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Ten year old Ame Deal was killed by family members for stealing a popsicle

Some stories are horrible and this is one of them. Ame Deal was killed by her cousin because she took a popsicle without permission. She was stuffed in a trunk. Initially her family members said she had crawled inside while playing hide and go seek, but the police have determined that this child was subjected to unspeakable evil. What makes this story even sadder is neighbors suspected abuse but no one ever called the authorities. We all try to stay out of trouble and out of our neighbors business but when is it appropriate to get involved?  Tell me what you think.


How Could 15 High School Students Watch A Girl Get Gang-Banged?

When you hear the news you just wonder what is happening to us? Not what is happening to young people but to all of us? Are we raising children devoid of humanity? Some of us are still trying and still instilling in our children a real sense of right and wrong, but when you hear of a California high school student getting gang-raped while others watch you wonder what is going on? A fifteen year old girl was raped over a 2 ½ hour span outside the homecoming dance she had attended. The crime is heinous, but for bystanders to simply watch without intervening is equally disturbing. Why wouldn’t somebody call the police or text somebody for help. Lt. Mark Gagan said “This just gets worse and worse the more you dig into it,” Gagan said. “It was like a horror movie after looking at the evidence. I can’t believe not one person felt compelled to help her.” Last month we saw Derrion Albert beat to death at a Chicago high school. As the person taped it on his phone you could hear in his voice that he was a little “geeked up” as he witnessed the violence. A couple of weeks ago we heard of several juveniles who set a Florida classmate on fire because he “snitched” on them. What is happening? Where is the sense of humanity? We can not instill values and morals into these young people, but we still have the law, and if these young people are found guilty of these crimes we can at least punish them for their crimes against all of us.

Fox Sports Half-Hearted Apology to Jessica Simpson

Fox issued a statement saying, “Burger King did not have any editorial input in the creation of the animation that ran last Sunday, and no one from Burger King Corp., approved it before it aired. Fox went on to say “Upon reflection, our poor attempt at humor was insensitive, and we deeply apologize to anyone who might have been offended.” Who might have been offended? What the heck does this mean? The commercial was offensive to Simpson and to all women. What bothers me is when this was being developed did anyone in the room have a problem with it? If so did they speak up? A few weeks ago I wrote a post asking When Did America Get So Mean? One of the commenters took exception and said America really wasn’t mean, but maybe rude. This kind of thing is just plain mean.

Santa Claus Might Have to Pay the Fat Tax



On the Today Show this morning they were discussing a proposed “fat tax” that is being implemented in North Carolina. If your BMI puts you in the morbidly obese category your insurance premium will be increased. The theory is that as an obese person you will have more health issues and everyone should not have to pay an increased premium to cover the obese.  This makes sense in theory. Things like this all start with something everyone can agree upon, but it never stops there. If this works what is to stop them from saying if you are 10 to 15 pounds overweight they can increase your premium? The point is something always starts off an acceptable way but it can gradually becomes something you can not recognize. America has declared war on fat people. So don’t be surprised if Santa does not come to town this year. He knows we just don’t like fat people.

A Little Girl Holds on As Daddy Goes to War


This morning on the Today Show we met a charming 4 year old girl Paige Bennethum. Her father was being deployed to Iraq for a one year tour of duty.  She could not bear to see him go. Her dad was standing in formation and he nor anyone else had the heart to make her leave. This photo brings home the tremendous sacrifice that the families of soldiers make everyday. Our country is currently engaged in two separate wars and so often the rhetoric overshadows the sacrifice, but this picture brings us back to a simple truth. Paige loves her daddy and she does not want to let him go. Tonight I will say a prayer for both of them and everyone else that serves our country. We might disagree on tactics, strategy and politics, but on this day I think we all should salute their courage and sacrifice.

Kate Gosselin Might Have to Get A Real Job

I am sick of Jon and Kate plus Eight. I am sick of Kate Plus Eight. Frankly I am sick of both of them, but I must be in the minority because they are everywhere. Their ratings have been slipping on TLC but they must be offsetting that by appearing everywhere else. Last week Jon whined to Larry King about how he believed that his children were being exploited and he wanted them off the show. This realization came on the heels of learning his role would be diminished and his name was being eliminated from the show’s title. On The Soup Joel McHale asked the question “when did we get on Kate’s side in this?” This morning Kate appeared on the Today Show lamenting that Jon had taken a significant amount of money out of their joint account. When you have a joint account both parties can take money out thus the phrase “joint.” That was not Kate’s only appearance this morning she called in to The View to blast Jon again. She said to the girls she missed them and they proceeded to lap up every kernel that came out of her mouth. Well, all but one of them. Guest host Lisa Ling had the audacity to ask Kate some tough questions. Jon wants the kids off television, and Ling talked about the fact when she was 7 years old her parents got divorced, and she said never would have wanted that played out on television. Ling said maybe it would be a good thing to take a break. Kate was floored because The View has been a sanctuary for her lunacy and never has she been challenged to explore her motives and her own need for fame. The reality of this situation is this “reality star” might have to get a real job, and stop griping about Jon and, pimping off the cuteness of her innocent children.

When is Rape Not Rape…When Roman Polanski Commits It

 For the past several days I have watched so many people try to define rape. On the view Whoopi Goldberg said “there is rape and then there is rape.” This morning Matt Lauer interviewed Sharon Tate’s sister who is the sister-in-law of Polanski. She said there are degrees of rape. Well I must have missed the memo on this distinction. This man had sex with a 13 year old girl. A 13 year old girl can not go on a school field trip without a permission slip from her parents. So it suffices to say a 13 year old can not have consensual sex. For the past few days I have seen so many high profile people justify this man’s action. All rapists do not hold a knife to the neck of the victim. Rape is an abuse of power. So often I have politicians say that the people in Hollywood don’t see the world like the rest of America and I have always thought talk like this was over the top, but I am starting to see some validity in this thought pattern. What Polanski did was rape. Plain and simple, this was not some exotic, romantic romp. This was a grown man having sex with a child and not only was it wrong it was rape.

Why Does Hollywood Continue to Defend Roman Polanski?

 This morning I saw Debra Winger on the Today Show defending the admitted rapist Roman Polanski. She like so many in the Hollywood community believe this is ancient history and he should not face further prosecution. Now why are they so forgiving of him? He has admitted that he slept with a 13 year old. There seems to be a real disconnect here. I think because the victim is now a grown woman people can not see the heinousness of his act. As a mother of a 13 year old girl I would have been hard pressed to let the legal system handle this matter. On The View yesterday the ladies say that the victim’s mother was present in the home when he had sex with the child. So they contend that could be a mitigating circumstance. They even said the mother might also be culpable. That might be true but we know he did and he needs to pay. Some people have been in prison for 30 years for raping a child whereas this guy has been living the life of a jet-setting director for the past 30 years. The other thing that is so ironic about this case is the fact that Polanski admitted his misdeed and Michael Jackson who never admitted guilt and also was never convicted of any crime was vilified until his dying day, but this guy received an Academy Award for best director in 2002, and Harrison Ford hand delivered it to him. The victim has forgiven him and that is wonderful but he still needs to answer for his crime.

What am I Missing in this Roman Polanski Case?

 Roman Polanski gave a 13 year old girl drug and liquor and he raped her. In the United States this act is classified as rape. Polanski fled the country 30 years ago to avoid serving time for the crime. He was arrested a few days ago in Switzerland and now he is fighting extradition to the United States. He has been living the life of a celebrity in the 30 years since the crime, but he is still a fugitive rapist. So why are his celebrity friends calling his act ancient history? If this is the case if you commit a crime if you can run away and stay away for years all is forgiven. Well not if you are a “Regular Joe” only if you are a celebrated artist like Polanski. Let us not forget he has had many hardships in his life. His family was killed in the Holocaust, his pregnant wife Sharon Tate was a victim of the Manson murders. Both these incidents have been brought up to show he has suffered. No one is questioning the fact that he has suffered, but the other thing that no one is questioning is the fact that he is a rapist. The travesty here is that he was not arrested years ago. Sure his victim has forgiven him and that is good for her and him, but forgiveness is not the basis of the law justice is, and justice has not been served. Bring this rapist back to the United States and hold him responsible for his criminal actions.

Chicago Honor Student Killed and We Ask Why?

I just watched a videotape of Derrion Albert a 16 year old honor student who was beaten to death Friday on the grounds of his high school. The beating was captured on a cell phone. The people with the phone seemed to be almost have an amped up glee as they approached the scene. We clearly see one of the young men take a two by four and slam it against the skull of Albert. We witness others kick him and punch him as he lays defenseless on the pavement. After viewing the video I felt rage, anger and a deep, deep sadness. I am left to wonder do these young people know they have just ended a life. Do they care? Have they witnessed so much violence that this is common place in their lives? Three individuals have been arrested and charged as adults for the murder of this young man, but what does this actually do? Is this problem simply unfixable or do we not have the energy to try to fix it. Is this the product of dysfunctional families? Is this the problem of no positive role models within the community or is this just a crime by a group of vicious thugs? There are so many questions, but one thing I know for sure. Derrion Albert is dead and somebody has got to pay. Today on CNN Rick Sanchez had a Chicago policeman as his guest. This policeman had lost a son to a senseless act of violence; he used this term to describe Albert’s attackers he called them”unsalvageable.” That is a harsh word. It indicates that these people can not be rehabilitated. They are simply ready for the garbage heap. It is hard to say this about young people but when I watched the tape I wonder if there is any hope for redemption.