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Hooray …Sammy Sosa Can Now Pass the Paper Bag Test

Over the past few days we have seen the before and after pictures of Sammy Sosa the baseball great. He claims his lightened skin was caused by some face creams he was using. The cream must have been “bleach and glow”. Black people have been using skin lightening creams for years. The paper bag test was the barometer for beauty. If you were lighter than the bag you passed the test. In the past people lightened their skin for acceptance by the mainstream, but it is hard to believe that Sosa craved acceptance. This is a guy who in his heyday was hailed by millions. He was accepted. One would tend to believe that he was comfortable in his own skin, and he would not want to look like a ghost of his former self.

ESPN Fired Harold Reynolds for Sexual Harassment, but Steve Philips Gets a Suspension…Is This Fair?


Steve Phillips has admitted to having an affair with a 22 year old production assistant. Phillips is married and the young lady did not take the break up very well. Police have become involved because of the young lady’s erratic behavior. Phillips has requested a leave of absence and he was granted one. ESPN was not as understanding in 2006 when then analyst Harold Reynolds (pictured above) was accused of sexual harassment. He was accused of giving an employee an improper hug and he was immediately fired. There had been no formal inquiry Reynolds had worked for the network for 11 years and he was simply erased, but Phillips is allowed to take some time off while they make a decision regarding his fate. Why aren’t they simply firing Phillips and calling it a day? What is the difference in these two situations?  One thing I did not mention is Phillips is white.

Limbaugh Talked His Way Out of An NFL Bid


 Limbaugh’s posse dropped him. He was simply too hot to handle. The group that he was a part of have dropped him because his participation had become a distraction. In an earlier post I defended Limbaugh’s right to purchase a team. He was undone by his own words. “The league would be on pins and needles for three hours a day, five days a week,” one league source said. “The NFL isn’t interested in having its own Mark Cuban situation, where [the Dallas Mavericks owner] is fined for something he said, but then pays the fine, moves on and doesn’t care what he says the next time either. The league wants the focus to always be on the game, not the opinions of any particular owner.”  The critics nor the players could have gotten him to retreat, but his own boys had the power to take him out of the equation, and they chose to do so. He will spin this that the liberal media attacked him and that is why he was dropped. The real truth is that he talked his way out of the game.*

*Sports Illustrated