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JETMag.com Enters Partnership with VH1 Host, Delaina Dixon

JET magazine is proud to announce a new collaboration with VH1 host, Delaina Dixon. Dixon is a panelist on VH1’s new morning program, The Gossip Table and the Editor-in-Chief of the DivaGalsDaily blog. She and her team of celebrity and entertainment writers are serving as regular contributors to JETMag.com, providing the recently revamped site with a regular dose of gossip, red carpet coverage and industry news via “Divalicious Dish.” The arrangement provides a television platform for the JET brand, and likewise, offers a vehicle for VH1 video content aimed at the venerable magazine’s ever-expanding online audience. According to the GfK MRI Spring 2013 Study, 7.6 million African-American adults watch VH1 in an average week – which is 27% of the African-American adult population – and African-American adults are 153% more likely than the average U.S. adult to watch VH1. “In addition to covering news that is relevant to Black America, JETmag.com is proud to be an emerging hub for diverse lifestyle pieces and unique entertainment content from a growing array of contributors,” said JET magazine’s Digital Managing Editor, Kyra Kyles. “We are excited to add DivaGals to our arsenal.” Dixon, in turn, is looking forward to partnering with a brand that she grew up admiring, as the tenacious entertainment journalist explained. “The DivaGals are thrilled to be working with JETMag.com, which has a stellar reputation of presenting quality celebrity entertainment news featuring top black talent,” said Dixon. “JET was the first publication that both my colleagues and I were exposed to in their youth, and The DivaGals are honored to have an association with an iconic brand that is instantly recognized. JETMag.com is the ideal place to build an alliance that speaks to a diverse, intelligent and informed audience.” Dixon is known for getting “the scoop” and having the gumption to call out a celebrity, which is why VH1 said they chose her to serve as one of the hosts on The Gossip Table five mornings a week. The Gossip Table premieres September 30 and will air weekdays at 9:30 a.m. EST from VH1’s Times Square studio, prior to the hour-long program, Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan. Readers can regularly find Dixon’s contributions to JETMag.com on Fridays.

About JET
JET is the No. 1 African-American newsweekly and has more than seven million readers. The publication was initially billed as “The Weekly Negro News Magazine,” and is noted for its role in chronicling the early days of the American Civil Rights movement from its earliest years — including coverage of the Emmett Till murder, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and Martin Luther King, Jr. The magazine has been a staple in homes and businesses of Black Americans since 1951, bringing life to its popular catchphrase: “If it isn’t in JET, it didn’t happen.” JET is the beloved bible of African-Americans and ranks No. 4 in reader engagement.

T.I and Tiny: The Family Hustle starts its 3rd Season April 8th

T.I and Tiny: the Family Hustle (VH1) is a show that I have found to be a pleasant surprise. Rapper TI has had his share of run ins with the law, and they have been well documented for the world to see. This show gives the world a look at a positive father and the opportunity to see him along with his wife, Tiny deal with a family that includes six children. It’s worthy of a look. Watch it once and you will come back.

Miami Dolphins cut Chad Johnson after head butting incident

Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) has been cut by the Miami Dolphins. This comes after Johnson was arrested for head butting his bride Evelyn Lozada. After the incident Lozada ran to a neighbor’s house for assistance. Some have questioned whether she should have made the incident public. Johnson still sees himself as a superstar, and teams put up with all kinds of bad behavior from their superstars, including domestic violence, but Johnson is a has been and has beens are held to the standard of mere mortals. Mortals are expendable and that is what Johnson was. His coach had warned him earlier about his use of profanity during interviews and Johnson simply was not used to having his behavior questioned, but Saturday night put the period at the end of his tenure in Miami. They dropped him so I guess they will now have to rely on the Basketball Wives checks. Well that’s if they stay together.

Basketball Wives to cut down on girl fighting

Basketball Wives is going to cut down on the fighting. This is in response to two factors: an online petition and loss of sponsorship. This season the fights have been frequent and vicious and VH1 and Shaunie O’Neal have finally started listening to complaints about the behavior of these so-called Basketball Wives(most of them have never actually been wives). It is good news because seeing black women brawling and cursing every week is not entertainment…it is perpetuating an ugly stereotype.


Fantasia Defines Beauty as “Light Skinned and Long Hair” is the 2010 or 1910?

Last night I was flipping through the channels and I stopped when I saw Fantasia. She and members of her crew were pitching some kind of screenplay story to an executive. Fantasia was saying the lead character in the play was beautiful and then she said the charactwer would be “light skinned with long hair”, and that is what stopped me. Fantasia went on to say she would like to play the lead, but she felt she was okay but, she did not fit her own criteria for beauty. Is Fantasia in the minority or is there still this an issue in the black community. Tell me what you think.

T.O. and Ochocinco…Dynamic Duel or Double Trouble

It is hard to believe that anyone would believe that Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco could possibly share the same side of the football field, but obviously the Cincinnati Bengals believe it can be done. With the addition of TO they had two of the biggest egos in football vying for playing and camera time. Last year TO behaved himself in Buffalo but he also had a somewhat lackluster season. Owens is more of an issue when he does catch the ball and at 36 he is approaching the backside of his career, and his grasp for glory is reaching the point of desperation. Sportswriter Jay Marriotti said “It will be comical enough watching them demand the football, leaving one to pout when the other guy is getting more touches or the other to mope when he isn’t catching the winning touchdown pass. But if we’ve learned anything through the years from these hopeless attention hogs, it’s that they’re entertainers first who inevitably will vie to have the most Twitter followers, pull off the more discussed end-zone stunts and, frighteningly enough, attract the higher ratings in their back-to-back reality shows on VH1.” Well said. Tell me what you think. Are they gifted athletes or just glory hounds?

Is it Wrong for Ochocinco to Prefer White Women?

Ochocinco is VH1 newest Flava Flav. He is supposedly looking for his soul mate, but Wendy Williams questioned why there are so few soul sisters in his harem. He says he likes everyone and he is entitled to choose the women he prefers. Some black women are offended that he does not seem to love the sisters. Is this a problem or is this simply another tacky reality show designed to simply get viewers? Tell me what you think.

Have We Lost Our Sense of Shame?

The women who have been with Tiger Woods are stepping up to the microphone and telling their stories. They are proudly sharing text messages and audiotape of clandestine phone calls. They are smiling and clearly saying look at me. Where is the shame? It used to be if you went with a married man it was a dirty secret. It was not something that you shouted over a megaphone. When did we lose our sense of shame? Have you ever watched an episode of Maury Povich. On a daily basis people willingly sit and recite the intimate details of their sex lives with their significant or insignificant others. Cable channel VH1 offers shows like Flavor of Love, and Rock of Love, both of these shows featured washed-out celebrities surrounded by young women who were willing to do virtually anything to be the last one standing. Recently we saw a couple brazenly crash a White House state dinner, and when caught claim they were invited. They had the nerve to say the reaction by the press and the public had devastated them. They are now trying to play the victims. Another case of no shame. So it is no small wonder that these women are preening for the camera. What do their parents think of their antics, what do their friends think? Are they saying “you go girl, release those voicemails, and get paid.” This post is not about Tiger Woods. His actions are despicable, but these women were willing participants and that is in fact a shame.

Dangerous Minds Are Stars on Reality Television

 “Just in case you missed it, we’re sad to announce that the fate of both Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3 have been determined: both have been canceled and will not make it to air”. This VH1 statement relates to contestant Ryan Jenkins. He was a contestant on the Megan Wants to Be a Millionaire Show and the upcoming I Love Money installment. He is suspected of killing and mutilating his ex-wife and subsequently killing himself. He did not exhibit a dark side while on the show but his presence on the show is demonstrative of the fact that his background was not thoroughly checked. Had it been his previous domestic violence charges would have come to light, but he fit a profile the show was looking for. He was called the “Smooth Operator”. “While it is true that producers are responsible for vetting cast members, Andy Dehnart, the editor of realityblurred.com, a popular Web site about reality television, said that VH1’s “abdication of responsibility is totally disingenuous. The network has built a brand on unstable, crazy people interacting on these idiotic and mindless dating shows, and can’t pretend to not have anything to do with it,” he said.” (NY Times) Reality shows have moved from showcasing quirky personalities to people who have serious emotional problems that become part of the story line. Earlier this year a woman that had auditioned for the American Idol killed herself in front of Paula Abdul’s home. It is reported the woman had stalked Abdul prior to her appearance on the show and Abdul objected to having her appear on the show, but the producers overruled Abdul because the woman would provide good television. BET showcased Keisha Cole over a 3 year cycle. We met her mother Frankie and her sister Neffie. They were ancillary characters in Cole’s life, but what they were actually doing was auditioning for their own show, and they got it. This week will see the Frankie and Neffie show. We are allowing ourselves to become voyeurs in the lives of these very troubled people. Sadly, there is enough fault to go around because if people were not watching these shows they would cease to exist. The public seemingly has an appetite for them, and that is almost as sad as the lives of the stars of these tragedies.