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Ted Cruz just gave Carly Fiorina her ticket on the Titanic

Is Ted Cruz living in a parallel universe? He has to be and in that world he is inches away from winning the GOP nomination for the presidency, but here in the real world he is losing, losing badly. So to see him anointing a running mate today is bizarre. Maybe he is not the only one that resides in this other world. Carly Fiorina is a card carrying citizen of that world. If she was not she would not be jumping on board the Cruz train. At what point does a candidate accept the real world reality that this is not his season. Obviously, Cruz is not there yet he still sees a path but it is over. He is a passenger on the Titanic and today he invited a buddy to join him.

Are Bernie supporters Democrats?

In 2008 Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton fought hard to win the Democratic presidential nomination. It wash rough but when it was over Clinton appealed to her supporters and encouraged them to vote for the eventual president. Clinton like her supporters was a Democrat and she supported the nominee, but in the election season we are seeing a different kind of voter on the Democratic side. Bernie supporters have used terms like “democratic whore”, they have brought up Monica Lewinsky and called Clinton unethical.  The have in fact provided Donald Trump with some of his talking points.  His supporters seemingly have a Bernie or Bust attitude. One is left to ask the question, “are they really Democrats?”  The answer is no, but look at who they are supporting…Bernie is not a Democrat either.

SNL Voters for Trump

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Former Democrat Senator Jim Webb will not vote for Clinton but maybe Trump…that says it all

Share your thoughts.

Did Mitt Romney’s Donald Trump take down accomplish anything?

So did Mitt Romney change any hearts and minds? Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump is Unstoppable until somebody gets the nerve to stop him

Trump poll
Donald Trump like Charlie Sheen is winning, but is he unstoppable? Never have we ever seen a candidate like Trump. He says whatever and he is unchallenged by his opponents and he is a media magnet. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz take occasional shots at him but they still have not been able to truly throw a punch that lands or even stings. Trump praises Ben Carson because he sees him as more of a nuasance than a threat so he can be gracious to him. So how can Trump be stopped? You tell me.

The Simpsons Hateful Eight-Politics 2016

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

“Low Energy” Jeb Bush far too rational to be the GOP nominee bows out

Donald Trump dubbed Jeb Bush “low energy” at the start of the campaign and Bush never recovered. Bush was raised to be a gentleman but to win against Trump he needed to be a street fighter. You can’t win a street fight when you stick to the rules. Trump is ruthless and he is not governed by conventional rules. The media loves him because of the things he says. He makes good television. Bush tried to overcome the shadow Trump had cast over his campaign but he couldn’t. Bush tried to get tough and fight back but when he did it was too little too late. The bully won and the gentleman from Florida was sent packing. Bush was rational in a season in which the GOP was looking for a radical.

Jeb Bush is choking on his Silver Spoon

Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth has its benefits. In short you have unearned benefits that give you immediate status. It opens doors for you. In short it makes your life easier than working class mortals. Mortals learn how to speak up for their
selves. They learn how to give a punch and take a punch. People who are successful in business also learn how to fight because they have to fight. That’s the difference between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. Trump also had the benefit of a pedigree but he knows how to fight. He is a product of the Fight Club rules of order. Bush is a Roberts Rules of Order guy. Trump’s rules allow the fighter to hit below the belt. Bush’s rules work when both parties have committed to a gentlemanly skirmish. Trump talked about Bush’s wife. That should have been enough for Bush to ditch the rule book, but Bush did not go off the rails until Trump started taking potshots at W. Finally Bush seems like he is going to be a reluctant fighter, but is it too late? Silver spoons have their perks but they also can make you soft.

Rupert Murdoch is not the first to question Obama’s blackness and sadly he won’t be the last

So according to Rupert Murdoch Ben Carson is a real black man, so what does that make the president? Who is Murdoch to rate blackness? Read the story below and share your thoughts.



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