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Ted Cruz just gave Carly Fiorina her ticket on the Titanic

Is Ted Cruz living in a parallel universe? He has to be and in that world he is inches away from winning the GOP nomination for the presidency, but here in the real world he is losing, losing badly. So to see him anointing a running mate today is bizarre. Maybe he is not the only one that resides in this other world. Carly Fiorina is a card carrying citizen of that world. If she was not she would not be jumping on board the Cruz train. At what point does a candidate accept the real world reality that this is not his season. Obviously, Cruz is not there yet he still sees a path but it is over. He is a passenger on the Titanic and today he invited a buddy to join him.

Hillary Clinton’s Subway ride is just another example of a political pandering

Who likes riding the Subway? Nobody. People on public transportation do it because they have to do it. It is not a joyride. So to see Hillary Clinton touting the the virtues of the ride is ridiculous. For her this was just a media opportunity, and a photo op, but we all know that Clinton and people like her do not frequent the subways, and why should they? They don’t have to do it and they don’t need to do it. We know politicians are most comfortable in motorcades so be real don’t hop on the B train because we all know that is not how you travel so stop faking it. Politicians are not like the people they serve. Politicians stop stuffing yourselves with subs, pizza and matzo ball soup in your attempts to connect. Just lay out your policies minus the pandering. We the people can see through it.

Do you think Michelle Obama would have been first lady if she had naked pictures in her portfolio?

Donald Trump’s wife Melania was a model and she took nude photos for GQ magazine. Those photos have showed up in a Ted Cruz ad. Right now Trump and Cruz are trading insults, but I am amazed at the reaction of the public to the photo. The photo was almost greeted with a yawn. Imagine if this was 2008 and a nude photo of Michelle Obama showed up do you think the response would be so muted? Do you think President Obama would have won the election? Mrs. Obama would have been crucified and branded unfit to be the First Lady, but this election season the controversy is not the picture but who released the picture. My how things have changed.

Will the Jeb Bush endorsement help Ted Cruz?

Jeb Bush is endorsing Ted Cruz. This might have been a real factor had he done it prior to the Florida primary, but now is it too little, too late? Cruz might be able to get some help from the Bush donors, but that is not even a slam dunk. Is Cruz truly viable or is giving a donation to his campaign akin to booking a ride on the Titanic after the ship has started to sink? Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump threatens to “spill the beans” on Ted Cruz’ wife…it was just a matter of time before they got to the wives

Ted Cruz super pack has released an ad featuring a racy picture of Donald Trump’s wife. He tweeted that he might spill the beans on Heidi Cruz. He deleted the tweet shortly after he posted it, but Cruz did call him a coward. So what are the beans The Donald has? Heidi Cruz suffered with depression but this is not 1972 this is 2016. Family should be off limits. All family but this is a different kind of campaign and old rules don’t seem to apply. So this is probably not going to be the last picture Trump will have to tweet about.

Donald Trump is uniting enemies: Lindsey Graham endorses Ted Cruz

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Dr. Ben Carson to endorse Donald Trump…is the brain surgeon now brain dead?

Really Dr. Carson you are going to support Donald Trump? Trump the man that mocked you and called you pathological? Why would you want to support him. Isn’t Ted Cruz the more logical pairing? Carson could forgive Trump but not Cruz. So the noted brain surgeon is throwing his support behind the tough talking New Yorker? Can we say Surgeon General? Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump is a Movement that can’t be stopped by facts

It is interesting to watch the Donald Trump movement. ┬áTrump has moved beyond the earthly status of candidate. He has transcended and no one can stop him. Facts won’t stop this movement. This latest Klan hiccup is a distraction for the Trumpster. His people are loyal, angry and nothing can make them turn on him. This movement is petty and profane and his people love it. They might have been able to stop him in June when he first threw out the idea of building a wall that Mexico would pay for, or when he insulted war hero John McClain or when he mocked a disabled reporter. No the party believed this too would pass. We can even go back to 2011 when he pushed his birther theories and NBC provided him with a daily stage. No he was not stopped and now he can’t be. His followers are unmoved and they are standing with their man. They will follow him anywhere. They admire their leader and support his rhetoric. So Rubio, Cruz and the other two can keep spewing those troublesome facts if they want to but don’t expect his followers to listen.

Where has this Marco Rubio been?

Last night Marco Rubio finally got his voice. He was not simply repeating well prepared lines he was spitting bullets, and they were landing on the target, Donald Trump. Rubio finally addressed the elephant that has always been in the room, Trump’s checkered business deals. Throughout the campaign Trump has won a suit of invisibility. No one challenged him out of fear. Everyone complimented him on his wonderful suit, but last night Rubio let the cat out of the bag. Just like the emperor of the childhood story Trump wears no clothes. He was challenged and last night we saw the front runner fumble, but the real question is will it make a difference? A few weeks ago we watched Chris Christie don the “suicide vest” as he attacked Rubio, and he did damage but it did not help him. He bowed out days later because that is the life of someone that wears the vest they do not live to see the results of their destruction. Last night Rubio wore the vest and he did some damage, but will his efforts get him some Super Tuesday votes or will he be sitting next to Christie simply watching the clown show from his living room sofa? Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump is Unstoppable until somebody gets the nerve to stop him

Trump poll
Donald Trump like Charlie Sheen is winning, but is he unstoppable? Never have we ever seen a candidate like Trump. He says whatever and he is unchallenged by his opponents and he is a media magnet. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz take occasional shots at him but they still have not been able to truly throw a punch that lands or even stings. Trump praises Ben Carson because he sees him as more of a nuasance than a threat so he can be gracious to him. So how can Trump be stopped? You tell me.