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Oregon Church sues blog writer for negative online review?

An Oregon mom decided to review a local church. In the review she described the church as “cult-like”. Cult like makes one envision the Jonestown massacre and the deranged leader Jim Jones. No church wants that kind of ink. The church is suing the writer for $500,000. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Southern Baptist official Richard Land accuses President Obama of using the Trayvon Martin case

Richard Land is accusing President Obama of politicizing the death of Trayvon Martin. Land contends that the president is using this case to “gin up” the base. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


MSNBC Rev. Al Sharpton Supports Marriage Equality will he still be accepted in the black church?

Rev. Al Sharpton took a stand on gay marriage. He supports marriage equality, but will his stand hurt him within the black church? Sharpton hosts Politics Nation on MSNBC. In the statement he says he is a Baptist minister but, his personal views should not affect his belief in marriage equality. Gay marriage is not accepted in many of the churches that Shaprton preaches in. Will his stance hurt him within that community? Tell me what you think.

Comedy Central Must be Stopped from Mocking Jesus Christ and We Can Stop them

One of the shows Comedy Central has in development is JC “the concept is to depict Christ as a “regular guy” who moves to New York to “escape his father’s enormous shadow.” With all the subjects available to their writing staff please tell me why would they choose Jesus as a comedic foil? Comedy Central is known for its irreverent humor, but even they have bowed to pressure from the Islamic community. “Comedy Central was the target of an Internet threat this spring from a Muslim group for a South Park episode that supposedly showed Muhammad in a bear costume. Like other media organizations, it resists showing a depiction of Muhammad because many Muslims consider a physical description of the prophet to be blasphemous. Such depictions of Muhammad in other media have resulted in death threats by fundamentalist Muslims against the purveyors.” So since some factions of the Muslim community have threatened violent retribution for depicting their highest religious figure in a comedic or unflattering light Comedy Central backed down. Well, Christians are not going to threaten violence, but we can boycott any company that sponsors this show. This show does not deserve to see the light of day but if it does let’s make sure its showing is short-lived. If you agree with me contact Comedy Central and make your voice heard: www.comedycentral.com