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Why would Terrell Owens appear on Dr. Phil?

Really TO why would you go on Dr. Phil are you really that desperate for attention? You have 4 kids by 4 different women whose fault is that? When you play you have got to pay and you have to support the kids, but you did not need to expose all your business to the world. I also have to ask did the women really believe they were the only woman in his life? Owens was a rolling stone and it is not surprising that he is an absentee dad. It does not seem like he wanted a relationship with these women. He got what he wanted and more. He is a reluctant papa who is obligated to support the children, but the courts cannot mandate a relationship and neither can Dr. Phil. This is just sad.

T.O. and Ochocinco…Dynamic Duel or Double Trouble

It is hard to believe that anyone would believe that Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco could possibly share the same side of the football field, but obviously the Cincinnati Bengals believe it can be done. With the addition of TO they had two of the biggest egos in football vying for playing and camera time. Last year TO behaved himself in Buffalo but he also had a somewhat lackluster season. Owens is more of an issue when he does catch the ball and at 36 he is approaching the backside of his career, and his grasp for glory is reaching the point of desperation. Sportswriter Jay Marriotti said “It will be comical enough watching them demand the football, leaving one to pout when the other guy is getting more touches or the other to mope when he isn’t catching the winning touchdown pass. But if we’ve learned anything through the years from these hopeless attention hogs, it’s that they’re entertainers first who inevitably will vie to have the most Twitter followers, pull off the more discussed end-zone stunts and, frighteningly enough, attract the higher ratings in their back-to-back reality shows on VH1.” Well said. Tell me what you think. Are they gifted athletes or just glory hounds?