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Do we really want to know?

I read an article the other day about the cheap clothing sold by places like H & M and Forever 21. People flock to these places because of the prices, but the conditions that the workers endure are often deplorable, but does it matter to the average consumer? What about those Apple watches that are made in China, a country not known  for coddling their workers people are proudly sporting the watches. We love the latest and the greatest. Do we really want to know the origins of the watch? Do we want to know the life stories of all the people who helped create that piece or art you proudly affix to your wrist? Do we read the articles and simply shake our heads or do we actually feel compelled to make a change? Share your thoughts.

Hostess, maker Twinkies seeks permission to pay managers bonuses

Hostess is asking for permission to pay their managers bonuses, but what about the 18,500 workers that loss their jobs? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


You Better Be Glad You’ve Got a Job

Yesterday a friend of mine related a troubling story to me. One of her co-workers had been assigned a project and he asked for help via email. He not only did not get help but he was told to stop whining and the email started off by telling him “You better be glad you even have a job”. He was instructed to do the job and told not to send any additional emails asking for assistance. The “you better be glad you have a job” statement is what employers nationwide are using as a big stick and sadly it works. Employers have always been in the driver’s seat but never have they had so much powerand so many of them are abusing it, and the workers have no recourse. Employers in the past might have made this statement, but they never would have put it in writing, but now who cares. What can a worker do? Complain to human resources? Please. There is no one that cares. It is what it is and what it is now is sad.