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Intruder crashes stage People’s Choice award…but why did Sheryl Underwood throw Steve Harvey shade?

Man interrupted Sara Gilbert as she accepted the Peoples Choice award. It could have been called a “Kanye” moment but Cheryl Underwood labeled it a Steve Harvey moment. The difference Kanye’s was on purpose. Harvey made a mistake and his name should not have been associated with this awkward, rude moment.

Why did the ladies of The Talk make fun of the Prince Andrew sex scandal?

The ladies of The Talk think the idea that Prince Andrew had sex with an underage girl is ridiculous. Sharon Osbourne took her darts and aimed them at the alleged victim. She even glamourized the life of the victim, but my question is why are they so sure it did not happen? They believed every woman that claimed to be assaulted by Bill Cosby but they refuse to believe one woman who speaks against the prince. Share your thoughts.

Sheryl Underwood shares an explosive secret on The Talk

Today on The Talk Sheryl Underwood revealed a long held secret. She share with the audience how years ago she was on a conference call with two fellow comediennes and they did not know she was on the call. She heard them make disparaging remarks about her appearance, her comedic ability and other things. She never revealed that she was on the call and went on to work with both women. She said she can now tell it because she is where she needs to be. My question is could you do that or would you have to confront the women?

Julie Chen sounds off on The View

Julie Chen appeared on the Howard Stern show and shared her opinion on the new direction of The View. Specifically the hiring of Jenny McCarthy. Chen says the hiring was an attempt to lighten the mood at the table. Chen says the show gainied his loyal following by providing interesting political points of view from the panel but it is moving away from that premise. As a viewer of the show I would say that Chen makes a valid point. the show has drastically changed and not for the better. It seems to be in search of a new identity and right now it is painful to watch.


Nick Cannon gives his take on the Idol Feud

Nick Cannon made a statement today regarding American Idol Feud during an appearance on The Talk. He said that American Idol will be a footnote on Mariah Carey’s musical resume. Throughout the season she has been in a feud with her co-host the brash Nicki Minaj. The feud has often spilled over from the show into Twitter and other media outlets. It does seem that Carey’s talent would be better served in another venue. This show took a serious turn for the worse when Simon Cowell left and this season viewers are tuning out.

The Talk Hosts Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler’s “you know your cab driver is black” routine was simply not funny

This afternoon on CBS The Talk they were discussing the show America’s Got Talent, and how host MelB was offended by a joke about a black cab driver. Her fellow co-hosts told her to chill which prompted the black ladies of The Talk to go into a routine about black cab drivers. It was interesting how nothing was spontaneous about the routine. The two black hosts had been given offensive jokes which highlighted negative stereotypes to say. If the jokes were so funny why didn’t the entire panel participate? Would their participation have been viewed as negative? Yes, but Underwood and Tyler looked negative despite the fact that they are black.


Sharon Osbourne takes on Lady Gaga on The Talk

Today Sharon Osbourne one of the host of The Talk used her platform to address a controversy. Lady Gaga is the center of the verbal tiff. Osbourne said the feud started last year when her daughter Kelly made an off handed remark about Lady Gaga’s followers “the little monsters” on her E show, Fashion Police. Osbourne said since that comment was made she and her family members have received death threats from Gaga’s followers. Osbourne has asked Lady Gaga to admonish her followers and that has not happened. Osbourne read some of the tweets and comments that they have received and they were in deed disturbing, but I have also heard the ladies of The Talk say hateful, hurtful things about people in their efforts to be funny. No they have never issued death threats but they have said some things that have probably hurt the feelings of the people that they mock on a daily basis. So perhaps Osbourne needs to flip the mirror and watch some tapes of The Talk. Perhaps she will see that words hurt, even when said in jest.

Did The Talk go too far showing Sheryl Underwood multi-tasking on the “toilet”?

Sheryl Underwood is a comedianne and she will seemingly do anything for a laugh, but did she go too far today? Today on The Talk the discussion centered around multi-tasking while using the toilet. Underwood said she is a multi-tasker and then the camera panned down and she was sitting on a toilet. Sure it was played for laughs, but why does she always have to be the one going to the comic edge? Aisha Tyler another co-host is also a comediane, but she rarely makes this kind of comedic misstep. Watch the clip attached and share your thoughts.




Sharon Osbourne Reveals Double Masectomy Precaution

Breast cancer is something every woman fears, and that fear is heightened when you carry the breast cancer fear. Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she had a double masectomy as a precaution. Read the linked story for all the details.


Why is Sheryl Underwood on The Talk?

Today the women on CBS The Talk appeared at the beginning of the show sporting Afro wigs. They did this in honor of Cher who wore one to the GLAAD awards last night. Sheryl Underwood made the comment that they looked like the Jackson Five, but she took it a step further by saying co-host Aisha Tyler looked like Michael Jackson after he had his cosmetic surgery. The co-hosts all laughed, but I wonder would this have been funny if their frequent guest co-host LaToya Jackson had been present? Underwood received some tweets this afternoon from MJ fans who took offense to the joke. Underwood was not done when, the subject of Ron Artest and his cheap shot from yesterday came up Underwood defended his actions by saying “that’s basketball.” Underwood is very outspoken, but she is seemingly at the table for comic relief which is understandable because she is a comediane, but she often goes off the rails and no one at the table seems to be able to bring her back. Today she needed help off the third rail, and she did not get it. Underwood and Tyler have brought a new energy to the table, but Tyler brings the funny, but often Underwood does likewise, but she often steps on it, and leaves the viewer not wanting more but yearning for less.