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Did Time magazine make Chris Christie look like a gangster?

Do you have a problem with the photo? Share your thoughts.

Mark Halperin Calls the president a “dick”…he is suspended is that enough?

While on Morning Joe this morning MSNBC Mark Halperin said the president acted like a “dick” at yesterday’s press conference.  He was suspended for this remark. Is that enough or should he be fired?


The Media Can Not Destroy Sarah Palin, but if they Are Not Careful They Will Turn Her into a Martyr

 Sarah Palin appeared on Oprah yesterday and she whined about how Katie Couric had an agenda when she interviewed her last year. Palin believes Couric’s mission was to make her look like an idiot. If that was the mission Couric was successful, but sadly I now believe Palin might have a point. I did not put much credence in anything Palin says until today. Today my Newsweek arrived in the mail. I had seen the cover and I found it offensive, but when I read the text I was completely infuriated. It reads, “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sarah?’’ the subhead reads “She’s Bad News for the GOP and for Everybody Else, Too.” If you do not read one article in the entire magazine you already know where they stand. I am not naïve so I know every magazine has its own slant, but give me a break. I am fairly liberal, but this is truly piling it on. I was listening to MSNBC Morning Meeting today and I heard one of the guests actually say it was Palin’s fault for posing for the photo. He said if she had not posed they would not have had the picture. What? The woman posed for Runner’s Magazine and her attire was entirely appropriate, but to put that photo on Newsweek is simply just dirty politics. As a woman I have to defend Palin. We are ideological opposites, but this should anger all women. I think Palin has a lot to learn on policy issues if she wants to be taken seriously, and I think she takes cheap shots at the president, and I do not think Facebook is the proper venue to comment on policy or to spread fear with terms like “death panels”, but that aside today I have to agree with her when she talks about the mainstream media. This woman can’t simply be dismissed or destroyed. She does have to be dealt with but, not like this.

Should Everyone Call Barack Obama Mr. President?

One of the reasons President Obama won was his ability to connect with people. He can look at someone and make them feel like the most important person in the room. As a matter of fact Time Magazine has a photo of President Obama talking to a black butler on Inauguration Day and he seems fully engaged. This is a guy who has probably been treated like a piece of furniture. Not that he has been disrespected, but probably made to feel invisible. So many of the people who supported President Obama are young people and they too felt like they could identify with the president. Here is a guy who used the Internet so effectively throughout the campaign. He fought to keep his own BlackBerry after he was elected, and he became a symbol of a new brand of politics. He was almost like a peer because he could understand the concerns of the young people so well. So it is only natural that they called him by his first name. One of my friends says she is tired of hearing young people refer to him as Barack. She says he’s the president now and he deserves to be called Mr. President like his predecessors. I don’t feel they lack respect I feel like they think he is still one of them, and these same young people if they had the opportunity to meet him will have the common courtesy and respect to address him as Mr. President.  The fact is he is president for a new generation but like the pageantry of the inauguration some things never change, and at some point everyone needs to refer to him as Mr. President.

Are the Obamas Too Good to be True?

Today I was reading an article written by James Poniewozik of Time magazine. He compared the Obamas to Rob and Laura Petrie. The 1960’s Dick Van Dyke show was a very romanticized version of family life. I think this is truly a surface analysis. The 60 Minutes piece was feel good journalism, and 25 million viewers watched it. I was the highest ratings for 60 Minutes in a decade. Steve Kroft asked a few policy questions and questions related to his cabinet choices, but it was definitely not designed to produce new information. The second half included Michelle and what I saw was two people that not only love each other, but also they seem to like each other. They don’t seem to be sitcom-like as a matter of fact they remind me of a number of loving couples that I  know that just happen to also be African-American. They seem real and not like wind-up toys that smile and stay true to their scripts. They are not too good to be true they just are in fact the President- elect and the future first lady, but they are also a couple who still laugh and enjoy each other’s jokes.