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Why did Wayne Brady say he will “kick Bill Maher’s ass in public”?

Bill Maher is a raving liberal with an attitude. He is known for making outrageous remarks. He has often questioned the way the president acts and he has said when he voted for a black president he expected one. Maher’s fanatasy black man is a “gangsta” foul mouthed type who refuses to take any stuff off “whitey”. So the President does not fit his stereotype and apparently Wayne Brady does not fit it either. Yesterday while appearing on HuffPost Live Wayne Brady responded to Maher and let him know he is not the baromenter of blackness. Maher does get a pass because he is a liberal. If he was not no one would let him pigeonhole the black experience into his own self delusional box.

Wayne Brady Apologizes for Trig Palin Joke

Wayne Brady finally apologized for Trig Palin joke. Sarah Palin was the candidate that makes her fair game, but making jokes about a special needs baby is nnt funny under any set of circumstances.


Wayne Brady jokes about Sarah Palin’s special needs son… is anything off limits?

Clean cut Wayne Brady is the host of CBS Price is Right, and he is also a standup comic. He recently included a joke about Sarah Palin’s special needs son in one of his comedy routines. Is anything off limits? Sarah Palin is a public figure, but her Down’s syndrone son Trig is not. So why would he be fodder for a comediane? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.