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The movie Fences left me “kinda shook”

Yesterday I went to see Fences. I have never seen the play so I cam in not knowing what to expect. What I got was a powerful movie full of family drama. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis should start clearing their shelves because both of them gave powerhouse performances worthy of awards. One of the stories was the relationship between the father and the son. The father who had never been fathered properly was now doing better than his father did but he still had twisted ideas that led to constant conflict between the father and the son. It made me think about the state of fatherhood now is this why so many fathers simply don’t get it because they really had no real role model or can you be a good father even if you did not have a good father? Share your thoughts.

Viola Davis’ inspiring SAG speech

Enough said.

People Magazine deletes offensive Viola Davis tweets

Last night People magazine was live tweeting and they decided to inject a little humor in them, but it simply was not funny. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Viola Davis goes natural at the Oscars…why this matters

Most black women have had their hair fried, died and laid to the side. I can remember my mother putting the iron straightening comb on the stove and pressing my hair. I can still smell the aroma of hairing “cooking”. It was a Sunday morning ritual. Next came pressing curl in a jar and finally the perm. How many of us are now rocking extensions, weaves or wigs? This is a no judgment post because I have rocked them all so last night when I saw Viola Davis I had to tip my hat to her. She left all the hair accessories at home and came out with the hair God gave her and she looked great. Will more people follow her lead? Time will tell, but I don’t think the hair weavers will go out of business anytime soon.

Tavis Smiley clashes with Academy award nominees Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer

Tavis Smiley has learned to sandwich bad news with good news. He first says he celebrates the work of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, then he asks why are we still playing maids? What follows is a spirited exchange. What do you think? Did Viola Davis overreact? Was Smiley simply asking Hollywood for more diversity in roles for black people or was he diminishing the talents of his guests?