started then and is probably one of the things his base loves about him. Listening to Trump last night lets us know who he is and what he stands for and it is more than obvious to me that with him as the leader of the Republican party the tent is closed. Zipped tight and there is truly no room for me.

Republicans and Democrats can not agree on the facts

I have been watching the Melanie Trump saga today. She addressed the Republican convention last nights and some of the lines from her speech were eerily similar to Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. In fact it appears to be a case of plagiarism. Well at least that’s how most folks see it but not the Republicans. They say she merely used common phrases but its one thing to be commonly used phrases and its another thing to use someone else’s. Those on the right who might concede plagiarism immediately follow that statement by saying Melania Trump had nothing to do with it. Oh that wonderful presumption of innocence. I wonder if the script was flipped would people so readily say I know Michelle Obama had nothing to do with it? We live in a world where the right and the left agree on nothing so why should this be different. All day long videos have been shown illustrating the problem but the Republican operatives keep trotting to the microphone to tell us don’t believe your eyes or ears. There is nothing to see hear but there is and it is the Trump campaign has bullied its way to the top. Trump has been applauded for his efforts and the bullying is not about to stop and no amount of facts will stop this campaign, but we know the truth. Melania Trump delivered last night too bad she did not write it.

GOP Senator Tim Scott shares his story of Racial Profiling

Watch the clip an share your thoughts.

Did you really think Hillary Clinton would be indicted?

Seriously believe Hillary Clinton would be indicted? Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump misses his John McCain moment

“Why aren’t we putting our retirees, our military retirees, on that border or in TSA?” the woman asked. “Get rid of all these hibijabis they wear at TSA. I’ve seen them myself,” she said, gesturing toward her face. (The woman seemed to be referring to the hijab, the headscarf worn by many Muslim women.) Trump responded, “I understand.”This quote has been altered to include the correct name for the Muslim woman’s headdress. The woman actually called it the “heebeejeebees”. Trump made no attempt to correct her his response was I understand. In 2008 a woman at a townhall called the future president a Muslim. McCain corrected her and actually took the microphone from her but Trump simply utters I understand and that says it all.

Trump tells crowd to “look at my African-American”…why are there so few?

Headline question is rhetorical. I know the answer. share your thoughts.

Is Campaign 2016 Keeping it Real or Keeping it Real Ridiculous?

When did reality television replace reality? In 2000, CBS released the reality show Survivor, and Americans were hooked. Shows like this could be made cheaply and if you were fortunate enough to get a well- known person to participate you could start counting the Benjamins. This is how the Kardashians went from a family to a brand, and how Donald Trump went from being a successful New York realtor to mega-media personality.
Reality television is predicated on drama. The facts and the truth are often missing in action, but the frenetic drama is front and center. Viewers don’t want to be bogged down with issues of integrity or morality? This is almost like having a once a week fantasy. It’s pure escapism. This is not a problem unless this starts to bleed over into real life. Donald Trump’s candidacy has been the beneficiary of reality television. He was discovered there and over the past eight months we have watched him masterfully use the mainstream media tactics he perfected on NBC, The Apprentice. Real people need real solutions with real plans for the future and that seems to be missing in 2016. Recently, President Obama said at the Rutgers University commencement, “In politics and in life, Ignorance is not a virtue,” he said. “It’s not cool to not know what you’re talking about. That’s not keeping it real or telling it like it is. That’s not challenging political correctness. That’s just not knowing what you’re talking about. And yet we’ve become confused about this.” We have always been a nation that conquered challenges. Sought answers to questions. Ignorance was temporal as we pursued truth, but in 2016 we watch crowds clap and affirm meaningless lines from the stump. No one seems to be asking the real question “how”? What are the voters looking for in a candidate? Someone to tap into our fears and exploit them to their advantage, or someone who has plan with real direction? So far all my questions have been about the candidates, but we have to flip the mirror and look ourselves. Have we become more Kardashian than Camelot, more Trump than Obama? Are we witnessing more than another election? Will this simply become the new normal or are we seeing a real change in how we select a leader? This is important and it is up to the voters to decide how they want this to end and that is a reality.

Will 2016 be remembered as the year of the Angry Electorate?

We are coming to the end of the age of Obama.  His presidency galvanized an electorate in two very different ways. For many Americans it was the culmination of a dream. It was a historical era that few believed that they would ever see, but for others it further solidified that the country had changed in a way that left them feeling uncomfortable and disconnected.

A palpable sense of anger gripped them, and 2016 is the time that many think they can change the trajectory of the nation.

In some ways this election season has been defined by anger. One presidential candidate wants to make America Great Again, one touts economic inequality, and one stands on the precipice of history by possibly becoming the first woman to hold the highest office in the land, but are they truly discussing issues or are they exploiting anger?

Is anger fueling this election season? Yes, but is that a problem? No. Anger can be a motivator. What makes anger dangerous is when it is coupled with fear. Fear mongering and anger are two very different things. Some of the candidates have leveraged the fear and are using it to gain voters.

Candidates are not necessarily giving detailed plans for change, but they are affirming the fear and promising answers will be revealed, but only after the election.

What has stoked this visceral anger? Some point to the 2008 election of President Obama and the creation of the Tea Party. The Tea Party was initially the radical wing of the Republican Party, but over the years they have evolved into their own entity with the goal being to change the system. The Democrats have seen the rise of a previously unknown senator who has attracted young people, and the far left wing of the party, and in doing so he has managed to bolt to the top of the polls in some key states.

The irony is Barack Obama’s candidacy was predicated on Change, but 2016 is about radical change that seeks not to just alter, but in some cases destroy.

The real question is:  Is anger the best way to elect a president? Each voter has to answer that question individually and determine where they want to see the country go, and who they want to lead it there.




















Is Monica Lewinsky fair game or is it time to let her alone?

Most Americans have the opportunity to make mistakes and move on. The exploits of youth are allowed to be a part of the past, but if you are Monica Lewinsky you are not given that privilege. She will forever be associated with President Bill Clinton. She is the one he declared to the world that he had never had sex with that woman. She was victimized by the press in the “90s and now she is quickly become the political football of the 2016 campaign, but is this fair? Should the sins of Bill Clinton be used against Hillary Clinton? Lewinsky was a young woman when she had an affair with Clinton. He has been able to move forward and be regarded as an elder statesman. He has had the opportunity for his life to move forward, but she is forever trapped in the role of a young vixen. Donald Trump and his spokespeople have openly discussed bringing up Lewinsky. Will Lewinsky ever be released from her past or will this affair haunt her to the grave? Share your thoughts.


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