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Should Towson University Teacher have Been Fired for Using the N-Word?

Allen Zaruba, an adjunct faculty member at Towson University in Maryland, was recently fired for using the n-word in a class.  He actually referred to himself as a “nigger on the corporate plantation” while reviewing a chapter in a book. This was a visual arts class. A student reported the incident to the school officials and he was subsequently fired. Should he have been fired? Would he have been fired if he had been black? I think the word is reprehensible and if he had referred to a student by this epithet I would be one of the first ones to demand his dismissal, but I do not think he should have been fired I think he should have been counseled and perhaps subject to monitoring by a department chair. I do not think he should have been dismissed unless he had displayed a pattern of this behavior. I also believe that if the word is uttered by a black professor they too should be subject to this same zero tolerance stance.