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TMZ Stop worrying About P. Diddy’s Kids

I watch a lot of news shows like: Meet the Press, Face the Nation and various shows on CNN and MSNBC, but I must admit I watch and enjoy my fair share of junk tv. This morning I caught TMZ which is a gossip/celebrity show. They were taking issue to the amount of money that P. Diddy was spending on his children. Diddy is vacation on an island with his brood over the holidays, and the group was questioning the activities they were engaging in and the money being spent. They wondered if Diddy’s kids would have a work ethic, but why were they so worried about the kids growing up without a work ethic. They even said they hoped Diddy was at least making his kids make up their beds. they asked how will they learn to deal with ordinary people. Really? There was no story about the Donald Trump’s kids growing up rich and priviledged. they weren’t saying they hoped they were making up their beds. Why the concern about Diddy’ brood?

Why is TMZ publishing Willow Palin’s Facebook page?

This morning I saw a news story about Sarah Palin’s daughter Willow. She wrote some homophobic slurs on her Facebook page. This is appalling. It is appalling that we even know about this. Who released this information to the press. Sadly when young people post on Facebook they feel they are only talking to their friends. They foolishly believe it is a conversation between friends, but sadly that is not the case. Some will try to use the words of her daughter as an indictment against Sarah Palin and that is wrong. All I can say is if you have a teen on Facebbok advise them to be very careful.

Chris Tucker owes 11 Million dollars in Back Taxes…will he be joining Wesley Snipes?

TMZ is reporting that Rush Hour star Chris Tucker owes 11 million dollars in back taxes. Wesley Snipes who also faced tax issues lost his appeal and he will be going to prison for 3 years do to his tax issues, but how do tax debts get to this amount? A friend of mine is a single woman who helped take care of her two parents who are currently in nursing homes had some tax issues. The IRS were all over her like she was Al Capone. She lives under the constant threat of wage garnishment. Why are our taxes so closely monitored? Another friend of mine sent in her tax payment and received a refund because they said she overpaid. She contacted them again in reference to the refund check and she was told her calculations were incorrect. A couple of years later she receives a letter saying she should not have received the refund, and they wanted the refund check back and they had tacked on penalties. The other day we found out Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts was docking his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid the taxes that he would have to pay in home state. He has since moved the yacht. So how is all of this connected? All of the people referenced demonstrate a troubling pattern. The rich and the powerful find a way around tax laws and the working man is forced to pay one way or another.

What is the Difference Between TMZ, Extra and the Today Show?

There is really no difference between tabloid television and morning news. I really should put air quotes over the word news. For almost two weeks we have been the forced to watch the unraveling of Tiger Woods marriage. TMZ and tabloid newspapers received an early Christmas present when Woods crashed his car into that tree. We have come to expect sensationalism from entities that were built to deliver it, but we now can put the Today Show in the same category. This morning they interviewed Jamie Junger. She is one of the women that claim to have had a relationship with Woods. She had the audacity to express anger at a NY Post story about her. In the story they claim she was paid for her sexual favors. She said she was not that kind of girl. She is the kind of girl that knowingly sleeps with a married man but she would not accept money. As she said she and Tiger enjoyed sex and not the “boring married couple sex.”  She claimed she was doing the interview to clear the air, but why was the Today Show interviewing her? The Today Show is Number 1 and they want to stay Number 1. So if occasionally they have to gutter troll to keep the ratings up they will do it. The Today Show was once a news show with some human interest stories sprinkled in, but now it is on the same level with TMZ and that’s  shame.