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Stephen Curry, NBA MVP credits Faith, Family and his Father…love this speech

Watch the speech and share your thoughts.

Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee all want to president…will they seriously reach out to minorities?

Over the past two days we have seen 3 new contenders: Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee have announced their desire to be president, but they have to capture the nomination first so at some point they will have to stop Hillary bashing and actually talk turkey.That’s when I will start listening.

NeNe Leakes why don’t you give Detroit Schools the 20K you promised?

sometimes the RHOA promise to do something good. It’s sad when they don’t. Nene Leakes promised to give the DPS 20K if her castmate Kendra did the same. kendra did it and now Nene is back pedaling

Baltimore Picture of the week-Soldier and Little Girl

soldier and little girl-baltimore
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Freddie Gray and the Irony of Rejoicing for Justice

I must admit that I was happy to hear Marilyn Mosby announce that charges would be filed against the officers who arrested Freddie Gray. I was surprised that the charges came today, but I still believe in the system. It was surprising to see the jubilation within Gray’s community. One of the community pastors said this is a community that does not know what victory looks like. Justice should not be a cause for jubilation it should actually be an expectation, but sadly in some neighborhoods justice is as rare as spotting a unicorn. Justice is what we seek and over the next few months the Freddie Gray case will give us the opportunity to see exactly what justice looks like.

What will happen to Baltimore when the lights go out?

It is bound to happen the Freddy Gray story will become old news, and all the media along with their camera crews will move on to the next hot story. All week Baltimore has been the epicenter of the news. The conversation has not just been about Gray, but it has been about education, poverty, the breakdown of the family and how can these problems be addressed. Seems like I heard this same conversation when Ferguson was the hot spot. Sadly, the neighborhood Gray lived in is not on the tourist attraction list for Charm City. These neighborhoods are invincible to everyone except those who live there. There are invisible communities in every major city. The death of Freddie Gray has demanded the public’s attention, but we have a short attention span. So this week all pundits everywhere will ask what can we do, but they are really not going to be interested in this neighborhood and others like it long enough to do anything, but talk about it.

Toya Graham, “The Mother of the Year”, on The View

Toya Graham is the toast of the town. She is still being touted as the mother of the year. She is the mother that gave her son a very public beat down and the world is applauding her, but should they? If she did this same act on any other day she would have been arrested. Graham has been on CBS, CNN, NBC and ABC, but a year from now where will she and her son be?

Stacey Dash says stop making excuses about income inequality and race…really?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

What is the problem with calling someone a thug?

Thug-a brutal ruffian or assassin.
The President Obama called the Baltimore looters and police attackers “thugs”. He received no criticism. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called the same people thugs and she was eviscerated. She has since apologized. This is a divisive issue within the community. Many contend the word has been racialized. Do we only use the word when talking about poor black folks? When young people in Kentucky lost a basketball game and started damaging property and setting off fires they were called “youths blowing off steam”. Were they thugs? Let’s have a discussion about this word. Share your thoughts>

Ray Lewis Message to Baltimore Rioters

Enough said.


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