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Why is the media so mad at the Duggars?

Over the past few weeks the media has been obsessed with the Duggars. We all know that Josh Duggar, the eldest son has admitted inappropriately toughing 5 girls when he was a young teenager. His parents sought counselling and they initially tried to handle this as a family matter. They did finally take him to law enforcement where he received favorable treatment. Josh Duggar’s behavior can not be excused, but is this what is fueling the frenzy? No the media is using this scandal to chastise the Duggars for their beliefs, and not just beliefs, but for having the nerve to share their beliefs on the public stage. Their strict interpretation of the Bible and their strict adherence to the Word is galling to the media. It is funny that free speech is respected and protected as long as you are saying what the new normal agrees with, but it you don’t get out the pitchforks. I don’t agree with the Duggars on a number of issues, but in this country they have a right to verbalize their beliefs. No, they don’t have a right to a television show. The sponsors will sort that out for them, but to see Whoopi Goldberg spelling out how they aren’t Christians is a road too far. Every network has brought out their legal eagles to say the statute of limitations is over so Josh Duggar faces no prosecution, so instead we have the privilege of watching the persecution of the Duggars.



Preachers of LA stand with the Duggars…sort of

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Does this Duggar cartoon go too far?

duggar comic
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Note to the Duggars: If Your Brand is Purity You Better be Pure

Last week In Touch magazine broke the story of Josh Duggar molesting some young girls when he was a young teenager. His parents handled the matter as a family matter. They talked to a friend in law enforcement but there was never any formal adjudication of this matter. The parents protected their son maybe to the detriment of his young victims. The Duggars show 19 Kids and Counting is on hiatus with the possibility of cancellation looming. Over the weekend the big question was would TLC keep the show on the air, but the sponsors prompted by the consumers are speaking loud and clear. They are jumping off the show like rats abandoning the Titanic. No sponsors no show. Ever since we met the Duggars we have been served a heaping helping of purity on all levels. Well, if purity is your brand you better be pure. Christians are not perfect they are just forgiven. Questioning the Duggars is not an attack on Christianity. They are human and their actions deserve to be questioned. I believe Josh Duggar was forgiven if he asked for it, but forgiven in the eyes of God, and not guilty in the eyes of man are two truly different things.

Columnist Matt Walsh asked are the Duggars being punished for the acts of their son or is it because they are Christians?

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