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Velma Hart was Exhausted and now She is also Unemployed

Velma Hart stood up at a townhall meeting and told the president that she had grown weary of defending him. At the time she had a job and she was concerned about the future, but now she is in a different space. She is now not only weary but she too is one of the millions of unemployed Americans.  I remember watching her and feeling her frustration, but I envied her because at least she had a job. It is hard out here for the “experienced” worker. So a few months ago she was simply weary, but sadly she will now know what it feels like to not only be weary but to not have a job. The mid-terms should have taught the White House that we share Hart’s feelings and hopefully jobs will become number one on the administration’s agenda. We do not expect the White House to create jobs but we do want policies that will encourage business owners to create them.