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Survivor Finale and Domestic Violence and the Apology that fell flat

I watched last night’s Survivor finale and they showed a clip of a male contestant telling a female contestant to be quiet and that he wished someone would slap her. She revealed that she and her mother had been victims of domestic violence. The men apologized and said had they known her background they never would have made the remark, but that too was disturbing. You shouldn’t say someone should be slapped even if you don’t know their background.

Survivor Finale pits Brenda against Dawn…was it fair?

I have been a fan of Survivor since the series started 13 years ago. It is compelling television to watch people leave their comfortable lives to come to deserted islands and learn how to survive with minimal help from series production. We have seen the best and the worst in people, and this cycle was no different. Two women characters were front and center last night. Brenda, the beautiful and selfless contestant who believed nice girls could actually win and weeping mom Dawn. Dawn would cry at the drop of a hat and proclaim her love for so many of her competitors. During the series Dawn actually lost her lower partial in a stream. Brenda heard her wailing in the woods and she ran to her rescue. Brenda dived in and retrieved her partial and Dawn proclaimed her love for Brenda but an episode later Dawn was the swing vote in voting Brenda off the island. Brenad actually thought the “island” friendship was genuine, but like all things on the island it was temporary. That brings us to last night’s finale. At the tribal council Brenda said that she had seen Dawn at her most vulnerable and Dawn had even said if she did not have her teeth she would have had to leave the game. Dawn backed off the statement at Tribal, but Brenda pressed her and demanded Dawn to take out her teeth and finally Dawn took them out and she looked horrible. The satisfied Brenda, but Dawn was not the only one that voted against Brenda, but Dawn was the only one that pretended to genuinely care about Brenda. The question is why did the winner of survivor who clearly stated he lied and deceived all the jury members get rewarded for his actions but Dawn got villified for her actions? The fact is Dawn and Cochran were in cahoots throughout the season but cochran walks away with a million dollars, Dawn walks away with pictures of her toothless floating around the Internet today. If you watched the Survivor finale share your thoughts.