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I am interested in politics and current events. This blog provides me the forum to write about issues that we all face on a daily basis. We encourage feedback as we discuss issues in an intelligent, respectful way.

Why was valedictorian Andrew Jones denied the right to march at his graduation?

Andrew Jones was top of his class and scheduled to deliver a commencement address, but he had a beard. He had been told on more than one occasion that he would have to shave the beard according to school policy. He refused and he was denied the opportunity to speak or march. He challenged the rule. Some are saying the school is at fault, but what do you think? Are rules made to be broken? Share your thoughts.

Steven Adams calls Klay Thompson and Steph Curry “quick little Monkeys”…big deal or no deal?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

What do you think about President Obama’s bathroom policy?

We live in a world where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic self. If you believe you are a woman then you are free to live your truth even if your anatomy is not in agreement with your true beliefs. Mainstream society might not agree with you, but there are laws on the book to protect and in some cases by presidential proclamation you are protected. It is odd that we adamant about protecting the lives of some, but those who oppose them are not respected, but vilified for not supporting them. No one should have to preface their statement by saying “I am not a bigot” to pose an alternative opinion. So I’ll say it, “I am not a bigot”, but I have a problem with the bathroom policy. We see people commit dastardly acts everyday. Not saying members of the trans community would do these things, but when you swing the door open widely you can not be sure of who will get past the barrier. I’ve been writing this blog for 8 years and I have been an loyal supported of President Obama, but that support does not render me silent. This is a policy that I do not affirm. Share your thoughts.

MSNBC Joe Scarborough loves Trump and will defend anything he does

Read linked story and share your thoughts.

Where Have You Gone MSNBC? Joe Scarborough Defends Trump Sexual Harassment Of Women

SNL Leslie Jones goes hard for a laugh, but is this commercial funny?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Is Donald Trump the bad boyfriend your friend actually marries?

dump trump

It is almost comical to watch the Republicans come to terms with Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. Trump reminds me of that boyfriend your best friend had who everyone hated. He talked too much, he bragged too much, he often insulted your friend. She would often complain to you about him. She openly questioned if he was actually the one. You listened and you offered insight and you agreed that he was not the one, but now she has chosen to marry this guy and you are left shaking your head. So do you keep criticizing the guy? No it is time to stop and accept the change. No you don’t have to embrace it but you do have to accept it. Trump is the nominee. he is no longer the boyfriend on the fringes he is no simply the man.

Will 2016 be remembered as the year of the Angry Electorate?

We are coming to the end of the age of Obama.  His presidency galvanized an electorate in two very different ways. For many Americans it was the culmination of a dream. It was a historical era that few believed that they would ever see, but for others it further solidified that the country had changed in a way that left them feeling uncomfortable and disconnected.

A palpable sense of anger gripped them, and 2016 is the time that many think they can change the trajectory of the nation.

In some ways this election season has been defined by anger. One presidential candidate wants to make America Great Again, one touts economic inequality, and one stands on the precipice of history by possibly becoming the first woman to hold the highest office in the land, but are they truly discussing issues or are they exploiting anger?

Is anger fueling this election season? Yes, but is that a problem? No. Anger can be a motivator. What makes anger dangerous is when it is coupled with fear. Fear mongering and anger are two very different things. Some of the candidates have leveraged the fear and are using it to gain voters.

Candidates are not necessarily giving detailed plans for change, but they are affirming the fear and promising answers will be revealed, but only after the election.

What has stoked this visceral anger? Some point to the 2008 election of President Obama and the creation of the Tea Party. The Tea Party was initially the radical wing of the Republican Party, but over the years they have evolved into their own entity with the goal being to change the system. The Democrats have seen the rise of a previously unknown senator who has attracted young people, and the far left wing of the party, and in doing so he has managed to bolt to the top of the polls in some key states.

The irony is Barack Obama’s candidacy was predicated on Change, but 2016 is about radical change that seeks not to just alter, but in some cases destroy.

The real question is:  Is anger the best way to elect a president? Each voter has to answer that question individually and determine where they want to see the country go, and who they want to lead it there.




















In Our Society Anything Goes Except Christianity

We live in a society that pretty much accepts anything. We are willing to fight for the rights of all people, but is that really the truth? Why is it when someone expresses an opinion based on biblical principles that person is ostracized. Case in point Kirk Cameron. Cameron said that a man should be the leader of the family and that wives should be submissive and let him lead. This is an opinion that many people do not agree with and they have the right to that opinion, but why do they feel the need to vilify his? If you are not a Christian than his way is not your way but there are people who share his opinion and they deserve the respect and protection that we freely give to others who do not share conventional beliefs.

Old Navy releases ad featuring an interracial couple and people freak out…is this 2016?

old navy

Read linked story and share your thoughts.

“My Nigga” has no place at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Really did I hear him right. Did he actually call POTUS “my nigga”. Yes he did. Larry Wilmore called President Obama “my nigga”. Was it bold and funny? No it was inappropriate. The whole concept of Wilmore is black and so is the president so it’s fine. No it is not. If Seth Meyers said it the Twitter world would be on fire. Al Sharpton would say give me a microphone. This was not cool. Share your thoughts.


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