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Husain Abdullah flagged on MNF for praying?

Tim Tebow was known for offering a prayer of thanksgiving for good plays he made in college and in the NFL. He popularized “Tebowing”. He was not penalized, but last night Husain Abdullah offered up an act of thanksgiving and he was rewarded with a 15 yard penalty. Can we say double standard. Share your thoughts.


Is it arrogant for Tim Tebow to try to trademark “tebowing”?

Did Tim Tebow create the act of bowing in deference to God after some kind of sporting achievement? The answer would be no. So what makes him think he could trademark it? Sure he probably can claim the word but not the act. What do you think? Arrogant or on the mark?


When did Praying become Tebowing?

From the land of the ridiculous. Listen to the announcers say Von Miller is doing a Tebow. Let’s get this straight when he bowed down he was giving honor to the greater one-God, not Tim Tebow. Please stop the madness.

Is Tebowing the same thing as Praying?

Tim Tebow is the NFL man of the moment. The young quarterback is deeply religious and he does not mind showing it. He bows in submission when he is successful. I always thought he was thanking God or praying in recognition of the fact that God was his source, but this act of prayer has been redefined as tebowing. To me it seems that there has been a secular name substituted for the act of praying. Am I wrong aren’t they the same thing tebowing and praying? It is interesting to hear sports pundits by into Tebow because he is currently winning, but when the Broncos lose and they will, will the new converts on the bandwagon scoff at tebowing or praying? Tell me what you think. I have linked to a story about teens tebowing.