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TV One-Save My Son Premires Tonight

TV One “My Momma Throws Down” premieres May 4th 8PM

I watch Bravo’s Top Chef and they cook all different types of food, but I think only once have they attempted any soul food selections. TV One must have noticed the void and they have created a new show “My Momma Throws Down”. This new show will feature black moms cooking the foods that many of us were brought up on. I love to see shows that simply show us as real people not stereoptypes and this one has real potential so mark your calendars and see if it lives up to it.

TV One-Find Our Missing, a show that addresses the people the networks forgot

Last year I wrote several posts about Phylicia Barnes and Jhessye Shockley. In 2010 I wrote about Mitrice Richardson. Some of you probably never heard of these people. Why? Sadly when people of color are missing it simply does not make the front page. You might see a blurb on a cable newscast, but the big three typically ignore the case and when they do give it some attention it is often late in the process. On January 18th TV One is going to shed some light on these stories and attempt to put these stories out for the world to see. I will be watching and hoping that with more attention some folks can be saved from becoming another one that got away.

The Ultimate Merger is Still Donald Trump’s Show

Last year Donald Trump launched a show on TV One and is was called Donald Trump Presents: the Ultimate Merger. This August the second cycle of the show will be on and it is called TV One Presents: The Ultimate Merger. One would be led to think Trump has no involvement in the second venture, and one would be wrong. He is still involved, but his name is not so prominent this time. Wonder why? Could it be that he spent this spring questioning the president’s birthplace? Could it his close relation to the birther movement? Could it be that many in the black community were offended by his antics? Could it be that TV One markets to the black community? Could it be all of the above. If you answered all of the above than you are correct. http://bluecentric.com/?p=20497

Cathy Hughes Says Monique and Halle Barry Portrayed “Black women lower than dirt”…are these fighting words?

Cathy Hughes does not mince words when talking about the movie portrayals that garnered Halle Berry and Monique Academy Awards. Is she right? They did portray some despicable women but they got the award for acting. Should they have passed on the part? Is this one powerful woman bashing other powerful women? Is this constructive criticism. Tell me what you think.

Is Michael Steele Trying Too Hard?

 Sunday Michael Steele was interviewed on Roland Martin’s show. During the course of the interview Steele said that some Republicans are scared of him. Over the past few days his words have come back to haunt him. This morning Joe Scarborough laughed about this comment as he did verbal impressions of the chairman, but does Steele have a point? Steele was elected to the chairmanship at the same time as America got its first black president. Steele has always felt his ascension to the chairmanship was an accomplishment on par with the president’s win. He takes himself seriously and he has attempted to reach out to people that his party has always ignored. This is why it is possible that there are some in the party that might distrust him, but they are not afraid of him. He is probably not regarded as one of the “boys”, but he is attempting to make his mark. Michael Steele is trying hard and while he will never bring me into the fold you have to admire the guy for trying and for that reason he deserves our respect even if we would never give him a vote.

TV One Chooses to Only Air the Democratic Convention

First, let me say once again that I support Barack Obama. I voted for him in the primaries and I will be voting for him in November, but I know not all black people support Obama. This is an exciting time in the community and people are very proud of what Obama has accomplished. There are many black people in their 70s and 80s who lived through Jim Crow and never believed they would live to see this day. So I  can see why TV One a network that is devoted to entertainment would want to cover the Democratic convention, but if you cover one you should cover both. This is one of the reasons that the Republicans write off the black vote. We need to at least listen to them. I am no fan of John McCain, but I believe that what goes on at the Republican convention is important to us if only to see what they are proposing. Each network will give their own unique perspective to the broadcast, and I for one would like to see how TV One will view the Republican convention.