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Why is CJ Pearson’s disrespect for Al Sharpton being celebrated by the right?

I saw this clip on the Fox Insider website with the title, CJ Pearson Owns Al Sharpton. If own means a 12 year old talks about an adult like they are equals than he did it, but I have a problem with this type of disrespect coming out of the mouth of a child. No it was not profane, but disrespectful none the less. We hear teachers complain about the way students talk to them. When we grew up children were seen but not heard. There actually was adult conversation, and they would kindly tell you to leave the room when they wanted to have some. No one is asking for a step backward, but while Rev. Al Sharpton might not be everyone’s cup of tea he deserves more than this. No child should feel this comfortable speaking this way about an adult. What do you think? Share your thoughts.

Shots fired at funeral for Trenton teen

Back in the day there were safe places, and one of them was the church, but no longer. Today shots rang out in a church as the family buried their teenage relative. Now the fight no longer ends at death but it goes beyond the grave.


Suicide at 17 leaves the rest of us wondering how could we have helped?

My daughter told me yesterday that one of the girls at her high school had died. I asked her what happened and she said she did not know. Today we found out that the girl had hung herself. Now everyone is left wondering why. there will be crisis counsellors at the school tomorrow. The girl was a senior and she was 12 days away from graduating but now there will be a rose on her chair. I talked to my daughter and just said that our problems are temporal and they will pass but suicide is forever. it is sad to know that so much potential will never be realized and we will never know what she could have achieved. We grieve for the loss to her family but we have to continue to talk to our young people and let them know into every life there will be sadness and disppointment, but we want them to reach out and not internalize their pain. Parents, friends, loved ones take this opportunity to talk to the young people in your life and let them know that you are there for them. Sometimes they simply need someone to listen not provide all the solutions but be that safe place that we all need. Sometimes they are seeking advice and be brave enough to give it. Sometimes we need to speak first and just ask how is it going and be willing to stick around long enough to really get an answer. That will require us to put the phone down and turn off the computer. It is going to require us to be truly present. Suicide at any age is painful, but at 17 it is a loss to the family and to society because we will never know what she could have been.

Is this the way to address teen pregnancy?

ny planned parenthood

Read the linked story and share your thoughts: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2013/03/planned-parenthood-slams-edgy-city-ad-campaign-on-teen-pregnancy

You’ve got an out of control woman attacking a bus driver and this is the result

Saw this shocking clip on Twitter. View the clip and share your thoughts.


Judge Sentenced to 28 years in prison for “kids for cash” scheme

SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) — A longtime northeastern Pennsylvania judge was ordered to spend nearly three decades in prison for his role in a massive juvenile justice bribery scandal that prompted the state’s high court to toss thousands of convictions.  Former judge Mark Ciavarella, center, leaves the federal courthouse in 2009 in Scranton, Pa. He surrendered Thursday after being sentenced to 28 years. Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. was sentenced Thursday to 28 years in federal prison for taking $1 million in bribes from the builder of a pair of juvenile detention centers in a case that became known as “kids for cash.”* This was a gross abuse of power. Young people were being sentenced to longer sentences so that the judge could make more money. This was a gross abuse of power and 28 years is a small price to pay for the thousands of lives that he ruined. Since these were young people who had committed crimes some people look at them as throwaways and for that reason the judge and his cronies probably believed no one really cared so it is doubly gratifying to see the judge have to pay for his crimes with a stiff sentence.


The Golden Kids We Raised

Today I was talking to a friend of mine and she shared a story that was hilarious and sad at the same time. She has a daughter who recently graduated from school. She is fortunate enough to have a summer job as a receptionist. Today she was late for work and she chose to wear flip flops. Upon arriving at work she was admonished for being late and she was informed that flip flops were not acceptable work attire. Her daughter found both of these things upsetting. She said her boss is late all of the time and she failed to grasp the inappropriateness of flip flops for the workplace. Her mother tried to rationally discuss the matter with her daughter, but her daughter refused to hear her. A few years ago a group of young women who had won some kind of national sporting event went to the White House to meet the president and many of them too thought flip flops were the right shoe for the moment. The lateness and the flips flops symbolize a bigger issue, and the issue is where did these golden kids come from? The answer is so simple. We raised them. We did not intend to make them feel golden that was merely a bi-product of our misguided attempts to be better parents than we had. I loved both of my parents, but my father did raise his voice often. His word was law and there really was not a lot of discussion. If you did attempt to discuss you did it at your own peril. Back in the day discussion came under the umbrella called “backtalk”, and backtalk was not tolerated. So of course I wanted to raise children that could express themselves. Freely, but respectfully but sometimes that dialogue has come dangerously close to the disrespect line. My own teenage son balked at cutting lawns this summer because this was not his “ideal” job. How did these children become so precious? How did they become golden? I tell you how: you have what you raise. We have put our children in a protective cocoon. In the cocoon no one ever questions their judgment, no one ever raises their voice and work for teenagers is optional. How do you ask someone to toughen up when they never had it tough? A teen in Indiana recently planted a package in the girl’s restroom as a prank, and incidentally he wore a mask and a hoodie while he committed this hilarious offense. When the package was found the school alerted the authorities and the building was evacuated. The teen has been arrested and he now faces felony charges. He says he is sorry but he might be looking at some serious prison time. Sure the golden kid meant no harm but the authorities think differently. His relatives have excused it as a prank, but this particular prank can literally change the rest of his life. So how do we fix what we have created? Do we just push them out the door and say go for it? No, we have to take these incidents and use them as teachable moment. Sure teachable moments are starting to sound like another well-intentioned cliché, but it is not. My friend will talk to her daughter today and let her know that the real world is a lot different from the parental cocoon. In the real world they will call you on your stuff. In the real world you might be smart, but rest assured you are not the smartest, but she will let her know she can make it. She will make it because our golden kids have got to grow up and they will have to learn it is not easy once you leave the protection of the parental cocoon.

Is MTV Skins Kiddie Porn?

MTV is known for pushing the envelope. Jersey Shore showcases the antics of unruly wild young people, but they are adults. MTV Skins is a scripted show that showcases the antics of kids. Some of the actors are underage and MTV is taking the heat for showing children in sexually explicit scenarios.  Some sponsors like Taco Bell have pulled their advertising from the show. The show starts with a parental warning, but is this enough? Tell me what you think.


Why is TMZ publishing Willow Palin’s Facebook page?

This morning I saw a news story about Sarah Palin’s daughter Willow. She wrote some homophobic slurs on her Facebook page. This is appalling. It is appalling that we even know about this. Who released this information to the press. Sadly when young people post on Facebook they feel they are only talking to their friends. They foolishly believe it is a conversation between friends, but sadly that is not the case. Some will try to use the words of her daughter as an indictment against Sarah Palin and that is wrong. All I can say is if you have a teen on Facebbok advise them to be very careful.

What is “Bullycide”?

While watching CNN today I heard this new term bullycide. It was coined by a writer for the Daily Beast. She said it is bullying someone to the point that they feel the only way out is suicide. This term was used while they were discussing the Phoebe Prince suicide. Prince endured relentless bullying by students at her high school, and now the students face criminal charges regarding their activities, but were they responsible for her death? The school officials have been taking the heat for not doing more to fix an intolerable situation. In this case the girl’s mother said she approached the schools with her concerns on two occasions and they did nothing to resolve the situation, but what should they have done? Have you visited a high school lately? Teachers are no longer the respected oracle of learning they once were. They can simply ask students to do certain things they can’t demand because if they did that they might be interfering with the child’s civil rights. So we have tied their hands, but now we think those same hands should be able to fix this situation. We can sympathize with the family of prince, but we also can only wonder what kind of home life did the child have? She was transplanted from Ireland to the United States. It is very difficult for teenagers to leave their friends when they move across town this girl was forced to move to another country. The move had to have significantly impacted her life. Lastly, did the parents of the bulliers know their children were doing this? When my son was in middle school I had to take and pick him up from designated bus stop. One of the parents asked me if I could also drop her son off after school and I did for months. Later in the school year that parent called me and told me that she had been called to the school because her son had been accused of bullying another child at the bus stop. She said the school was threatening to not allow her child to ride the bus. She as well as I could not believe her child had been accused of doing this. A few weeks later I was talking to another parent and she told me this same kid had actually been bullying my son. When I questioned my son he admitted that this was in fact true. I was stunned because I had been driving a bully around in backseat. The level of bullying was not at all like what Prince encountered, but the point is parents are clueless if children refuse to tell them, and the parents of the bulliers might have actually been blindsided by the accusations. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and not just sweeping gestures. Indicting the children and blaming the school is not going to bring Prince back, but actually looking at all angles might help prevent future tragedies.