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Former Apprentice Stars Want to Stop Donald Trump

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Fired Apprentice LaToya Jackson claims Omarosa pulled the Plug on Michael Clarke-Duncan

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At what point will NBC cut Donald Trump loose?

Last night Donald Trump was not pleased with President Obama’s victory, and he took to Twitter to express his feelings. Trump tweeted the following: “Well, back to the drawing board!” “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!” “Lets fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us.””This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!” “Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble…like never before.” “Our nation is a once great nation divided!” “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” NBC anchor Brian Williams called Trump out and called him irrelevant. Trump not to be undone called Williams a dummy and said that williams wished he had his ratings. My question is how does this make NBC look? The star of a reality show calls your evening anchor a dummy and you do nothing about it? If williams is to be respected as the grand oracle of the network do you just stand by and let ringmaster Trump take potshots at him, but this is also the network that allowed trump to trumpet his make believe run for the presidency and this is also the network that let Trump verbalize his birtherism ideas with impunity. So I guess I answered my own question. They will never cut him loose because while he is a loudmouth, he is also a money making newsmaker and that trumps a respected journalist any day.

Last word on Apprentice or should we call it the NeNe Show?

NeNe Leakes came to the Apprentice set with a mission, and it was not the obvious one, but it was to become a household name. She is a success for all the wrong reasons. She reminds me of a comedy sketch I saw that asked what black people do you simply want to give away. She said some things that could only be defined as cringe worthy. She admitted as much on the Sunday Today Show. On last night’s Apprentice finale they devoted an entire segment to her most memorable outbursts. She expressed no regret. When Star Jones was asked her response to the antics of the Atlanta Housewife she said “I was disheartened as I watched the episodes unfolded. She used this platform to attack every single black woman on the show.” Leakes responded  “It’s not a racial thing.” Sadly it really is a racial thing. Leakes fit the profile of the “angry black woman” and she reserved her venom for her black colleagues. Sure she had some zingers for her white castmates, but she went off on LaToya Jackson and she used Star Jones as her personal punching bag. She called Jones a manipulator and I will grant her that Jones was a savvy player, but NeNe was a loud mouth, bully. Yes, some will say she was good television and sadly some things that might be good to you is simply not good for you. So now everyone knows her name, but for all the wrong reasons.

Donald Trump makes Star Jones the butt of his fat Joke

Donald Trump is known for making controversial remarks, but tonight he made a joke that literally made me stop in my tracks. Nene Leakes one of the members of the women’s team said that some of the women were trying to “get up Star Jones’ ass.” Donald Trump replied well that would be easier now then it was a few years ago. This was in reference to the fact that Jones once weighed 300 pounds. Trump laughed at his fat joke and Jones did too. It was inappropriate, but he is inappropriate so what’s new? There is nothing new, but his humor represents the one group that you can joke without fear of reprecussion. Fat people. You can say what you want and nobody stops you. If Nene Leakes had made the same statement to Jones it would not have been received with laughter, but The Donald can literally say with anything these days.

Reality Star Nene Leakes is Seriously in Need of a Reality Check

A few days ago I wrote of the battle between Nene Leakes and Star Jones. One of the comments I received was “who is Nene”?. I really forgot most of America does not know her since her claim to fame is Bravo TV Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her appearance on NBC Apprentice this March will probably make her a household name, but at what cost? She has been going on various talk shows beefing with Star Jones and we have seen her in the promos for the show hurl insults at various cast mates, but the other day I saw her do something that was simply vile. She was shown mocking Marlee Matlin.  Matlin who is deaf uses sign language and there was Leakes using her hands in a feeble attempt at humor. Is this what we have come to? We have Leakes acting as a loud bully doing non sensical hand gestures? This is not funny and NBC, the Apprentice and Nene Leakes should be ashamed, but if the rating go through the roof they will simply say this is must see television.

Lesson Learned from The Apprentice

Last night Donald Trump fired one of the contestants in the first minutes of the show. Why? He cheated and then lied. Trump asked the contestant a simple question, “have you sent any text messages out since you’ve been on the show?”  The contestant said no.Text messaging violates the rules of the game and the contestants know this.  He gave him another chance to tell the truth and the constestant denied it again. Trump then read the message and the contestant finally confessed. The contestant apologized and said he was simply trying to stay in the game. At that point Trump castigated him and said this is the anything goes mentality that Wall Street had and got us into this financial mess. I found this exchange interesting on a number of fronts. First the guy lied twice to Trump because he still thought he could save himself. When he is confronted with the facts he says he’s sorry, but for what the act or getting caught? Even after the contestant was eliminated he still said he was just trying to stay in the game. He didn’t seem to get that he had broken the rules and that was the sad part. He didn’t really learn a lesson he simply got caught, and in the future he will probably be a little more careful with how he breaks the rules.