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Sarah Palin and her Posse visit the White House and the mocking does not stop

A picture is worth a thousand words. This cast of characters visited the President. Write a caption for this picture.

Ted Nugent apologizes for calling the president a “sub-human mongrel”…really?

If you call someone a subhuman mongrel should you apologize? That’s a quite a statement to make and it takes committment to make such a statement. Ted Nugent hates the president and his statements go beyond a policy debate. His comments show rage and disrespect. So why would he apologize for expressing his true feelings? He is apologizing to the people in his party who might be offended not to the president. We live in the age of apology. You make the most ourageous statent and then you apologize for it. You got your message out there and if you offended those associated with your cause simply release an apology it is sadly how our system works.

Ted Nugent discusses Secret Service visit with Glenn Beck

If President Obama was responsible for pundit Hilary Rosen’s comments than is Mitt Romney responsible for Ted Nugent? The Secret Service will be paying Nugent a visit to discuss some of his more controversial remarks. Question: since Nugent has endorsed Romney should Romney denounce him?