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The View mocks Carly Fiorina’s looks…fair game or just mean?

The women at The View were indignant when Donald Trump took a swipe at Carly Fiorina’s looks, but why do they reserve the right to mock her? Look at the clip and share your thoughts.

Should Raven Symone be fired from The View?

Thousands are clamoring for the firing of Raven Symone, but should she be fired? She has angered members of the black community by saying things like she would not hire a person with a ghetto name and her latest transgression was to say the South Carolina girl should have simply given up her phone and maybe things would have turned out differently. To quote her “two wrongs don’t make a right”. So she says things that are off the wall and politically incorrect. So should she lose her job for expressing an opinion many disagree with? No she has a right to an opinion and a right to verbalize it. What we have a right to do is not watch her. Share your thoughts.

Ann Coulter shuts Raven Symone down

Raven Symone learns people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Raven-Symone says she won’t hire people with non-traditional names…is she right?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Is Monica Lewinsky headed to The View?

Monica Lewinsky has been sharing her story. She has done it in print, and she has done it in person. She has a right to share her story, but does that earn her seat at ABC The View? Well, Barbara Walters seems to think so and she is reportedly lobbying for it? The View is competing for viewers for the first time in the show’s life. CBS The Talk is giving them a run for their money and desperate times calls for desperate measures. Question: would you watch The View if Monica Lewinsky was added to the table?

Does Raven Symone make controversial statements to simply get attention?

Read linked article and share your thoughts.


Rosie Perez dropped from The View

Variety is reporting Rosie Perez is leaving The View. The show has been saying she was off this month because she was preparing to do a Broadway play, but she will not be returning. Is anyone surprised? Will this show ever get any chemistry?


The New View is a Real Snore

the new view
I watched The View on Monday and I was bored to death, but I gave it another chance and my conclusion is the New View is a bore. There is no chemistry between the hsts and you feel like you are guest at a dinner party. You want to leave but you believe it would be rude to leave before the entree, but you know you will not be there for the dessert. It is in a word–Bad. It will be interesting to see if it gets better, but someone will have to tell me because I will not be watching.

Whoopi has no one to talk to…too funny

whoopi alone

Did Whoopi Goldberg attack Will Cain?

Was it an attack or a statement of fact? Share your thoughts.