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Learn the Address

We learned this in 4th grade. Did you learn this in school? This speech still resonates.

RHOA reunion show features Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore brawl

RHOA was known for women getting into each others faces. they would say rude things to each other but hitting was off limits. If you want hitting you had to go to the other reality show, Maury Povich, but this season the housewives have truly jumped the shark. They have become Basketball Wives. The kind of women that don’t mind brawling and that is sad. Read the linked story for the details.


Get On Up-James Brown biopic trailer

Why is Donald Trump talking foreign policy on the Today Show?

This morning master showman Donald Trump was a guest on the Today Show. He was there to promote the Miss USA pagent, but Matt Lauer decided to throw him a foreign policy question. Specifically Lauer said that Trump has repeatedly called the president “weak” what he do if he was president in reference to the behavior of Putin. Of course the pompus Trump said it should have nver happened, but when pressed Trump offered criticism and this stinging line. Trump said I hope the President does not try to “show his manhood” by doing something stupid. Why the manhood reference? Trump might be a successful businessman but he has not been elected to any office. He is a Monday morning quarterback who NBC has given an incredible platform to spew his venom regarding this president. It must translate into ratings gold for them because he is still allowed to do it. Lauer willingly lobbed the prepared soft pitch and predictably Trump hit it out of the park during his visit to the Today Show to pump anothe one of his circus acts.

MSNBC Tweets Right Wing will hate Cheerios commercial and then they apologize…but why did they tweet it in the first place?

This is the new Cheerios commercial that will be featured during the Super Bowl. Earlier this morning MSNBC tweeted the following
” Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/biracial family.” Right wing organizations expressed their disgust and the network later apologized and deleted the tweet. MSNBC.com executive editor Richard Wolffe tweeted the following “The Cheerios tweet from @msnbc was dumb, offensive and we’ve taken it down. That’s not who we are at msnbc.” The truth is that it is who they are or it never would have been tweeted. oo often we see statements made on the left and right that are explosive and often offensive and until someone says I am offended the statement stands. Only when someone or enough someones complain does a company feel the need to put out the obligatory apology. We live in a world where no one is really sorry they are only caught and when you get caught the next step is to say sorry and move on.

Chris Christie was large and in charge until he wasn’t

Today we are witnessing a rare occurance. The sighting of an humble Chris Christie. He is offering an apology to the people of Fort Lee New Jersey specifically and to the entire state generally. As Sargent Schultz of the televsion show “Hogan’s heroes” used to say “I Know Nothing”. He says he did not have a clue that anything was going on with the traffic or the bridge, but now he knows better. His staff sanctioned the closing of the lanes on the GWB and that action negatively impacted thousands, but Christie who has always been strong and powerful now talks about how much authority he delegates to his staff. This story is evolving. It went from Christie scoffing at this story 3 weeks ago, to apologizing today who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Leave Mitt Romney’s Black Grandchild Alone

romney grandchildren

Some people think all is fair in war and politics, but there is a limit. Save your ammunition for the politicians. Leave their family alone and you reach a new low when you go after babies. On Sunday Melissa Harris Perry and her panel took some potshots at Mitt Romney, but his black grandchild was not unscathed. They had a few laughs at the child’s expense and that is simply not right. When the radical right say anything about Sasha and Malia Obama the left goes bonkers, and rightfully so. Well, that same standard should be honored when they talk about the minor children and grandchildren of conservatives. Making jokes about children simply makes adult look mean.



NJ Family disputes Gay Server’s story

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Navy Dad meets daughter for the first time

daddy meetin daughter
Priceless. Petty Officer 2nd Class Marchus harris meets daughter for the first time.

Virginia Mayor plans ballpark on site of slave cemetery…it would generate jobs, but should it be constructed on sacred ground?

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.