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Is Morning Joe a Chauvinist?

Things got heated on the set of Morning Joe when Mika, the perennial woman on the set seemingly called her boss, Joe Scarborough a chauvinist. They were discussing the lack of diversity in President Obama’s cabinet, and the conversation took a turn, and Joe got agitated at the thought that his co-host had called him the dreaded c-word. The next segment was devoid of the show’s namesake and when we did see him again Mika was offering an apology for the comments that the show’s host perceived to be insulting. It is truly interesting that Joe can say anything and everything about anybody but, if you say something about him an apology is necessary for the show to go on. Joe might not be a chauvinist, but he is the boss and Mika needs to remember you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.



Is There Anything Dignified about Death?

When the news outlets announced the death of Elizabeth Edwards they said things like she faced “death with dignity. She was a courageous warrior, but does this really do justice to her legacy. I admire how in spite of her circumstances she lived. She had to keep going because she had two small children who she knew needed her.  This morning I read an interesting story in USA today written by a breast cancer survivor who talked about the words used by the media to describe Edwards’ struggle with cancer. She said, “While such euphemistic portrayals of the terminally ill are nothing new in this culture, I have to wonder whether or not we are showing due respect to Elizabeth Edwards’ legacy not just as a cancer survivor, an activist, a talented legal mind, a wife and mother, but also as a human being whose life with cancer away from the spotlight was likely fraught with as much pain and fear as joy.” My question is can we handle the truth or do we need the euphemisms to help us cope with loss? How many times have you heard ore used the term someone passed away instead of he died? Tell me what you think.