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Why did Matt Lauer call Tim Tebow “polarizing”?

Tim Tebow is headed back to the NFL. Tebow is an unabashed Christian. This morning Matt Lauer described him as polarizing. So what makes him polarizing. His exuberance for Christ? His stand on abortion or same sex marriage? The Today Show features all kinds of people with all kinds of points of view, but Tebow is polarizing?

Husain Abdullah flagged on MNF for praying?

Tim Tebow was known for offering a prayer of thanksgiving for good plays he made in college and in the NFL. He popularized “Tebowing”. He was not penalized, but last night Husain Abdullah offered up an act of thanksgiving and he was rewarded with a 15 yard penalty. Can we say double standard. Share your thoughts.


Does this Tim Tebow shirt make you cringe?

tebowing shirt
As a Christian I respect Tim Tebow’s devotion to his faith, but I hate to see that faith exploited. Prayer is a personal thing and Tebow has chosen to demonstrate it on the national stage, but I find this shirt repulsive. I don’t see it as a statement of faith I see it as exploitive. What do you think? Share your thoughts. Also read the linked story regarding why the Patriots coach loves his Tebow.


Is it arrogant for Tim Tebow to try to trademark “tebowing”?

Did Tim Tebow create the act of bowing in deference to God after some kind of sporting achievement? The answer would be no. So what makes him think he could trademark it? Sure he probably can claim the word but not the act. What do you think? Arrogant or on the mark?


I Still Love Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow and his Denver Broncos got their tales handed to them yesterday. Some of this mornings headlines “End of Tebowmania”, “No Miracle”, “Jesus is benched”, but what really happened yesterday? What happened is the Broncos simply lost. Tebow is still a Christian and God never fails, but that does not mean believers never lose because we do. Tebow has been mocked all year for flaunting his faith. Some would reserve faith for quiet rooms, but Tebow put his faith front and center and many found it hard to swallow. So now that his team has been eliminated from the playoffs many feel the this is the end of Tebow mania, but I believe it is only the beginning because now we get to witness how Tebow handles defeat and that truly shows the measure of a man. Go Tebow.

We Know Bill Maher is an Atheist, but does he have to be a jerk?

Denver Bronco Tim Tebow’s team lost the game on Sunday, and Bill Maher took to his twitter account to be a jerk. The linked story includes the details, but the big question is why does Maher think he has to go so far to show his disdain for anything associated with the church. it really is not funny. We live in a free country where you can believe in God if you choose to or not believe if you choose not to. Rarely if ever do you hear Christians mocking the unbeliever. Sure they will try to witness to the unbeliever, but they (most) don’t go off the deep like this.

Is Tebowing the same thing as Praying?

Tim Tebow is the NFL man of the moment. The young quarterback is deeply religious and he does not mind showing it. He bows in submission when he is successful. I always thought he was thanking God or praying in recognition of the fact that God was his source, but this act of prayer has been redefined as tebowing. To me it seems that there has been a secular name substituted for the act of praying. Am I wrong aren’t they the same thing tebowing and praying? It is interesting to hear sports pundits by into Tebow because he is currently winning, but when the Broncos lose and they will, will the new converts on the bandwagon scoff at tebowing or praying? Tell me what you think. I have linked to a story about teens tebowing.


Why does America seem to hate Tim Tebow?

I have seen and heard Tim Tebow mocked on sports shows, political talk shows, comedy shows basically everywhere but why? The link is an excellent article explaining why Tebow is a good guy, good football player who tries to be a good Christian and why he is seemingly depised for trying to be good. Read it and tell me what you think.