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I Came in 4,990 in Washington Post America’s Next Pundit Contest

In today’s Washington Post they revealed the 10 finalists in their writing contest. They said close to 5,000 people submitted entries and out of that group they picked 10 finalists. On Friday all of the “almost” pundits received a very polite “it’s not you” email. The winner will get the opportunity to write 13 articles for the paper. It has to be quite the rush to be a finalist, but today I am proud of my entry and although it didn’t make it to the WP here it is for all of you:

 The Danger of Underestimating Sara Palin

 When Sarah Palin appeared on the national stage last year she was met with cheers from the right and jeers from the left. She energized the right and alienated the left. Her first televised interviews proved that she needed to learn a little more about the lower 48, but it was obvious we had not heard the last from this feisty Alaskan.  She has recently completed her memoir Going Rogue: An American Life which will detail her journey from governor to vice presidential candidate. The book gives her the opportunity to tour the talk show circuit and share her vision for America. Palin is still the butt of jokes for comedians, but I think it is a real mistake to underestimate the power of this woman. John McCain needed a game changer last fall when he selected Palin as his running mate. She was prematurely thrown on the main stage, but now she has time to prepare for her next curtain call. Some have suggested she take this time to read up on real issues affecting America, and be able to give comprehensive answers to questions posed to her, but this does not seem to be the route she wants to take. Palin is more of a shoot from the hip character. She simply wants to speak her mind. She is unadulterated and unfiltered. You like her or you hate her, but she will probably thrive in the current climate. This is the America that does not blink when a US Congressman calls the president a liar at a televised joint session of Congress, this is a time when an organized group continues to question the birth certificate of the president, and where a television personality calls the president a “racist”. We are now in a time when Palin’s campaign statement that the president “palls around with terrorists” sounds almost tame. It would be foolish to deny the appeal of Sarah Palin. In January of 2007, a freshman senator declared that he was a candidate for the presidency. Americans kind of chuckled and believed this was the quixotic dream of a “wanna be”, but two years later that “wanna be” is now the president. My advice to the Palin detractors is to stop laughing and really start watching this woman she might just be the change America seeks in 2012.