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If you like your health insurance you can keep it

Throughout the healthcare debate there has been one constant statement by the President, “if you like your health insurance you can keep it”, but that is not true. Now the question is did the president know this statment was not true as he repeated it over and over again? Some are saying the administration did know this statement was not true in every scenario. So if you knowingly repeat something that is sketchy or untrue are you a lying? Yes, you are, but was the president attempting to knowingly deceive us or was he selling the program a little too hard? I regrettably have to conclude this was a lie and that does not sit well with someone who has supported this president out the gate. The Affordable Healthcare Act is a great law in theory but the reality has not been good so far. Hopefully it will get better and heopefully we will not be over sold. Tell the truth expose the flaws. You can’t fix what you do not acknowledge and this system needs a whole lot of fixing.

Katherine Webb’s Carl Jr. Commercial is beyond steamy…where is the outrage?

Earlier this year ESPN veteran broadcast Brent Musburger was struck by Katherine Webb’s beauty. She was the girlfriend of a college quarterback and when Musburger saw her in the stands he went on and on talking about her beauty. Some saw his effusive praise as inappropriate and there were calls for him to apologize. People did not want Webb to simply be viewed as a sex symbol, but where are the voices now? Webb is a more than willing participant in this ad, and had it not been for Musburger she probably would not have even gotten the ad, but look at it. She does not seem to be the victim of anything here, but being the star of an overly suggestive hamburger ad. Somebody does deserve an apology, and that is Brent Musburger.

Philly anchor Joyce Evans compare real shooting to Breaking Bad…140 characters claims another victim

People shot in Philly and anchor Joyce Evans compares it to television show Breaking Bad. Not a good idea. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Obamacare is the law…deal with it, but don’t shut the government down

As American citizens we are governed by the laws of the land. When you see a red hexagon sign with the word STOP on it what do you do? You don’t just keep driving you stop. You might make a rolling stop, but you stop, but what if you decided you did not like or respect Stop signs. You might decide to simply blow through them, but if a policeman saw you do it you would be given a ticket because you broke the law. You could not say well I disagree with the premise of the sign or in my part of the country we don’t obey Stop signs. It would not work. Well the Republicans don’t like Obamacare, the law of the land. A law that has been upheld as constitutional by the Supreme court, but they still don’t like it. What they will not accept is that after 40 votes to defund it it is still the law and the President will never sign a bill that defunds his signature legislation. So 800,000 people may be furloughed and countless others will suffer, but the Tea party Republicans will shut it down if they do not get their way. The election was almost a year ago and newsflash Mitt Romney lost, but the Tea Party will not surrender. they came to DC to make a difference. They did not come to compromise or govern they came to disrupt, and they have succeeded, but sadly they are the only ones that have.

Has Chicago gone Buckwild?

The other day I was driving and listening to the DL Hugeley radio show. They were discussing the violence going on in Chicago and they refered they called the Windy City, Chiraq. I immediately understood the reference but when I got home I Googled it and found out that this term is a common term in the community. So has Chicago truly become as dangerous as Iraq? We all saw the shooting at the basketball part and how 13 people were wounded but is the entire city like this? The answer is no. There are parts of the city that are not affected by this kind of senseless violence. How can this be possible? This kind of behavior would not be tolerated on the Gold Coast? No one would dare to simply start shooting people on the “Magnificent Mile”, and if they did I guarantee you they would be caught and convicted. I hear people say the people in the community won’t help themselves well what should they do? Should they strap up and literally fight fire with fire. should they form vigilante groups and patrol the neighborhoods? Come on people if the police can’t handle it then they should take up the governor’s offer and call in the troops. The people need help. the answer is not more bars on the windows and locks on the doors. Chicago can do better and Chicagoans deserve more.

Wendy Williams calls out Chris Brown’s Racism claim

Watch the Wendy Williams clip at the 4 minute mark she addresses Chris Brown’s racism claim. Share your thoughts.

Mitt Romney has a black grandchild and the hate has begun

mitt romney black grandchild
Children need parents and one of Mitt Romney’s children has adopted a son, Kieran James Romney. Kieran is black and after his photo was tweeted the haters came out of the woodwork. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


LSU apologizes to Kent State for offensive sign…do people actually know what is offensive?

An LSU fraternity is apologizing for hanging a sign that said “Kent State is used to Massacres”. Evidently the fraternity members initially thought the sign was funny that’s why they put it, but the sign referenced the 1970 killing of 4 Kent state students and other people did not share their dark humor. They took the sign down and put up another on apologizing, but the real question is why did the sign go up in the first place? My question is do people really know what is offensive anymore? Share your thoughts.

When did Shame die?

Tonight I was watching Entertainment Tonight with my husband and one of the first stories was about Lamar Odum. The story centered on his allwged mistress. She sat proudly providing the details of their encounters. She even bragged about sitting courtside during his games. She was loud and proud devoid of any shame. She is in the slang venacular a “side piece”, and back in the day the side piece used to be silent. There used to be some shame attached to dating a man that you knew had a wife, but that day is gone. During the height of the Tiger Woods fiasco we saw women coming out the woodwork proudly saying they had been on the prowl with Tiger, but it is not just the side pieces that are talking we just saw what might be the end of Anthony Weiner’s political career. He left Congress in disgrace over a texting scandal and decided that he should be the mayor of New York. He claimed to be a changed man, but in the course of the campaign we found out he had continued his bad behavior, but did he show any shame, no he forced his wife to come out and defend him. In defeat his last act is to give the FU sign to a reporter…where is the shame? Yesterday a rapper starts naming names of RB stars, and female rappers that he claims he slept with. Some of them are denying his claims, but why would he feel the need to announce his conquests to the world. Television shows like Bad Girls club, Basketball Wives and The Real Housewives of Everywhere are predicated on physical altercations and the fighters have gotten richer and richer as fisticuffs are exchanged. The Politicians, pundits and ordinary people make statements online that are incredibly mean and often incorrect and if they are found to be wrong they might send out an apology via a tweet. That way they are sure to keep it short. People are no longer ashamed of bad behavior. Now bad behavior is celebrated. My question is when did shame die?

Anthony Weiner’s terse Today Show interview

Anthony Weiner was interviewed by Today show Savannnah Gutherie and he was not a happy camper. He sits in 4th place on the eve of the primary, and according to him it is the media’s fault. The media simply wanted to focus on his personal life and not his political ideas. Anthony Weiner left Congress in disgrace. When he entered the mayoral race he said that was his past, but when the same issues resurfaced the media pounced. So the question is did the media kill Weiner’s chances or was it all his fault? Share your child.