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Is Social Media an enemy to the church?

Over the past few days I have been struck by the role social media has played in the church. Sadly, the church rarely gets attention from the media unless something untoward is going on. Last week it was Creflo Dollar’s desire to purchase a $65 million dollar jet. Yesterday someone posted a video of a young lady who is a member of Bishop Charles Ellis’ church. Ellis can currently be seen on The Preachers of Detroit, a reality show on Oxygen. The young lady claimed there was corruption in the church and she had recently been removed from the “armor bearer ministry”. (people who aid the pastor or pastor’s wife). The young lady had been removed from her post. Maybe she tried to meet with the church hierarchy, but she also made her case to the world. So many people saw the tape that the Bishop felt the need to post a response via social media. When did church business become subject to the scrutiny of non-church members? Everyone has an opinion but why? The why is because people feel the need to post everything. From what they eat, drink, wear, go…everything. Social media affirms the greatest of the everyday. Who knows how this situation will be resolved? Stay tuned the former armor bearer is probably posting her rebuttal as I type this post.

Season 5 BET Sunday Best is a little rough

Where is Mary Mary when you need them? Kim Burrell is channeling Simon Cowell and it is not pretty. We know that this is a singing competition, but constructive criticism can be a good thing. Mocking the participants is never a good thing. It might be entertaining but WWJD?

Jesse Campbell eliminated from The Voice last night…was it fair?

Jesse Campbell was the frontrunner in the NBC The Voice competition. Well at least he was until last night. His coach Christina Aguilera eliminated him. Campbell has an incredible voice that is truly a gift from God. Last night Aguilera told him to hit the roadjack. She said he has not really grown in the competition, but he came there grown, and this was his chance to showcase his voice on a national stage. Was it fair for him to be eliminated? Yes, he freely took part in a competition show and like it or not he knew the rules. So his supporters are angry today, and they can support Campbell when he drops his next album, and they can find a new fan favorite or simply stop watching. I will choose the latter.

Has the Black Church been reduced to a “Gospel Tour Bus”?

So many churches in the black community are struggling to stay afloat. Many of the members have been downsized, right-sized or simply let go from their jobs. With the coffers low some churches are taking part in gospel tours. People from all over the world are paying for the gospel experience. It is almost as if worship has been reduced to a show. Is this just a savvy idea that can help a struggling church or is there something wrong with this? Tell me what you think.

The View’s Sherri Shepherd puts Bishop Eddie Long on Blast

Last week Bishop Eddie Long settled a lawsuit with 4 young men who had accused him of sexual misconduct. The settlement made some of his supporters,  and some who truly believed he would fight very disappointed. The true believers felt if he was truly innocent he would never have settled. This morning on The View Sherri Shepherd let loose on the bishop. Tell me what you think.

COGIC Kim Burrell’s New Release “Sweeter”-You be the Judge is this Gospel?

It’s 2011 and things are changing but has gospel music changed this much? Is gospel music now simply a love song or is it a song of conviction? Tell me what you think.

The Black Church’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

Eddie was a member of the choir. He had a sensational voice and the pastor often had him give the sermonic solo (for the laymen-the song before the sermon). Eddie sang in a number of choirs throughout the city. Eddie was gay and he died from AIDS, but no one in the church acknowledged that he was gay. They knew it and they discussed it among themselves, but no one said anything. I remember talking to one of the members after I had moved out of the city and I asked her about him, and she told me he had died from AIDS, but what she said after that was chilling. She said once we found out “we kept our distance.” (WWJD)  This was in the early nineties but I thought about that again today when I read the story of Lonell McRath. He is a man in Milwaukee living with AIDS. McRath shared his HIV status with a church member and he was ostracized from the congregation. This is 16 years after Eddie died and the reaction of the church has simply not changed. Just sing and don’t tell me anything else. The DADT policy is alive and well in the military and the church.


CNN Almighty Debt airs tonight at 9PM

Don’t forget to watch CNN’s latest installment of Black in America. Tonight’s installment is The Almighty Debt. This series will explore churches that are helping their members deal with debt and will feature a townhall discussion with Bishop TD Jakes and Pastor Soaries. One of the questions they will be answering is should pastors provide financial advice? The church has never been shy about asking for money but few have ever sought to empower members with the tools necessary to help members manage their finances. The black church has been under instense scrutiny in light of the Eddie Long scandal. People are questioning whether ministers are being good stewards of the members contributions. I look forward to hearing a very lively and informative discussion tonight, and I encourage everyone to watch.