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Mississippi State Slays Goliath UConn…never give up

Last year the UConn Women’s basketball team whipped Mississippi State by 60 points. So last night UConn probably saw them as a bump on the road on their way to the championship, but that did not happen. Last night UConn was beaten by a buzzer beater. It was unlikely but it happened. Moral of the story don’t underestimate your competition and never give up


ESPN will probably fire Curt Schilling over this one

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Why the Erin Andrews trial should matter to everyone

Erin Andrews is a celebrity, but she is also a victim. She was recorded getting out of the shower in a hotel room by a stalker. He manipulated the peephole on her door and recorded her. The tape is on the Internet forever. She is suing the hotel and yesterday the hotel’s attorney took an interesting approach. He asked her about how her career and income has increased since the incident. He listed the endorsement deals that she has acquired. So where is he going with this line of questioning? Is he saying she has benefited from the tape or is he saying that her career has not been negatively impacted? Both thoughts are equally repugnant. Let’s look at what Andrews did. She checked into a hotel and took a shower. That’s it. We all have done it and once you give your hotel room the cursory look around you put the lock on the door and foolishly feel safe. Andrews is a sportscaster, game show host, celebrity, but more importantly she a woman who has been victimized by a stalker, and when you listen to the current line of questioning you wonder will she be victimized by the system.

Why is Cam Newton defending himself?

Cam Newton is an exciting quarterback. He attacks the game with joy and he is not shy about celebrating, but some are bothered by his antics. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Final Four on TBS…is this a problem?

It is wonderful to have cable or Direct TV, but believe it or not everyone does not have it. So what are these people watching? Not the Final Four. The Final Four games are being shown on TBS. So no cable no Final Four. Is this fair? Share your thoughts.

Deflategate and what it teaches us about cheating

We have been talking about Deflategate all week. By now most people know the Patriots were caught with 11 deflated footballs and no one knew how they got that way. The thing that has been so interesting is watching people rationalize cheating. How many times have you heard a newscaster say “they would have won anyway”. So this was really no big deal. So would it have been a big deal if the score was closer? So rules only matter under certain circumstances? If that is true then why have rules? Last night the question was posed on Twitter “how do you explain Deflategate to children?” Some laughed off the question, but is it really funny? Are we really comfortable telling the next generation cheating is good as long as you don’t get caught. Share your thoughts.

Bill Belichick Meets the Press and Says Absolutely Nothing

Bill Belichick speaks for about 14 minutes and he insists he had absolutely no knowledge concerning “Deflategate”. He says he knows nothing about he deflation of the balls. He says the NFL is investigating. This is much adieu about nothing. Yes, the Patriots broke the rules, but nothing is going to happen pre Super Bowl. This is the news story of the week. What do you think? Share your thoughts.

Why did Nike drop Adrian Peterson, but keep Hope Solo?


Donald Sterling banned for life…good news?

Yesterday the NBA and the rest of us breathed a collective sigh of relief. Adam Silver announced Donald Sterling was banned for life from all NBA operations, and he will be forced to sell his team if the other owners agree. Sterling is guilty of making racist remarks to his girlfriend. She taped the conversation and the tape was released to TMZ on Saturday. There is no debate that the comments attributed to Sterling were reprehensible, but does the fact that he made them to his girlfriend in a private conversation make you feel just a little uneasy? Does the fact that she was being sued by his family make any difference? Sterling has a history of racial issues in his past. He was forced to pay 2.7 million dollars to the government regarding housing discrimination, but this was not a part of the Silver decision. The Silver decision was based solely on that tape. A private conversation caused his public humiliation. What if someone was in your home or with you 24/7? What kind of things are you saying? No most of us don’t own a NBA franchise, but we do work. What would your boss say about you if he heard you talking to your friends, spouse or relatives? Would your conversation be deemed acceptable? Who could hold up to the scrutiny? Sterling was exposed, but many in the NBA circle knew who he was prior to the telephone revelations. The telephone scandal pushed them to take action that probably should have been taken long ago. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, said the NBA was going down a slippery slope the other day, and his comment was met by jeers, but he had a point. Racism is universally reviled, but what other subjects could warrant this kind of action? At this point no one knows, but one thing the NBA owners know is think before you speak and make sure nothing you say can and will be used against you, and lastly if your sports story is on TMZ you will soon be a former owner.

Michael Sam, NFL hopeful says he is gay…how will this effect his prospects?