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When did America turn on Trayvon Martin?

I remember the first time I heard Trayvon Martin’s parents share their story. You could feel their pain as they shared the details regarding the killing of their son, but what I also remember is you felt their pain, but you knew they were also angry. Who wouldn’t be angry in this situation, but you did not feel that anger was the fuel that was driving them in their search for justice. Why am I making this distinction between pain and anger? I am making the difference because people react differently to the two emotions. No one can debate your pain. No one can tell you that you have no right to feel pain, but anger is debatable. Anger has to be justified and that is when the story changed. When anger is introduced into a situation justification is not far behind. Trayvon Martin’s parents moved from studio interviews where they shared their story in an intimate almost sympathetic setting to addressing rallies that were attended by hundreds sometimes thousands of people and also every attendee had their own agenda. This is when the mood of the country started changing. This is when it seemed there were two media agendas: we had the media who had initially brought the case to the national stage, and you had the media who were on a mission to introduce the nation to the “real” Trayvon. “Gansta” Trayvon Martin. Not the little boy we saw in the delightful pictures. We started to see Facebook pictures of a “scary, gold-toothed” Trayvon. Some pictures that appeared on several right wing blog sites were not Trayvon, but by the time they were proven not to be him they had already achieved their goal. They had started to chip away at his image. We also learned Martin had been suspended from school. We basically learned that Martin was not the perfect victim, but he still was the victim nonetheless. Over the last few weeks we have watched the talking heads on both sides of the issue dominate the airwaves. We have heard some ask will this become just a moment or will it become a movement, but should it become a movement? Or should it just be what it should be pursuit of justice? Has Trayvon Martin gotten lost in the bright lights? The irony of this case is if the media had not forced the issue and brought this case to the national stage it might have been ignored, but now that same media has almost made this issue a polarizing event. The media did not do it alone they had plenty of help from everyone on both sides of the issue who see this as a catalyst change. They simply can not agree on the kind of change they are looking for.

CNN Soledad O’Brien-Beyond Trayvon Tonight 8PM Eastern

Trayvon Martin Cartoon is not a laughing matter

This cartoon was published yesterday in the University of Texas Austin’s newspaper. Read it and share your thoughts.

UPDATE:5PM 3/29/12
“The Daily Texan, the student newspaper at the University of Texas, has booted cartoonist Stephanie Eisner two days after her eyebrow-raising illustration of Trayvon Martin created all kinds of controversy. Eisner’s cartoon depicted a mother reading a book about Martin to a kid with an unfortunate ‘sex-doll’ appearance. Anyway, the mom describes Martin as “the handsome, sweet innocent COLORED BOY,” a C-word that led to widespread C-riticism of Eisner, the Texan and its staff. “The decision to run the cartoon showed a failure in judgment,” the Texan’s editorial board wrote. “We sincerely apologize for publishing the cartoon and for the harm that decision caused.”

Should Skittles donate to a Trayvon Martin fund?

I saw this question on Twitter. Some people are suggesting that aid the company should not get to profit off the protest without giving back. Skittles made a statment expressing their sorrow at the death of Trayvon isn’t that enough? It is true that we have heard that Martin was only armed with “a bag of Skittles and some iced tea”, but is the statement of the facts actually an advertisement for the company? Tell me what you think.

Is Trayvon Martin the movement for the moment?

Is Trayvon Martin just another trending topic? Will we remember his name by Thanksgiving? How long will we remember him? This interesting point is explored in depth in the Black Enterprise article link. Read it and tell me what you think.


Newsflash: Trayvon Martin wasn’t perfect, he was human

Last week America learned to love Trayvon Martin. He was America’s son well what a difference a week makes. Now we are finding out he was less than perfect. If you are on the national stage everything about you becomes fair game. All of his actions prior to the shooting are being leaked to the media. Some are being leaked by the Sanford Police Department. This is the same department that could not release information to the parents, but now they are putting things out for the world to see. Hopefully, Martin’s parents were prepared for what is happening, but who could really be prepared. We are finding out that Trayvon was not a perfect child, but is this a surprise? The last perfect person to walk the face of the earth was Jesus. Trayvon was suspended from school. He skipped school, he had traces of marijuana in his book bag and some are saying he once had women’s jewelry in his bookbag. It is interesting how all of this information is getting conveniently leaked to the media in an effort to re-paint Martin as a thug, but did George Zimmerman have all this information in his makeshift patrol car when he stalked the boy? No. Zimmer saw a black kid in a hoodie and that was enough for him.

Let’s not make Trayvon Martin a Symbol

The nation is still transfixed on the Trayvon Martin case and that is a good thing. We do need to know all the facts, but one fact we do know is a 17 year old boy is dead. I have a 17 year old son who I believe is a great kid. He is likeable, respectful of others, but he is no saint. How do I know it? I’m his mother. Over the past few days I have been struck by the number of people ready to confer sainthood on Trayvon Martin. Everyone is ready to make him the symbol of their individual grievances and in doing this they actually do an injustice to this case. We need to keep this grounded on earth, and not elevated into the heavens. Martin might be inside the pearly gates on the right hand of the father as we speak, I don’t know that because I never knew Trayvon so I will stick with the earthly facts and that is the boy is dead and we want to know why. He is not a symbol he was someone’s son. He had dreams, and his parents had dreams for him, and those dreams died a month ago with him. So let’s stop with the halos and the celestial hoodies and just concentrate on the facts because the facts will give everyone closure here on earth.

What is a National Conversation on Race?

In light of the Trayvon Martin case everyone in the media is talking about having a conversation on race. How can we talk about the Martin shooting without talking about race, and if we do that does that broaden the discussion. Today on Meet the Press New York Times columnist David Brooks made an interesting and controversial point. Brooks said “I have a little concerned this is going to become a very easy and comfortable conversation that we all condemn some racist out there. And, you know, there are people shot every day. And the causes for most of those shootings are incredibly complicated, having to do with economic problems, having to do with family problems, having to do with drug and gang culture. And some of the people I’ve mentioned and some of the rallies we’ve got broadened out to those shootings, the shootings of that in every day. And that’s a much more difficult conversation because it involves a lot more complicated issues.” So is this the discussion we really want to have or do we want to have a discussion that is incident specific? It is difficult to have a conversation with someone when they are angry. They don’t hear you. Sure they will look at you but they won’t listen. Black people are tired of being profiled, stereotyped, ignored, targeted, disrespected, and these are not even the top ten complaints. I’m sure white people are sick of being blamed for everything that has gone wrong in the lives of some black people, they are tired of hearing how slavery still affects black people today, and they are tired of trying to cherry pick their words for fear of offending some among us. So both whites and blacks are sick and tired, and aren’t we all simply sick and tired of being sick and tired? So if both parties come to table saddled down with their own baggage how or is it possible to sort it out? So who could actually facilitate a productive dialogue or is it whimsy to imagine that this conversation could actually happen? Tell me what you think.

Witness claims Trayvon Martin did attack Zimmerman

A reader of the blog sent me this link. A witness claims Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, and this had to be after Zimmerman left his car to stalk Martin. Read and give me you thoughts.


Miami Heat’s Salute to Trayvon Martin

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.