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GOP Senator Tim Scott shares his story of Racial Profiling

Watch the clip an share your thoughts.


We should celebrate Mia Love and Tim Scott

Black people in the US are as different as their skin tones. No one voice can speak for all. Over the years the media has anointed the loudest voice as the leader, but that person only represented a segment of our many voices. Tuesday night Mia Love became the first Republican black woman ever elected to Congress, and Tim Scott became the first black man elected to the Senate since Reconstruction. This is historic, but the NAACP has failed to acknowledge these laudable accomplishments and that is simply not right. They are conservatives and many in the black community do not share their view of the role of government. It is ok to disagree with them but to ignore them is another thing. You can applaud their accomplishments without embracing their ideology. They made history and that should not be ignored it should be applauded.

Tim Scott called “ventriloquist dummy” by local NAACP official

Tim Scott replaced Jim DeMint in the Senate. Scott share DeMint’s policial philosopy which is not in step with the NAACP agenda, but does that justify calling Scott a dummy? The answer is simple: no. It is fair to disagree with him politically,but calling him a dummy is never right. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Tim Scott will replace Sen. Jim DeMint, he will be the first black GOP Senator since Reconstruction

Tim Scott

Governor Nikki Haley has chosen Rep. Tim Scott as the replacement for Jim DeMint. While I do not agree with Scott’s political stance it is quite an accomplishment for a black man to sit in the hallowed halls of the Senate. This is a noteworthy accomplishment.


Mitt Romney announces his new Black Leadership Council…will they be able to get him above 0%?

WASHINGTON — “Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced this morning that former Birmingham congressman Artur Davis would be a member of his new Black Leadership Council. Davis, who represented Alabama’s 7th District for eight years as a Democrat, recently switched parties and endorsed Romney. The council “will help facilitate dialogue between Mitt Romney and respected leaders who provide unique expertise, experience and knowledge on a range of issues impacting black American communities,” according to the campaign announcement. “I am proud to have the endorsements of so many leaders in the black community,” Romney said in a prepared statement from the campaign. “They know all too well that the economic downturn that has continued to hammer our country has been even more devastating for black Americans. Together, we will work to end that downturn, and we will not rest until all Americans have the jobs they need, the quality education they are owed, and the opportunities they deserve.” The chairs of the national council are U.S. Reps. Tim Scott of South Carolina and Allen West of Florida, and Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll. Davis is one of 18 other council members.”*
The question is will this group be able to bring more blacks into the Romney fold? Share your thoughts. *http://blog.al.com/sweethome/2012/09/artur_davis_named_to_mitt_romn.html

Tim Scott Will Not Join the Congressional Black Caucus…is this a good thing?

In a statement released yesterday Tim Scott said, “While I recognize the efforts of the CBC and appreciate their invitation for me to caucus with them, I will not be joining at this time,” Scott said. “My campaign was never about race.” Scott went on to say “The black community, like all communities, will benefit when businesses can use their profits to hire more workers instead of paying higher taxes,” he said.  “Reducing the tax burden, decreasing government interference in the private sector, and restoring fiscal responsibility, and I don’t think those ideals are advanced by focusing on one group of people.” So what do you think? Is this the right decision? Couldn’t he have brought a diverse voice to the CBC or do you think he would have been drowned out?

Will the Congressional Black Caucus get some diversity?

Allen West and Tim Scott are black freshman Congressman coming to Washington in January. They were both supported by the Tea Party so we can safely say they have a more conservative mindset than the other members of the Black Caucus. Allen West says he intends on joining at this point Scott is still undecided. West says “I’m not gonna ask for permission or whatever,” he said. “I think I meet all of the criteria and it’s so important that we break down this ‘monolithic voice’ that continues to talk about victimization and dependency in the black community.” Chairman Barbara Lee says they are both welcome to join. I think it will be interesting to have some diveristy in the conversation. Will the presence of West and Scott be a good thing? Tell me what you think.