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Whose Patriots crowd was bigger… President Obama’s or President Trump’s?

Yesterday the New England Patriots visited the White House to celebrate their victory with President Trump. This picture came out showing the difference between the Patriots that visited in 2015 compared to the number that visited yesterday. When will the comparisons stop? We had the picture controversy associated with the Inauguration and now this. The Patriots have said the 2015 picture included the players and the staff whereas yesterday’s picture included the team. Let’s be fair this is an attempt to simply stir the pot.

Tom Brady and the Patriots need to sit down and take their punishment and be quiet

The Patriots cheated, they got caught and now they face a punishment, but they will not go down without a fight. It is interesting to watch the team talk now. Is deflating the ball just gamesmanship or is it cheating? The edit came down and defined their antics as cheating, but why won’t they accept the punishment and move on? Share your thoughts.

Deflategate and what it teaches us about cheating

We have been talking about Deflategate all week. By now most people know the Patriots were caught with 11 deflated footballs and no one knew how they got that way. The thing that has been so interesting is watching people rationalize cheating. How many times have you heard a newscaster say “they would have won anyway”. So this was really no big deal. So would it have been a big deal if the score was closer? So rules only matter under certain circumstances? If that is true then why have rules? Last night the question was posed on Twitter “how do you explain Deflategate to children?” Some laughed off the question, but is it really funny? Are we really comfortable telling the next generation cheating is good as long as you don’t get caught. Share your thoughts.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Know Everything about Football, but nothing about Deflategate

Bill Belichick is touted as being one of the best coaches in the NFL, and Tom Brady is regarded as one of the elite quarterbacks. Today we could call them the Know Nothing Brothers. Eleven out of twelve balls were deflated and neither of these two geniuses knew anything. When did they become so unaware? When this was first mentioned to Brady on Monday he laughed it off, but today he is at a press conference attempting to explain the unexplainable. So what will happen to this awesome twosome? Absolutely nothing. The NFL has fined Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch $20,000 for an inappropriate gesture but we haven’t heard anything about what the NFL will do to the Patriots for doing something that might have altered the game.

Bill Belichick Meets the Press and Says Absolutely Nothing

Bill Belichick speaks for about 14 minutes and he insists he had absolutely no knowledge concerning “Deflategate”. He says he knows nothing about he deflation of the balls. He says the NFL is investigating. This is much adieu about nothing. Yes, the Patriots broke the rules, but nothing is going to happen pre Super Bowl. This is the news story of the week. What do you think? Share your thoughts.

Gisele Buchchen Criticizes Patriots Receivers…Can you blame her?

Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen has been taking heat today for committing an unpardonable sin…criticizing the Patriots receivers. Let’s set the stage. The game is over her team has lost and some fool sees her and yells “Eli owns your husband”. So she is upset and then she says that her husband can’t do it all. Is that a true statement? She says he can’t throw it and catch it? All of this is true, but wives know the unwritten law–you don’t talk about your husband’s teammates. Sure she is upset and she has to deal with her husband who will be upset from now until the new season starts. So I say give her a break. She’s human and she reacted like most humans would. (Maybe minus the profanity)

Gisele Bundchen is mocked for asking her so-called friends and family to pray for her husband

On many occasions I have asked for my friends and family members to pray for me or members of my immediate family, but we are not celebrities. I wonder can celebrities actually have friends or are their friends just looking for a way to exploit their relationship. While watching Morning Joe I heard them mocking Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen prayer request for her husband, but how did they get it? It appeared in the NY Post today because one of the people on her email list leaked it and all I can say Gisele, is with friends like this who needs enemies.


I Still Love Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow and his Denver Broncos got their tales handed to them yesterday. Some of this mornings headlines “End of Tebowmania”, “No Miracle”, “Jesus is benched”, but what really happened yesterday? What happened is the Broncos simply lost. Tebow is still a Christian and God never fails, but that does not mean believers never lose because we do. Tebow has been mocked all year for flaunting his faith. Some would reserve faith for quiet rooms, but Tebow put his faith front and center and many found it hard to swallow. So now that his team has been eliminated from the playoffs many feel the this is the end of Tebow mania, but I believe it is only the beginning because now we get to witness how Tebow handles defeat and that truly shows the measure of a man. Go Tebow.