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My Mother’s Day Prayer-End the War

Today was a joyous day in my home. I was surrounded by the love of my husband and my two children. I have a 13 year old son who is full of promise and potential. He is old enough to make decisions but still young enough to dream big. I see high school in the near future and college down the line, but what scares me is the war. Today over 4000 of our citizens are dead and there are so many mothers grieving today. When I look at election 2008 one of my biggest concerns is which candidate will be able to bring this conflict to an end. Now we have armed forces full of volunteer recruits. In an effort to get more recruits they are letting people with criminal activity in their past become soldiers. In war time it is harder to recruit so desperate times call for desperate measures. What concerns me as we go into our 6th year of this war is what is going to happen when there are no more volunteers? At some point the draft is going to be taken off the shelf and that I can not fathom. I can not bear the thought of my dear sweet son going to a far away country to fight in a war that never should have been waged. This election season I want a candidate that will offer real solutions to end this conflict. I don’t want to hear that Obama is elite because he does not relish a cheese steak or that McCain is losing his bearings because he is old. We do not have time to continue to wallow in trivia. I want to hear plans and solutions to protect America and spare any other mothers the pain of losing a child and spending Mother’s Day in mourning—that is my prayer.