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The (Write) Right Word by Elizabeth Morrison is the Right Resource for Everyone

The Right Word
I love this book. The Right Word helps you use the right word everytime. It deserves a place on every bookshelf: at home, in the study, and at the office. It is an essential reference for: students, business people, crossword addicts and anyone with an interest in words of language. The Right Word looks at words that often confuse–elicit vs. illicit; imply vs. infer before providing a list of commonly misspelled words. You will reach for this book frequently. If you write anything this is the book for you. From Career Press:

Is the word cursive still in the dictionary?

cursive writing

This is a sincere question: does anyone under the age of 25 know how to write in cursive? A couple of weeks ago my daughter was making final preprerations to take the SAT and she casually mentioned that her SAT prep teacher was going over how to write their personal statement in cursive. Keep in mind this was not the first time I had heard about cursive being taught as a foreign language to Generation Text, but it is jarring to hear that this generation never had penmanship, and that they are actually at their best when using their thumbs.


California pre-school teacher arrested after allegedly drugging toddlers

It is so difficult for a parent to leave their children with other people. Mothers struggle with finding good childcare and good schools. we want the best for our children, but sometimes we are shocked by the actions of people we have trusted with our children. the linked story details how a California teacher was caught putting the sleep aid Sominex into the cups of the students. fortunately none of the children drank the contents. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


The Chicago Teachers Strike from a parent’s point of view

We are reading and seeing so many people with opinions on the Chicago Teachers Strike. In so many narratives the teachers are the villians. The word “union” has become a dirty word, but it was through the unions that so many minorities became middle class so this demonization of their efforts is troubling. This morning I talked to a friend of mine in Chicago who has a child that is sitting at home today. This is her perspective of what is going on in Chicago.
“There is a new appraisal system. Looks like a lot rides on test scores and teachers can literally be fired if their class’ numbers aren’t where they should be. They want that revisited. They want the laid off teachers to be recalled when there are openings. Each year they close schools and/or do turnarounds so they want to be able to be hired at the new schools. I thought they currently could interview for openings in those “new” schools, but what do I know? They want more money to offset the longer day and the increase in health care costs. (They need a reality check) I think new teachers make $47K. There’s a lot in that $60K range. Also, I think both sides BS’ed too long. The state changed the laws and made it harder for teachers to strike. I think because they met those stricter requirements CTU has that “How you like me now attitude” and they are on strike because they can. On the flip side. If the school board can come up with $25million to open 144 schools for 5 hours to feed kids and other things as a part of the contingency plan, why not give some to the teachers. My son is pissed because any days missed for the strike have to be made up and he’s not feeling it. I’m fortunate that I don’t have younger kids that I’ve have to figure out what to do with. On one hand I get it, but they should have worked this s**t out at the bargaining table!!!!”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s kids go to private school, does it matter?

The Chicago Public schools are on strike today. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s children do not attend the Chicago Public Schools. I don’t think this is an issue, but some people do. Read the article and share your thoughts.

Why is this Baltimore Teacher fighting a student?

This is an excahnge between a teacher and a student. The teacher has been fired and the student never reported the incident. The school system became aware of it when the clip was posted on Youtube. The irony of the exchange is they both are talking about being disrespected, but they both are guilty of disrespecting each other. The teacher being the adult is expected to have more self control but in this day and age there is no telling what this teacher has or has had to endure in the course of a day. No excuse. It is just a sad exchange that shows the state of some our public schools.

Ten year old girl attacks teacher and is now facing a felony charge…is this too much?

“After teacher Kelly Sanchez confiscated Halloween candy from a 10-year-old 5th grader at Zellwood Elementary school, the student allegedly attacked and threatened to kill her, NBC Miami reports.
The girl was arrested last Tuesday and charged with felony battery.
When a reporter from WFTV asked the child’s mother, Sebrina Bryant, if she thinks her daughter should have been arrested, she responded passionately. “No. No. No,” she told the station. “I was shocked, devastated.” When the station’s reporter asked the girl to describe the attack, the girl only admitted to a small temper tantrum. “I pushed stuff, pushed papers on the desk and stuff,” the girl told the station.”* Read the link for more details. Did the school go too far?


140 Characters could spell Doom

Earlier this week I wrote a post about the Indiana school system’s decision to stop teaching cursive since children do more texting than writing. This cartoon could sadly be a look into the future.

Vote for Stacey Carver for Regis & Kelly’s Top Teacher

Yesterday I met Stacey Carver. He is a very funny man who does stand up comedy, but his real passion is teaching. He teaches in Baltimore, Maryland at the Renaissance School. He is a role model for students and he encourages them to strive for excellence. He is so committed to the school that any money that he earns doing standup is used to get things for the resource strapped school. He is a married father of three children. Please watch the clip and I encourage you to vote for him TODAY. The contest ends today at 3PM. http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid941461580001?bckey=AQ~~,AAAAABGr2I4~,jeitpkmmkDm5peZ9iM7ar-_e8NAh1NJa&bclid=0&bctid=940127367001

GPS Systems to combat truancy, is this a good idea?

“To combat seventh and eighth graders who constantly skip class, a school in California is equipping the worst offenders with GPS tracking units. If you have more than four unexcused absences, you’re assigned to carry a handheld GPs device. Five times a day you have enter in a code to verify your location. You also get an automated call in the morning reminding you to come to school and three times a week an adult assigned to you calls you to check in and discuss attendance strategies. The devices have increased attendance by truants to 95% up from 77%, but some parents feel it treats their kids “like common criminals.” What do you think about this idea? How would you get chronic truants to come to school? Money? prizes? what do you think would work? A friend of mine said it would be easier to find a unicorn than to get truants to come to school is she right?