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Why did the ladies of The View choose not to chastise Ed Schultz?

Today, the women of  The View attempted to discuss Ed Schultz’ punishment for calling radio talk show host and Fox News contributor, Laura Ingraham a “slut”  They seemingly got sidetracked, and Whoopi Goldberg said Joy Behar has called the co-hosts sluts, and there has been no punishment or repercussions.  Behar said when she calls them the word it is a joke. The thing I found interesting is they never really took Schultz to task for his use of the word. He was angry and he used a vile word in a vile way. I have been writing this blog for over 3 years now, and I can not tell you how many times some of the conservative readers have said that liberals refuse to call out liberals when they are wrong. This is one of the times I have to say there may be something to this argument. If Fox News Bill O’Reilly had called Rachel Maddow a slut, the ladies of The View would have been calling for his head, but in this case they took the opportunity to discuss some aspect of the subject without addressing the liberal donkey in the room.

Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo Says we don’t need the NAACP Awards, is she right?

This morning the ladies of The View tackled interracial relationships. The conversation was sparked by a remark Jill Scott made to Essence.com. Scott said when she sees an interracial couple she winces inside. The ladies said she had a right to her opinion, but Whoopi Goldberg took particular offense to the comment. Sherri Sheppard contended that white women had been so revered for so long that brothers almost feel like they have achieved something when they are involved with a white woman. Sheppard basically said this goes back to slavery. Goldberg said this is 100 years after slavery and we needed to get over it. The conversation took another turn when Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy who is married to a black man entered the discussion. Pompeo said there is too much separation of the races. She asked why do we have the NAACP awards and she went on to question the need for black colleges. At that point Sheppard said we do need black colleges and she steered her to another topic. So tell me what you think. Should there be NAACP awards or does it promote separatism? Do we still need black colleges?


The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Says its Time to Play the Race Card

ABC The View’s Whoopi Goldberg said today what a lot of us are thinking. She said it is time to play the race card.  Watch the clip and tell me what you think.

The View Crew say they rather have Mary Alice in the control tower than Tameka…is this a problem?

This morning while discussing air traffic controllers sleeping on the job The View crew made some interesting observations. They were saying there is a need for more air traffic controllers.  Sherri Shepard said her cousin “Tameka” needed a job. Whoopi Goldberg responded by saying she did not want Tameka in the tower she would be more comfortable with Mary Alice in the tower. Goldberg said they were joking which they were, but does the joke reveal a not too secret fact? The fact is that Afro-centric names give the employer a chance to weed out minority candidates, but who do you blame for this? Parents choose the names they give their children and they choose names that they like. Case in point:  Tameka. Tell me what you think.

Charlie Sheen Defender Alex Jones on The View

This morning the ladies from The View attempted to interview Charlie Sheen confidante radio host Alex Jones. Sadly, they could not interview him because that is not what he was there for. He ranted and raved on a number of subjects unrelated to the Charlie Sheen situation. He talked about 9/11, George Bush, Wall Street and the Libyan dictator. They unsuccessfully tried to steer him back to Charlie Sheen but Jones was simply off the chain. This is the second time in two weeks that the guest has gone off the rails. The first one was Jessica Hahn when she brought up Barbara Walters’ affair with a married man. Today they had the unhinged and unruly radio host, Alex Jones. Somebody needs to really look at their booking criteria.

Why did Whoopi Goldberg blast the New York Times?

The New York Times wrote an article about the lack of African American nominees this year up for any of the Academy Awards. In the article they sited a number of recent recipients, but they neglected to mention Whoopi Goldberg. This morning she expressed her disappointment at the omission and accused them of sloppy reporting. They responded by saying their intent was to spotlight the lack of diversity of this year’s nominees and they never intended to mention all the winners. So does the fact that Whoopi is upset obsure the intent of the article or does she have a right to be angry?Tell me what you think.


Bill O’Reilly Says Muslims Killed Us on 9/11

Today on The View Bill O’Reilly said “Muslims killed us on 9/11.” He did not say extremists he said Muslims. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg left the set when he made this proclamation. O’Reilly made this statement when they were discussing the mosque that is scheduled to be built near the Twin Towers. He said what he meant. conservatives have demonized all Muslims for the acts of a gang of extremists. After Behar and Goldberg left the stage O’Reilly attempted to back pedal but he said what he meant and this is the kind of talk that continues to fan the flames of hatred of Muslims in this country.

The Salahis Consider suing Whoopi Goldberg and The View

According to Radar online the Salahis are considering suing The View. Their attorney Lisa Bloom said they were unfairly characterized 5 times as White House gate crashers. Bloom said “My client is not a criminal and she has not been charged by anybody for any crime. You can’t call someone a rapist or a murderer when there are no charges against them. So why is it OK to defame my client?” Said Bloom, “She has been branded the White House “gatecrasher” and when she went on The View, Whoopi seemed determined to stick it to her. “Throughout the whole interview, Michaele kept her composure even though they called her a party crasher five times… she remained dignified despite the verbal tirade.”* The Salahis have several lawsuits against various people for various reasons. So one has to wonder is this a pathetic attempt to extract cash from ABC or is this someone who truly feels defamed? Tell me what you think.

*Radar Online



Real Housewives of DC Smackdown on The View

Yesterday the cast of The Real Housewives of DC appeared on The View. Joy Behar and Sherrie Sheppard grilled Michaele Salahi of the White House party crashing Salahis. She still claims she was invited to the first Obama State dinner but of course she offered no proof. After her appearance on The View Michaele Salahi claimed that co-host Whoopi Goldberg verbally attacked her. According to Salahi’s lawyer Goldberg grabbed Salahi’s arm and said “Move on, move on.” ABC released the following statement in reference to the incident “At one point during Michaele Salahi’s appearance on The View on Wednesday, Whoopi lightly touched Ms. Salahi to get her attention and said to her, “Excuse me, can you get back to the White House, please?,’ meaning could Ms. Salahi return to the original subject of the conversation. After the show, Ms. Salahi and her husband accused Whoopi of hitting Ms. Salahi. As the broadcast clearly shows, the accusation was completely unfounded and erroneous. After the show and after being told she was being accused of hitting Ms. Salahi, Whoopi proceeded to defend herself verbally from this baseless claim in a heated exchange with the Salahis.” The View should have learned a valuable lesson from this incident. When you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.

Boycott The Real Housewives of DC

President Obama to appear on The View…Does this diminish the Presidency?

Whoopi Goldberg announced yesterday on The View that President Obama will be their special guest on Thursday. Today on Morning Joe MSNBC correspondent Pat Buchanan said that this visit “diminishes the presidency.” He went on to say what is next will the president appear with “Lady Gaga to get the youth vote”? It is no surprise that Buchanan would look on this negatively since he is on record as being an opponent of the president, but let’s explore his point. Buchanan worked for President Nixon so he is old school and he tends to compare things to his White House glory days. This is a new day and people who might not look at the network news do look at The View. By appearing on the show the president gets to speak to people that might not watch a press conference. The other point is the ladies of The View are not afraid to ask tough questions. The president will not be served tea and toast and asked to comment on fashion. The View might be a visually relaxed atmosphere, but on Thursday I am expecting to hear tough questions asked and I hope the president is prepared to answer them.