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Baltimore Cop Anthony Spence slaps student around, but was he justified?

Anthony C. Spence faces second degree assault charges. He was caught on tape slapping and kicking a student around. Spence says the student spit on him. His attorney Warren Brown says these students are different. Browns said “You’re dealing with some kids who are antisocial, lead-poisoned, irrational, angry, mired in poverty and despair”.* He went on to say “It’s not Leave It to Beaver. You’re dealing with a tough group of people.” So what does this mean? The school is free to do whatever because these students are not worthy of protection? Would this be viewed as acceptable if a white cop was caught wailing on a kid in this same way or would this be a case for Black Lives Matter? Watch the clip and tell me if this kid deserved to be treated this way? Share your thoughts.

*Baltimore Sun

The (Write) Right Word by Elizabeth Morrison is the Right Resource for Everyone

The Right Word
I love this book. The Right Word helps you use the right word everytime. It deserves a place on every bookshelf: at home, in the study, and at the office. It is an essential reference for: students, business people, crossword addicts and anyone with an interest in words of language. The Right Word looks at words that often confuse–elicit vs. illicit; imply vs. infer before providing a list of commonly misspelled words. You will reach for this book frequently. If you write anything this is the book for you. From Career Press:

Gay Dad Birthday Invite was a Hoax

gay parents invite
This went viral. The intolerant mother rejecting the invitation from a boy with two dads. She was horrible, but the real problem was she did not exist. This was a hoax cooked up by a radio station. They said they wanted to spark a conversation, but what they did was cause a firestorm. Read linked story and share your thoughts.


Shouldn’t a teen know how to sign their own name?

We have entered the age of the thumbs. Good thumbs are essential in this tech driven society. To send thousands of texts per month you have to have two agile working thumbs, but does that mean that you surrender use of your other eight digits? Last night we were out with some friends and we were talking about how tech savvy teens are today, but some seem to be lacking one essential skill. They simply can’t write in cursive. A friend told me her daughter a sophmore in high school recently took a standardized test. The proctor told the students to sign their name on a document prior to the test. This simple request sent some in the group into a frenzy? Why? They didn’t have a Number 2 pencil? No they couldn’t sign their name. They never learned cursive. The proctor encouraged them to try and finally told them to print their name and connect the letters. What??? Yes, that is what they had to do because they simply could not write their own name. We know all of us probably write less then we ever did before, but we still can write. No one is asking for the resurrection of quill and ink…a simple BIC pen will do, but this skill deserves to survive. If the school system has decided they will no longer teach them how to write parents should do it. There are still books out their that can help you teach your child this skill. Teens need to know how to sign their own name. In a couple of years I’m sure thumbs will have the ultimate triumph the students will simply be asked to put their thumb print on the application.

Bully in My Backseat

When my son was in middle school I used to pick him and a neighbor’s son up from the bus stop. The boys had been in elementary school and Cub Scouts together. My husband actually helped both boys create their soapbox cars. I thought they were friends, but I noticed that sometimes when I would pick them up they were either standing there not talking to each other or they would be talking to other children. One day one of the mothers at the bus stop told me that the boy I had been picking up was actually bullying other children on the bus. That same night the boy’s mother called me and said that she had been called in for a conference at the school. She could not believe that her son was being accused of being a bully. I couldn’t believe it either because he was so polite to me. As I expressed surprise the next day another mother informed me that the boy was actually bullying my son too. I asked my son and he admitted that the boy had also been tormenting him. I had unknowingly been carrying this bully in my backseat. I asked my son why he didn’t tell me and he was not able to come up with a reason. Needless to say I stopped driving the bully, but I never told his mother why, and I believe to this day she still believes he was falsely accused. This was in the pre-social media era. I share this story because of the recent suicide of Rebecca Sedwick. Sedwick was bullied by classmates and their relentless bullying was allegedly a contributing factor to her suicide. The local sheriff is exploring whether he can also bring charges against the parents of the girls. The parents say they did not know anything about the bullying. My question is should they be charged? How do you know your child is a bully or if they are being bullied? Do you know everything your child is doing on social media? Is it the parent’s responsibility to know? Share your thoughts.

Was Rebecca Sedwick bullied to death by classmates?

Two jueveniles have been arrested and charged with bullying Rebecca Sedwick. Twelve year old Sedwick killed herself after she was excessivley bullied. Her parents had removed her from the school and she was also in therapy, but through social media she was still bullied. Two girls have been arrested, but should they have been arrested? Even if the bullying is proven how do you connect their actions to Sedwick’s suicide? Was Sedwick’s death forseeable? Share your thoughts.

Is the word cursive still in the dictionary?

cursive writing

This is a sincere question: does anyone under the age of 25 know how to write in cursive? A couple of weeks ago my daughter was making final preprerations to take the SAT and she casually mentioned that her SAT prep teacher was going over how to write their personal statement in cursive. Keep in mind this was not the first time I had heard about cursive being taught as a foreign language to Generation Text, but it is jarring to hear that this generation never had penmanship, and that they are actually at their best when using their thumbs.


Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary shakes the nation

Like so many Americans I went to sleep last night with a broken heart and today I woke up still crying for all the innocent lives lost yesterday. On Monday there will be 20 empty seats in the classrooms and 8 school administrators are also counted among the lost. As a parent you think about your own children and how you put them on the school bus with an expectation that they would return unharmed. So we are left with the question how do you prepare for evil? Sure we are now being told that the shooter had a history of mental illness, but he might have been but he access to a killing machine and he methodically stole the lives of children and changed the lives of everyone connected to this tragedy. Is gun control the answer? In this case his mother bought the guns legally. The irony is she bought the gun that was used to kill her by her own son. This is the kind of story that affects everyone. It hurts. The children that died yesterday were still young enough to believe in Santa Claus and there parents probably had the toys on their wish list hidden throughout their homes, in anticipation of the holidays, but sadly this Christmas will be so very different. We are left to ask what can we do? Today we can keep the families of the victims in our prayers and we must do something to stop this kind of thing from happening again, and that means gun control.

Chicago Parents offered $25 gift card if they pick up their kids report card…is this a good thing?

Chicago parents are being offered a Walgreen’s gift card if they attend a parent/teacher conference and pick up their child’s report card. Do you have a problem with this incentive program? Share your thoughts.


Girl sent home for this tee shirt…is this free speech or just inappropriate fashion?

The principal sent this girl home from school for wearing this shirt. Were her rights violated?