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Trayvon Martin would have been 21 today and people are still taking shots at him

From Twitter-Ben ShapiroVerified account ‏@benshapiro
Trayvon Martin would have turned 21 today if he hadn’t taken a man’s head and beaten it on the pavement before being shot.

Earlier this morning I saw that Trayvon Martin was trending on Twitter. Today would have been his 21st birthday. Later I saw the tweet above and I wondered why would someone feel the need to take a shot at a dead man. Was his intent to be cute, snarky or witty. Would his followers be amused or repulsed. I fall into the latter. At some point the battle should end and I would venture to say death should be the end, but in the land of Twitter there are no rules and evidently there is no compassion.

Would perfection have saved Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray or Sandra Bland?

Bland “was very combative,” DA Elton Mathis said. “It was not a model traffic stop … and it was not a model person that was stopped.”

By now you know the story of Sandra Bland. She was a 28 year old woman who moved to Texas to start a new job. She was pulled over by the police for a minor traffic violation. She was subsequently manhandled and arrested. The police say she committed suicide while in their custody. Her relatives contest this and a murder investigation is currently going on. I was reading an article about Bland and I was struck by the quote above from the DA. He said she was not a model person. What is a model person? Does model person mean complete compliance? What makes you a model person? Why is there always a need to demonize the victim even prior to all the facts being released? Perfection does not provide protection. Share your thoughts.

Is Mark Cuban’s hoodie analogy offensive?

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, said that if he saw a black guy with a hoodie on he would cross the street. He did not say a menacing black guy he simply said black guy. He also said if he saw a white guy with lots of tatoos and a specific haircut he would cross the street. The difference is the black guy simply has to be black and wearing the hoodie, but the white guy has to have something more menacing to be a source of fear to Cuban. Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie when George Zimmerman killed him. Cuban has apologized to the parents of Martin if he offended them with his hoodie analogy, but was it offensive or was Cuban speaking his truth?

Justin Bieber is just a Kid and Trayvon Martin was too

justin bieber's mug shot

If I see one more poor Justin story today I think I am going to lose it. As most of the world knows by now teen sensation Justin Bieber finally did something worthy of an arrest yesterday. He and an equally moronic friend were drag racing through a residential community and when the police arrived Bieber admitted to being under the influence while driving. I heard Jay Leno joke about the fact that Bieber was only doing 55mph and the car he was driving could go much faster, but this morning a friend of mine told me one her relatives had been struck by a car doing about this same rate of speed and he was left permanently brain damaged. Fortunately, Bieber did not hit anyone but he did commit a crime. So this morning we have heard reporters describe him as a kid and say that he needs help. No one is calling for his head or labeling him a thug, but where were these sympathetic souls last year during the Trayvon Martin trial. Martin was a kid too, he like Bieber did a little weed, unlike Bieber he was suspended from school, but not arrested. Some of the right wing media painted him to be a thug not a misunderstood kid. Martin’s presence in the gated community was reason enough for a gun toting resident to question his mere presence in that community, but where was the “he’s a kid” media then? Bieber might indeed be a misunderstood kid in need of mature direction, and I hope he gets it, but fortunately he still has a chance, but Martin was not that lucky.

Conservative author calls the President a “grown up Trayvon”

grown up trayvon
Share your thoughts.

Trayvon Martin Halloween minstrel show is despicable

trayvon halloween
No words can effectively express my disgust. Read the link and share your thoughts.


Trayvon Martin Day during Homecoming Week?

Students at a Pittsburgh High School are celebrating spirit Week, and they declared this Wednesday “Trayvon Martin Day”, but not all parents supported this idea. The students cancelled the event, but was this a good idea? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Chris Brown Calls out Jay Z and compares himself to Trayvon Martin

chris brown on jet

Chris Brown is simply misunderstood or does he misunderstand? In the latest Jet he wonders why is Jay Z a former criminal able to be accepted by “White America” and not him? Is it racism or is it the fact that Brown beat up his girlfriend and America saw the proof? Is it the fact that he has been in a bar fight with Drake or the fact that he threw a chair out the window of Good Morning America in a fit of rage? How about his ugly Twitter exchange with Sandra Rose? Is he really a victim or a victim in his own mind? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Stand up to Stand Your Ground Ad…does it work?

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President Obama said he could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago, and he gets accused of race baiting…why?

Yesterday the President shared some of his experiences as a black man and he drew parellels to that of the slain teen Trayvon Martin. Many on the left applauded his candor as he shared some of the things that have happened to him simply because he is a black man. What is interesting is that anytime the president talks about being black in America he is accused by some of race baiting. Is it race baiting to share a truth even if other sperceive that truth to be racist? The president is the leader of the land, but he has a right as the leader to share his own truth. Share your thoughts.