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Did a NY Jet fan actually hit a woman?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

An Ugly look at Michael Jackson’s family

Written by Stacy Brown. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Katie Couric discusses Race in America

Katie Couric has discussion tomorrow with Trayvon Martin’s parents, Boris Kodjoe, Tavis Smiley and more.


Why is Shellie Zimmerman on the Today Show questioning her husband’s innocence?

Matt Lauer interviewed George Zimmerman’s wife Shellie this morning. She is now saying George Zimmerman has changed drastically and she has even gone as far as questioning his innocence but why now? She stood by her man during the trial. She even lied for him and is now on parole for pleading guilty to perjury, but now she is expressing doubt about the verdict. Could this be part of her divorce strategy? Share your thoughts.

Has Chicago gone Buckwild?

The other day I was driving and listening to the DL Hugeley radio show. They were discussing the violence going on in Chicago and they refered they called the Windy City, Chiraq. I immediately understood the reference but when I got home I Googled it and found out that this term is a common term in the community. So has Chicago truly become as dangerous as Iraq? We all saw the shooting at the basketball part and how 13 people were wounded but is the entire city like this? The answer is no. There are parts of the city that are not affected by this kind of senseless violence. How can this be possible? This kind of behavior would not be tolerated on the Gold Coast? No one would dare to simply start shooting people on the “Magnificent Mile”, and if they did I guarantee you they would be caught and convicted. I hear people say the people in the community won’t help themselves well what should they do? Should they strap up and literally fight fire with fire. should they form vigilante groups and patrol the neighborhoods? Come on people if the police can’t handle it then they should take up the governor’s offer and call in the troops. The people need help. the answer is not more bars on the windows and locks on the doors. Chicago can do better and Chicagoans deserve more.

Wendy Williams calls out Chris Brown’s Racism claim

Watch the Wendy Williams clip at the 4 minute mark she addresses Chris Brown’s racism claim. Share your thoughts.

Mitt Romney has a black grandchild and the hate has begun

mitt romney black grandchild
Children need parents and one of Mitt Romney’s children has adopted a son, Kieran James Romney. Kieran is black and after his photo was tweeted the haters came out of the woodwork. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Countdown clock on Kendall Jenner…fair or foul?

This is a no Kardashian zone, but today there is an exception. I was quoted on cnn.com. Read the linked story and share your thooghts.


Should the President address the Oklahoma Thrill Kill?

President Obama spoke out on the senseless Trayvon Martin killing. Three Oklahoma teens killed a man simply because they were bored. Should the president speak out on this murder? Read the link and share your thoughts.


Ethnically Insensitive Remarks Continue on CBS Big Brother

Read my quotes in the AP article on CBS Big Brother.